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EvoSpace: A Distributed Evolutionary Platform based on the Tuple Space Model

  1. EvoSpace: A Distributed Evolutionary Platform based on the Tuple Space Model Mario García-Valdez, Leonardo Trujillo , Francisco Fernández de Vega, Juan J. Merelo Guervós and Gustavo Olague Tecnológico de Tijuana + U. Extremadura + UGR + CIECESE - Ensenada
  2. EvoSpace: the final frontier
  3. Evolving in the cloud #evospace: Valdez et al. 3
  4. Looking at the clouds moving #evospace: Valdez et al. 4
  5. What we do in this paper Implement EvoSpace and test on a number of benchmark problems. #evospace: Valdez et al. 5
  6. Evolutionary landscapes #evospace: Valdez et al. 6
  7. Maintaining diversity #evospace: Valdez et al. 7
  8. And barely keeping it #evospace: Valdez et al. 8
  9. How much does it run? 4-Trap 5-Trap #evospace: Valdez et al. 9
  10. But are EvoWorkers working? #evospace: Valdez et al. 10
  11. Conclusions ● Pool/cloud based EvoSpace works! – Evolution as a service! ● Good scalability is achieved ● Flexibility in implementations: server/cloud based ● Parametrization is important – Block size – Number of workers #evospace: Valdez et al. 11
  12. Future work ● Authentication ● Throttling ● Scalability – And how to achieve it. ● Dissimilar webworkers ● Characterizing pool-based EAs – And when to use them. #evospace: Valdez et al. 12
  13. Thanks for your attention! Any question? #evospace: Valdez et al. 13

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  4. They apparently are, since the number of evaluations is pretty much the same; all change in running time must be due to adding EvoWorkers.