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100+ Bullet Points from Cannes Lions 2012 - @jessedee

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My notes from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Download link at the end of the deck.

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100+ Bullet Points from Cannes Lions 2012 - @jessedee

  1. 100+ bulletpoints from cannes Lions ’12
  2. All my notes from Cannes Lions ’12. This presentation has a sister... Download link she’s a real at the end. beauty. lET’S GO.
  3. “Our challenge is that a lot of people think of TV, print and billboards and try to apply that to Facebook”Paul Adams, Global Head of Brand Design at FacebookFacebook - The Psychology and Creativity of Sharing
  4. seminarTo understand social, go home highlights:and talk to your friends and familyNetworks that are built aroundpeople, not content, are a betterexperience. Technology changes incredibly fast, but people change veryWe’re hardwired to turn to our slowly.friends for advice & information –not technology. Aggregating this Make social interaction ainformation is powerful fundamental part of the creative brief.The term social will Base your creative ideas on realeventually go away. insight about social interaction.Because were socialcreatures. Its who we are.
  5. We love the haters. Thehaters sparkemotion andinteraction,and we love that.Justin Kingsley, Vice-President, Strategy, Partner of Sid Lee
  6. You can learn from everyone.I dont let [critics] bring me down. I payattention to it, and it makes me better.I hire my weaknessesGeorges St-Pierre, Mixed Martial Artist,UFC World Champion
  7. You cant burn the core people youhave following you to earn new fans.Social media changed the relationshipbetween brands and the public. Its astory, and its not a 30 second story.What gets measured getsdone.Justin Kingsley, Vice-President, Strategy, Partnerof Sid Lee
  8. Stephen Messer is Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Collective
  9. Social content has no limitation.Your brain is the limitation.Establish a relationship, and youdont have to advertise again.Generation Social will be thebiggest spending power by 2015René Rechtman, Head, AOL AdvertisingInternational; CEO goviral
  10. The average ageof exposure to porn on the Internet is 9 years old. Cindy Gallop, Ex-chairman,BBH New York; Founder, CEO IfWeRanTheWorld
  11. We do not listen enoughto the youngest peoplein the advertising Sex informs everything aboutindustry  how we feel ourselves, other people, our relationships, ourThe male gaze replays lives, our happiness. And it iswomen back to at the same time the singlethemselves in a way that biggest issue that ourdoesn’t make us feel industry never talks about.good about ourselves.More women influencing We need to movecreativity in the futurewill change that. our industry from making good advertising to making advertising good.
  12. PR is like judo,you dont use your force, youuse the force of your target Tom BeckmanExecutive Creative Director and Partner at Prime
  13. Consuming has rapidly become one ofthe best ways to express views andvalues.Go from building brands to taking standsto relate to consumers.You dont create advocates.You are an advocate, andyou get followers.Its your social involvement and missionthat will differentiate your business.
  14. An agency doesnt have anything more valuable than its people. Carlos Holemans, Founder, CEO El Laboratorio
  15. Set your alarm, not to be able to wake up but toknow when to go to sleep. Arianna Huffington, President, Editor-in-Chief The Huffington Post Media Group
  16. What is missing is not IQ,its wisdom.If we learn to disconnectin order to connect withourselves, the impact willbe amazing.People are tired of just readingabout what is not working. Theywant to begin to engage withwhat is working.
  17. Children have so many ideas because they dont know the problems or barriers. Adora Svitak,14 Year-Old Author, Teacher, Activist
  18. 90% of data we havetoday was created in the last two years. Data is the new oil. Freddie LakerVice-President, Global Marketing Strategy SapientNitro
  19. The people who follow me on Facebook responddifferently than the people who follow me on Twitter. Ibegan to modulate my communication based on thatrevelation. Now I realize that Im basicallymining the information of my audience andtailoring my communication based on thatinformation. That approach should sound familiarto you [in advertising].Omar EppsActor, President, BrooklynWorks Films; Vice-Presidentof EntertainmentBeeYoo
  20. Great global brands adapt toaccommodate variouscultures whereas celebritiesremain the same.Darren McCollVice-President,Global Brand Strategy & MarketingSapientNitro
  21. Technology can change the way you tell a story. Bob Pasqualina,Former Art Director at Wells, Rich, Greene
  22. You have to understand thedifference between giving inand learning.The most important thing you cando is to find out about yourself…Its your experience that helps youbuild a good advertising career.Paula Green, Doyle Dane Bernbach
  23. Put people first.Build brand love.Unlock the magic. Keith Weed, CMO/CCO at Unilever
  24. Its fundamental to develop ourown humanity, to inject it intoour work.We are people crafting brands We nurture our brands DNAfor people…NOT marketers for futures to come.messaging brands forconsumers. We create brands that people cant live without.It starts with aproduct to buy, but Success only teachesalso an idea to buy you about yourinto. personality, your ego. Failure teaches you how to progress. Marc Mathieu, SVP, Marketing at Unilever
  25. Advertising is 80% idea and 80% execution. Sir John Hegarty,Worldwide Creative Director, Founder at BBH
  26. Yes, we are competitors. But thebetter they do, they better we do. -(on W+K)We should be looking for humantruths, not advertising truths we erectin our funny little world.We shouldnt try to trickpeople in watching whatwe do. We should inspirethem so they want to. Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, Founder at BBH
  27. If you can get the client to take aleap and it works, then you canextend that leap. Dan Wieden, Co-Founder,Global Executive Creative Director at W+K
