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KFC Social Media Campaign

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KFC Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. Brandon Jessica Sean
  2. 2. •KFC Foundation College Scholarship•$20,000 Scholarship Based On Twitter Message •November 16 – November 26, 2010
  3. 3. •High School Seniors •Send A Single Tweet (140 Characters or Less)“Why They Exemplify Colonel Sanders Commitment to Education and Enriching Their Communities” Keep It Short and Tweet….
  4. 4. Purpose:• “This year, through one of the hottest emerging forms of media, we want to offer students a creative way to realize their dreams of obtaining a college education.” John Cywinski, Chief Marketing and Food Innovation Officer
  5. 5. Objectives:• Appeal to High School/College Age Kids – Big Social Media Users – High Disposable Incomes – Large Segment of Fast Food Consumers• Drive Traffic To KFC Twitter Account• Free Mentions In Media – Mainstream, Blogs, Social Media
  7. 7. News Coverage:• Fox 11 News
  8. 8. Campaign Evaluation: Weber-Shandwick Claims• Generated More Than 1,000 Media Placements – 60 Million Media Impressions – 2 AP Wire Stories, Every Major TV Network, Cable Networks, Newspapers, Internet Sites, Blogs• 9 Million Social Media Impressions
  9. 9. @kfc_colonel• The KFC Twitter Handle Saw a 20% Jump in Followers in Just 2 Weeks
  10. 10. But, Was It Really Successful…?•Just 2,800 Total Tweet Entries •Numerous Tweeters Violated Rules•Less Than 1 Person Per County (0.89) • Campaign Recap
  11. 11. Winning Tweet:"Hey Colonel! Your scholarships the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash!" • 17-year-old Amanda Russell – Scholarship Winner