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Experienced risks in social media use

Experienced risks in social media use - longitudinal study among university students.

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Experienced risks in social media use

  1. 1. EXPERIENCED RISKS IN SOCIAL MEDIA USE – LONGITUDINAL STUDY AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Jari J. Jussila1, Heli Aramo-Immonen2, 1Tampere University of Technology, Information Management and Logistics, FINLAND 2Tampere University of Technology, Pori Unit, FINLAND
  2. 2. Longitudinal study of university students (2012-2016) TLO-35030 Communities and Social Media in Knowledge Management •  Study was conducted among graduate students attending “Communities and Social Media in Knowledge Management” course between the years 2012-2016 •  A web-based survey was designed to investigate the use of social media and the perceived risks of social media use among the university students 09/06/16 2
  3. 3. Barriers for social media in learning (1/2) •  E-communication barriers – technical barriers – sociological barriers – psychological barriers – cognitive barriers 09/06/16 3 Ref. Gutiérrez-Santiuste E., Gallego-Arrufat, M.J., Simone A. (2016), Barriers in computer-mediated communication: typology and evolution over time, Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, v.12, n.1, 107-119. ISSN: 1826-6223, e-ISSN:1971-8829
  4. 4. Barriers for social media in learning (2/2) •  Internal risks •  External risks 09/06/16 4 Ref. Ilvonen, I., Jussila, J. J., & Kärkkäinen, H. (2015). Towards a Business-Driven Process Model for Knowledge Security Risk Management: Making Sense of Knowledge Risks. International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), 11(4), 1-18.
  5. 5. Existing social media risks identified in the literature 09/06/16 5 [11] Väyrynen, K., Hekkala, R., & Liias, T. (2013). Knowledge protection challenges of social media encountered by organizations. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 23(1-2), 34-55. [16] He, W. (2013). A survey of security risks of mobile social media through blog mining and an extensive literature search. Information Management & Computer Security, 21(5), 381-400. [17] Braun, R., & Esswein, W. (2012). Corporate risks in social networks–towards a risk management framework.
  6. 6. Results: TOP 10 identified risks by students 6
  7. 7. Conclusions •  Previous studies on social media risks and e- communication barriers have emphasized technical risks and social media risks originating from external sources. •  The results of our study bring new understanding on the perceived social media risks originating from internal sources and involving sociological, psychological and cognitive barriers. •  Teachers should pay attention not only to training social media skills, but also to lowering the sociological barrier based risks. This could be done for example by discussing with the students ethics, rules and web culture. 7
  8. 8. CONTACT Jari J. Jussila, jari.j.jussila@tut.fi Twitter: @jjussila, @SomeTutkijalle Blog: http://sometutkijalle.fi/ Co-author: Heli Aramo-Immonen, heli.aramo-immonen@tut.fi Twitter: @AramoHeli, Blog: http://heliaramoimmonen.wordpress.com/ 8