  28. When you do something right, it addsvalue to the brand that means somethingto the people that work there… and thatis powerful.All that strategybullsh**t, but whereis the emotion?Dan Wieden, Co-Founder,Global Executive Creative Director at W+K
  29. Does anyone everstart at their best? That would be sodepressing, to startat the top and work your way down. Deborah Harry, Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Lead Singer Blondie
  30. Old model: art and copy. New model:art and code. Rei Inamoto CCO, AKQA
  31. Time for a break...
  32. Beer is the oldest socialnetwork on the planet.Bringing 9,000 years of friends and enemies together. Chris Burggraeve Chief Marketing Officer AB InBev
  33. Even though were toughon each other, there are only three agencies we would hire. First is you. Second is you. And the third is you. Joel Ewanick, Vice-President,Global Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors
  34. Digital is not a medium. Digital is aninfrastructure.Amir Kassaei, CCO at DDB Worldwide
  35. Our job is not only producing Search will be dead in 20 yrs.and ad. Our job is shaping society. Tools like Siri will kill Google.Advertising is currently the Treat digital as anunderpaid prostitute of the infrastructure & you will comebusiness world up with solutions you have never seen beforeI have 4 kids with 3 differentwomen. If you can manage that Nobody has ever beenyou can manage a global network. interested in advertising except ad people. The best ads dont look like ads. Amir Kassaei, CCO at DDB Worldwide
  36. Create relevance, not awareness.Amir Kassaei, CCO at DDB Worldwide
  37. Define the business problem Find the relevant truth. And if youcorrectly and youre 95% of the dont find it, create it.way to getting to the solution We are doing more and more for less money, because we are notA brand isnt a promise, it producing anything substantial.is the sum of all yourexperiences with aproduct, service and Your job is not being ancompany artist. Your job is being a f**king greatPeople are not buying bullshit salesperson.anymore. You have to add valueto their lives. Advertising is not about art. Its about solving a business problem. Amir Kassaei, CCO at DDB Worldwide
  38. Stop using thebulls**t word social mediaAmir Kassaei, CCO at DDB Worldwide
  39. There is no such thingas work-life balance. Everything that is worth fighting forunbalances your life. Alain de Botton
  40. You influence people through We are still at the dawn oftheir senses. Thats why you capitalism. We are still learningneed art, not just philosophy. how to make money from the most important things in life.Advertising, when its going well,absolutely deserves to be Put a skull on your desk. We areconsidered art lacking perspective, which is why we need a daily reminder of death.Nietzche didnt likealcohol because itremoves suffering We need to learn to get away from the beehive. Go into nature,too early or anywhere that makes you feel small. We should learn to feelOur grasp on our needs is very small in a good way.fragile. Our grasp on our desiresis very clear. Alain de Botton
  41. A creativelife requires suffering. Alain de Botton
  42. My hustle ismore important than my MBA. Stephen Friedman, President MTV
  43. Great creative work comes from asking all theright questions. Paul Brazier, Executive Creative Director, AMV BBDO
  44. I wish I could be 20 again. Id take my chances on running for Presidentjust to see what happens. President Bill Clinton
  45. We have to decide if we want a We are living in the mostfuture of creative cooperation interdependent era in history,or constant conflict. One ofshared responsibilities orwinner takes all? People need honest communication.The good news is ordinary You can do that.people have more power todrive change than ever before -PresidentAll of us genetically are 99.5%the same - we need to focus onour common humanity not ourdifferences  President Bill Clinton
  46. Stop interrupting what people are interested in and become what people are interested in speaking with.Nick Davidge, ECD GreenLightMedia and Marketing
  47. I need it to be real,I can’t be a puppet for a brand Mark Ronson DJ & music producer
  48. The beauty of being an artist is that you have the right to fail. JR, Street Artist
  49. I was 18 years old and was already exhibiting on the Champs Elysee. Why would I need a gallery? JR, Street Artist
  50. When I do my work I do it in complete freedom. My only limit is myown responsibility… JR, Street Artist
  51. Twitter gives you afront row seat toeverybody’s directperspective across the world. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  52. When thesemoments happen.You’ve got to seize them. They’regone like that. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  53. When these moments happen.You’ve got to seize them.They’re gone like that.We adapt our campaigns forthe moment rather thanplanning our campaigns for thefuture Were moving from a world where we plan campaigns for the future to one where we adapt campaigns to the moment Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  54. Rather than making a better shoe –how do we make a better you? Stefan Olander VP Digital Sport
  55. The role of Nike has changed frominspiration (Just do it) to inspiration and enablement Stefan Olander VP Digital Sport
  56. Our consumers will talk about our brand in a more powerful way than we can. Joseph Tripodi Executive Vice-President,Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer The Coca-Cola Company
  57. Losing relevance is the worst thing that can happen to brands Joseph Tripodi Executive Vice-President,Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer The Coca-Cola Company
  58. Morihiro HaranoCreative Director, Founder, CEO PARTY
  59. Morihiro HaranoCreative Director, Founder, CEO PARTY
  60. Only 4%of English language conversations are between native speakers Fredrik Härén Author; Founder Interesting.org
  61. If your customers are going to spent timewith a brand you need to give them something Id call it ROT - Return On Time Fernanda Romano, CCO Naked Brasil
  62. Almost nothing that reallysucceeds online wasfully panned out Damian Kulash Singer Ok Go
  63. click here to downloadthis presentation
  64. see you next year. more: Jesse Desjardins slideshare.com/jessedee twitter.com/jessedee