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100+ Bullet Points from the #WOMMASummit by @jessedee

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100+ Bullet Points from the #WOMMASummit by @jessedee

  2. Karma and six degrees of Great ratings are partly dueseparation are the keys to to the shows name.WOM growth with customers. Headlines are important.Television is like hotdogs, when We have a generation whollyou know how its made you dont be running country that havelike it anymore. never been spanked and got trophies when they lost.In the television business no onewants you unless someone elsewants you. I hire the best and pay 2x as much as otherKey to negotiation: pawn shops.walk away whenthe deals not right.LICENSE TO PAWN: HOW WORD OF Rick HarrisonMOUTH AND SAVVY NEGOTIATION Pawn StarsCREATED A PAWN SUPERSTAR
  3. “In the end, it’s all just stuff… people don’t fall inlove with the thing, they fall in love with the story behind it”
  4. The role of marketing for VISA 409 MILLION earnedis to drive brand equity and impressions for VISA at Olympics,active preference for VISA. #1 sponsor in favorable mentions with smaller budget thanPrior to the ’12 Olympics,  competition.VISA had a repository ofathlete-agnostic social content Team had 4 hrs after Olympicready to go, especially for events to create media andnon US wins. distribution strategies.Not all buzz is equalVISA wanted to ownneutral/positive mentions.McDonalds had mostmentions but manynegative Michele CardinalHOW TEAM VISA STRIVED VISAFOR GOLD IN SOCIAL MEDIA Matt Britton MRY
  5. “The job of social is to make everything work harder.”
  6. “You cant buy "true" brand advocacy.” David Oehler WheatiesWHEATIES EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS Kristin Carroll Active Network
  7. “For many B2B companies, going social is really about internal culture change.” Todd WatsonORGANIZING FOR SOCIAL BUSINESS IBM
  8. Bigger staff isnt solution to capitalizing onengagement. You have to mobilizeemployees, partners, advocates.Honest conversation creates advocates &advocates drive outcomes.96% of internal and external social businessefforts are not connected. LINKTHE NEXT PHASE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Dion HinchcliffeENGAGEMENT AT SCALE Dachis Group
  9. Make your customersfeel like rock stars ...even if youre the rock star.Give fans a name(e.g. "little monsters")Gaga investing in her fansfor the audience she wants25 years from now MONSTER BUSINESS: LOYALTY LESSONS Jackie HubaFROM LADY GAGA Author
  10. “Focus on the people who believe what you believe.”
  11. CMOs "Shiny Object Syndrome":focused on NEW customers, but dont leverageexisting customers (advocates) enough.
  12. Lead with Values - Companies that lead with valuesoutperform the market by 382%,according to Millward Brown Optimor
  13. “Lady Gaga could teach a class on community management.”MONSTER BUSINESS: LOYALTY LESSONS Jackie HubaFROM LADY GAGA Author
  14. 3 pillars of social success: listening, Have a clear and thoughtfulengaging and inspiring/ choice of WHO to delight.transforming.  "Spurned media" ...Social & digital are about to that would berevolutionize workflow within negative earned media.companies. Digital is much more thanThe conversation is becoming the marketing.... its an operatingcurrency for the core marketing principle.program. Twitter doesnt careMuch innovation in where the recall startedsocial is happeningoutside of the US. Its lonely to be a leader in social media... but its amazing.STORIES FROM TRANSFORMING DIGITAL Pete BlackshawTHE NESTLÉ WAY Nestlé
  15. The online conversation is infinitely revealing of brand value
  16. Fundamentals still matter and message quality still REALLY matters. Nobody gets a free ride on message quality. “Trust your inner consumer.”STORIES FROM TRANSFORMING DIGITAL Pete BlackshawTHE NESTLÉ WAY Nestlé
  17. Humanizing a brand is great, but Noise, fragmentation and lackfeeling the passion of personalization were thethat Patagonia has for what they issues that Patagonia solvedmake is even better. with social integration and curation.Focus on the why. Patagonia empowers their3/4 of Patagonias mission ambassadors to providestatement is focused on authentic, first-person contentsustainability, environment. It for the brand. defines the brand.  Dmitri SiegelBUILDING A HUMAN BRAND BY MOVING PatagoniaSOCIAL TO THE CORE Sam Decker Mass Relevance
  18. Dont be afraid to have a personality.People want to interact with realpeople. Think as a social business,not just as a channel.In 24 hours the @alecbaldwin incident  LINKcreated 82 million impression . Have a plan thats alwaysCustomer service ready to go - train youris now public - very public.  team beyond social. Sorry, no bonus miles or upgrades. Jonathan PierceMAKING THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER COUNT American Airlines
  19. Give, give, get - true principle to leverage - authenticity and sincerity is key  Spend time thinking about the marketing of your life and the people in it - do you need head, heart or wallet? Travel with your headphones off (on the power of serendipity in the sky)  Porter Gale Porter Gale ConsultingYOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH Stephanie Agresta Weber Shandwick
  20. Nissan aims to educate their dealers about the value & best practices of social to benefit their own local biz.  Its not just about ROI, its about COI = Cost of Ignoring your advocates  Dont sell on your FB page. Grow responsibly. 3 phases for Nissan social: engage w/content, social CRM/issue resolution, and research/customer learnings. FUELING ADVOCACY: NISSANS MOST Erich MarxINNOVATIVE YEAR EVER Nissan North America
  21. Data explosion and social media =top trends that CMOs feelunprepared for.Social media has created a strongculture of horizontal collaborationfor IBM.  LINKFROM STRETCHED TO STRENGTHENED - Carolyn Heller BairdINSIGHTS FROM IBM’S CMO STUDY IBM Global Business Services
  22. Know when to calm the hell down. Host internal training re: your social campaigns so that depts will help, not hinder w/ restrictions. Its about timing, relevancy, reach.  Ruthie WittenbergSOCIAL AND INFLUENCER MARKETING NBCUniversalEXCITES NBC OLYMPICS FANS Sarah Hofstetter 360i
  23. Choose the platforms that "matter" Understand the businessto your business. Ask yourself - problems before you work onshould my brand really be on this fixing them.platform?  How can a CEO build aSM needs to be a part of how relationship w/customers, whencompanies do business today - they form a personal messageyes, this is about change shield to protect vs irrelevancy?management .Todays newestemployees grewup social and expectthat at work.MOVING FROM SOCIAL MEDIA TO John BellSOCIAL BUSINESS Social@Ogilvy
  24. Were all forming our own personal message shield.Protecting ourselves from messaging using personal connections.