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Evolution of business

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Evolution of business

  1. 1. Evolution of Business Jessica Batten Foundations Of Business/BUS 210 4/15/12
  2. 2. Overview Feudalism Mercantilism Capitalism Commerce Property Rights The Industrial Revolution
  3. 3. Feudalism One of the oldest business schemes Middle Ages 500-1500 The king had complete control
  4. 4. Mercantilism Exported one country’s goods for another country’s gold International trading locations Monarchs and Aristocrats
  5. 5. Capitalism Economy to grow exponentially Greater demand on labor Capitalists- Rockefeller and Carnegie Class systems Trade and distribution of products
  6. 6. Commerce Barter to money Money to capital Sales and purchases Supplying goods and services
  7. 7. Property Rights Land- Buildings and structures on it Labor- The right to work freely Enterprise- The products such as patents and copyrights to the product Capital- The rights to financial assets. Ex. Stocks, bonds, money
  8. 8. The Industrial Revolution Started in the late 18th century It spread to the United States during the 19th century Provided new opportunities for capital Shifted production and trade
  9. 9. Summary The Evolution of Business has a history and we still use the terms today. As the start of Feudalism it transitions from one stage to another.
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