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Photoshoot ppt for blog

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Photoshoot ppt for blog

  1. 1. I started the shoot with ared brick background whichI had initially envisaged formy magazine cover. I doreally like this image butthe red I think would be toobold for the cover and thetext wouldn’t stand outagainst that colouredbackground and alsobecause of the linear detailcreated by the bricks.
  2. 2. This image is rather unsuccessful because it is both the wrongway round and my model is squinting. Plus, the shadowcreated by the sun doesn’t work as a background very well atall.
  3. 3. I love the expressions made by my model Peda because they really portray the confusion I waslooking for but these both aren’t great images for a cover due to the fact that there are twodifferent colours/patterns in the background which are the red brick and the white concrete.There also part of a sign overhead in the second image so that photograph wouldn’t beacceptable for a cover!
  4. 4. In this photo I tried adifferent pose with mymodel and I think itactually worked prettywell but I’m not too keenon having a plain whitebackground. The wall isalso pretty dirty whichdoesn’t look good! Onthe other hand I do likethe fact that this imageworks in keeping withthe fact that the eyenaturally scans amagazine from the topleft to the bottom right! Ialso love her expressionin this!
  5. 5. Anotherexperimentusing a whitebackground.
  6. 6. This was anotherbackground I tried out. Iactually really like thedark at the bottom ofthe wall and could ofpossibly put white textat the bottom and theagainst the white wall,black text. I think this isone of my favouriteshots but I decided notto use it in the end as Ipreferred a differentwall background.
  7. 7. I like thisbackground butunfortunately it islandscape notportrait so Icouldn’t really sueit as a cover. Alsothe wall isn’t evenas in the top leftcorner the bricksdon’t match. I alsothink the facialexpression is alittle too dramatic!
  8. 8. I really love this image and I think the facial This photo went completely wrong as theexpression is perfect but unfortunately part of her flash went off by accident!hand on the left has been cut off and I’d prefer itif both hands were seen in full!
  9. 9. This is the image I have decided to use for my school magazine cover because ITHE FINAL IMAGE love the colours from the brick background and I think that it’ll stand out but not to harshly! The linear pattern from the bricks also will make the magazine look very aligned as the text will be on the lines of the bricks. I also think that my model Peda’s facial expression really conveys the confusion and frustration I was looking for!