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[AI Webinar Series P1] - How Advanced Text Analytics Can Increase the Operational Efficiency & CX?

  1. US | UK | NETHERLANDS | INDIA Copyright © 2020, JK Technosoft. All Rights Reserved. ISO9001:2013 | ISO27001:2015s | ISO37001:2016 | SOC 1 Type II | SSAE 18 | CMMI 5 for SVC | ITIL Certified Pool | GDPR Compliant AI WEBINAR SERIES – EPISODE 1 JKT IN THE AGE OF AI HOW ADVANCED TEXT ANALYTICS CAN INCREASE THE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ? July 9, 2020 Intelligent Analytics
  2. US | UK | NETHERLANDS | INDIA Copyright © 2020, JK Technosoft. All Rights Reserved. ISO9001:2013 | ISO27001:2015s | ISO37001:2016 | SOC 1 Type II | SSAE 18 | CMMI 5 for SVC | ITIL Certified Pool | GDPR Compliant SPEAKERS Anish Narayan AVP – Global Analytics Practice Head Sathyan Pari Principal Consultant – Analytics Practice Sushma Palla Senior Consultant – Analytics Practice
  3. ➢Globalized world with high competition New competitors entering quickly new markets (products, services and geographies) ➢More sophisticated customers with the New life style Having access to competitive relevant information, communication and acting in social communities ➢Information overflow Volume of data, variety of data and velocity of data ➢Stricter regulatory & compliance obligations Think global be compliant local Digitization is a step change that will have a bigger impact on business than even the internet. To win in the digital economy, companies must act now, or be left behind wondering what happened! “By end of 2020, our world will be ever more connected, with an estimated 9.5 billion smartphones, 4.5 billion users of social networks and more than 55 billion connected objects.” Digital Business Empowerment… Changing World & Digitization
  4. Digital transformation requires a different mindset and increased flexibility. That’s why JKT business analytics solutions combine world-class business and technology patterns with market-disrupting innovation. Re-designing business analytics for a digital world
  5. Analytics Blueprint for Digital Transformation Business value generation out of the digital data explosion Real-time Contextual Mobility + + Automotive Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CPG Retail Aerospace Transportation New insights and business opportunities due to three key factors Analytics is the key enabler of change and the cloud helps to accelerate Provision of the right services, at the right moment to the right person Impact felt in every sector Customer Experience Operational Excellence Tomorrow’s Enterprise 1 Driving the need to analyze and harvest Customer Data Product Data Employee Data Enterprise Data Machine Data Internet of Things Personal data economy Open data Chemicals Business Innovation Value Generation Data AnalyticsData Business Intelligence 2 3 Enterprise data Compliance, Trust & Security Value Realization & Agility
  6. Digital Business Challenges… ▶Sales Volume forecast ▶Capacity planning ▶Predictive maintenance and asset management ▶Predictive supply chain ▶Contract management ▶Workforce optimization ▶Assisted Transcription ▶Automated Invoicing ▶Recommendation Engine ▶Cashflow Forecast ▶Patient Survival Prediction Operational Excellence ▶Customer Segmentation ▶Social Media Analytics @ SMR ▶Cross selling & location based marketing ▶Customer Lifetime Value ▶Customer 360° Omni- channel Management ▶Ease-of-interaction ▶Advocacy and loyalty analytics ▶Insight driven interactions Customer Experience ▶Remote monitoring ▶Micro-data services ▶Smart public services ▶Connected Assets ▶Digital disintermediation ▶Internet of Everything and Pattern Analytics of Things ▶Crowd-innovation/ co- creation ▶Digital Logistics Business Reinvention ▶Detection & prevention ▶Fraud Detection ▶Credit scoring ▶Preventive policy ▶Fast Financial Close ▶Enterprise Risk Management ▶Governance, Compliance, Financial Crime ▶Regulatory Reporting Security & Compliance
  7. US | UK | NETHERLANDS | INDIA Copyright © 2020, JK Technosoft. All Rights Reserved. ISO9001:2013 | ISO27001:2015s | ISO37001:2016 | SOC 1 Type II | SSAE 18 | SAP AMS Certified | CMMI 5 | ITIL Certified Pool | GDPR Compliant SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS @ SMR July 9th 2020
