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Visual CV August 2018
Visual CV August 2018
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Visual CV

  1. 1. meetwith andhisvisualresume Jean-Francois
  2. 2. Iwasbornandraised there Iamnowliving here
  3. 3. Ihavea Bachelor Degree inIT andBusiness
  4. 4. my work experienceis great
  5. 5. 6Years Management Operations Process
  6. 6. 2years Leadership Team
  7. 7. 8years Entrepreneurship Self
  8. 8. 8years IT Sales
  9. 9. 6years Consulting Technology
  10. 10. in great firms Idevelopedmy skills
  11. 11. Ihadsignificant success stories there
  12. 12. SLA qualit y cost as a Delivery Excellence Champion I optimised KPIs
  13. 13. as a Team Lead I improved team quality a lot! 10 %
  14. 14. as a Team Lead I coordinated a strategic project 3 markets 9 leads 100 agents 10K accounts
  15. 15. getting awards wasn’teasy
  16. 16. x 2 Ops performance over achiever x 3 Employee of the month x 2 Sales person of the year
  17. 17. Iam really good atthesestuffs
  18. 18. results getting
  19. 19. changes managing
  20. 20. time organising
  21. 21. excellence delivering
  22. 22. problems solving
  23. 23. at all levels communicating
  24. 24. organisations influencing
  25. 25. performance improving
  26. 26. teams motivating
  27. 27. creativity showing
  28. 28. don’ttakemy words forit
  29. 29. Jean Francoisis alwayspositiveandencouraging his teamtosucceed together.He knowsbetterthananyonehowtohandle any issue in a short periodoftime.His abilitytohandlesomanyissuesatthe sametime is justtremendous. His everydaybehaviourtaughttheteam whatbeing motivatedandresponsivemeans.Even ifhe’s arigorousmanager,he keepsa humanandvery engaging personality,alwaysreadytohelp you. He hasahuge abilityto motivatepeopleandtogive them opportunitytoexpresstheirbest andhe uses themanagementasan effectivewayto obtainthe bestofeach person,improvethe motivationandgenerateinterestsin theirdailywork. Finance Associate Analyst PepsiCo Canada
  30. 30. Jean-Francoisissomeoneanyonecanbedelightedto workwith.His enthusiasmandhigh level ofcommitmentin his job makehim the best employeeforanemployerandco-workers.His creativityandinterpersonalskills offerthebest workingpossibilitiesforacolleague.It wasa pleasureandinspirationtohavehadthe opportunitytoworkwithJean-Francois. Client Marketing Specialist Loyalty One
  31. 31. Jean-Francoisis atalentedanddriven professionalwithanoutstandingabilitytomanagepeople.His interpersonalskills aresecondtononeand helped him deliver difficultmessagesas TeamLeadofthe French Market.I reporteddirectlytoJean-Francoisandalwaysfeltlistenedto, understoodandrespected.He hasa strongbusinessfocusbutcanunderstandall perspectives,something notall seniorTeam Leadscan deliver on. Jean-Francoisis patientandconsiderate,he actswithreasonandsoundjudgement. I enjoyedhow hedeveloped a tremendousrapportwith Operators,FunctionalLeads,SeniorManagement, PodLeadsetc.He hasaunique abilitytoget toknoweach colleague andvalue their contributionaswell aspushthroughthe main operationsclearly andontime. Team Lead (French Market) Google Maps
  32. 32. Jean-Francoisjoinedustocrackthe French marketafteranumberofnot-so-successfulattempts.Withinmonthsboththe pipeline andthe revenues improved dramaticallyasa directresult ofJean-Francois'energy, dedicationandprofessional.His achievements justified IONA’sopening ofour French officeandthings justgot betterforboththe companyandJean-Francoisafterthat. Sales Executive Informatica
  33. 33. I workedwithJean-Françoiswhenwewere launchingoperationsatBEASouthernEurope.During his tenure,Jean-Françoiscontributedeffectively tooursuccessby his exceptionalcreativity,outstandingskills tounderstandcustomersexpectationsandfederateourorganizationtomeet our business andcustomersatisfactionobjectives.Jean- Françoisskills toworkasapositive, trustableandopen minded teamplayerareexceptional. Computer Software International Executive and Management Consultant
  34. 34. I've hadthepleasuretoworkwithJean Francoisduringmy employmentperiodatHP. Jean Francoiswasa naturalleader on our team.He is very friendlyandverycharismatic,alwaysavailableto help anycolleague, nomatterhowbusyhe was. He is apersonwith greatexpertiseanddeep technicalknowledge.He become apointofreferencein ourteam, andhe was veryappreciatedforhis colleagues. He combinesagreatwork-ethic witha positiveattitudeandhe's the mostlikeable personto workwith,a helping handanda brightprofessional. Technical Account Manager & Internet Security Analyst Symantec
  35. 35. let’s connect
  36. 36. jfyonet@gmail.com ie.linkedin.com/in/jeanfrancois/ @jfyonet