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Janus Kodadek - Infographic CV 2015

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My career history in pictures and numbers (and some words!)

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Janus Kodadek - Infographic CV 2015

  1. 1. diverse,  global  experience  -­‐    blue  chip                                                  brands  to  start  ups;  elas2c                          approach  –  drawing  ideas  &   inspira2on  from  across  industries     brand-­‐to-­‐community  engagement,   seamless,  mul2faceted  offline/digital   strategies  that  resonate  with   consumers     unique  balance  of  business  acumen,   crea7vity  and  innova7on,  an   analy7cal  mind  and  opera7onal   effec7veness     Able  to  translate  marke2ng  and   technology  jargon  into   understandable  language     entrepreneurial  –  lemonade  stand,   new  beverage  brand,  start-­‐up  e-­‐ commerce  business;  fast  moving,   innova2ve  environments   inspire  me       collabora7ve  manager,  catalyst  for   team  success       sense  of  humor  |  when  2mes     get  tough,  I  bring  cupcakes     launched  &  developed       st     e-­‐commerce  brand  for   female  snowboarders   LOTS  OF  COOL  ACHIEVEMENTS     …here’s  just  a  few   get  in  touch!   linkedin.com/in/jkodadek   janus  k            dadek  |  infographic  cv   not your boyfriend’s snowboard shop! EXPERIENCE  BY  INDUSTRY   WHAT  I  DO   EDUCATION   brand  development,  integrated   marke2ng  &     communica2ons  strategy  for  a   digital  world     developing  and  driving  brand,  digital,  pr,   events,  sponsorship  and  media  strategies   from  incep5on  to  execu5on   account  director   heineken  |  pepsi         new  york  city  field     marke2ng  manager   2005  -­‐    2006   media  rela2ons   coordinator   head  of     marke2ng   2003  –  2004   2006   sport   consumer   insight   cookin’  up   crea2ve  ideas   crea2ng  new   businesses   team   leadership   trend  &     culture   savvy   brand     champion   bridging   physical     &  digital     fashion   consumer  goods   2006  -­‐   2010   *(underpinned  by  consumer  insight)   WHY  ME?   snowboarding  |  maple  syrup  candy   sunday  brunch  |  sugar  gliders   kaws  |  traveling   *   developing   rela2onships   interna2onal     e-­‐commerce  lead   global  category  lead   2013  -­‐   now   2011  -­‐   2012   flawless   ac2va2on   other  useful  skills   master of business administration (mba) henley business school new york university bachelor of arts (hons) developed   interrup2ve   mobile     tac2cs  for   wall’s  ice  cream   to  say  ‘goodbye   serious’   inspired  +440m   people  with   corneVo’s  global   cupidity  films,   encouraging  teens  to   dive  into  love   reinvigorated   percep2ons  of   m&s  fashion   through  digital   influencer   event  in  France   -­‐  over  100K   impressions  on   blogs  and  social   media   WHAT  I  LIKE