  8. Copyright©2020,JKTechnosoft. Digital Reality… Will positive customer sentiments boost your stakeholders / shareholders confidence? Are you ready for next generation business models? Are you missing opportunities to “Wow” customers due to lack of customer sentiments? Are you able to do a better Competitor analysis Are you able to do understand your Competitor social sentiments Are your competitors making an edge leveraging Social Media? Is your marketing team unable to capture customer attention? Are you able to understand the voice of your customers. “Digital transformation requires a different mindset and increased flexibility with faster response” 8
  9. 9 AT-A-GLANCE: JKT SOCIAL MEDIA RADAR SMR will allow organizations to acquire, analyze and present data quickly and affordably from a variety of social media sources in order to evolve with changing market environments. This solution will help jump-start their exploration and implementation of social media use cases and analyzing voice of customer to accelerate dramatically time to value at a reduced cost. Gain insights and Track sentiment trends (VoC) - on market and customer perceptions of your brand, products, competitors and services for harvesting, digesting, segmenting, root-cause reasoning, and prediction Understand positive, neutral, and negative sentiment by categories and channels and Deliver personalized, engaging experiences Quickly acquire, analyze, and present data from a variety of sources to support market-oriented and IT management scenarios with the ability to control implementation costs associated with Big Data platform deployment Value realization (Employee Confidence, Analyst Confidence, Increase Stakeholder's Value, Equity Rationalization) 1 > Collect > Analyze > Deliver 2 3 4 • Social Media Channels • Blogs/News • Product reviews • Competitor Analysis • Enrich and Prepare Social Media Content with meta data Language Identification Document Clustering Entity Extraction Sentiment Analysis > Index • Enable Keyword search with linguistic analysis, Search for names with fuzzy matching • Provide Marketing professionals with instant access to social media data and analysis Reporting and Analysis Brand Product and Entity Monitoring Dashboard & Advanced Navigation
  10. Copyright©2020,JKTechnosoft. Engagement Publishing Social Channel Intelligence Partner Monitoring Competitive Intelligence Issue Tracking Customer care Emerging Trends Category Analysis Brand Analysis Campaign Tracking Product Launch Influencer Management SMR Delivers Across a Complete set of use cases 10
  11. 11 SMR Implementation –Windows/Door Manufacturer Company Leading Windows/Door Manufacturer Products & Services Doors, Windows seller all across the globe. Industry Manufacturing Employees 21,000 Engagement type Implementation of SMR(Offshore) Objective/Key Challenges: Our customer being, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable windows and doors with an extensive product offering encompasses windows, exterior doors, interior doors and related building products that are sold globally through multiple distribution channels, including retail home centers, wholesale distributors and building products dealers, having operating in117 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries located primarily in North America, Europe and Australia. Considering the vast customer base it serves across the globe, in more than 19 countries spread across 6 different language, make it difficult for the marketing team to acquire, analyze and present these huge amounts unstructured social feeds quickly and affordably from a variety of social media sources in order to evolve with changing market environments and measure their existing digital investments along with the competitor tracking. Solution: JKT configured the SMR SaaS solution for the customer with the help of their marketing in line with their current digital marketing campaigns and strategies to quickly collect and analyze the voice of their customer as well as their competition’s, across the globe for more than 50 brands spread in 6 different languages. Business Benefits: • Able to realize the success/failure metric for any social media campaign real time. • Ability to run a focused sentiment analysis for a specific product or brand ( or of competition) per country/language. • Ability to arrive at meaningful insights/actions from the vast set of customer response in social media. • Gauge the social media presence/marketing effectiveness by monitoring the competitors sentiment. • Increased Customer life time value. • acquire new customers, better engage or retain existing ones or increase loyalty, customer behavior analytics.
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  13. Situation In the increasingly challenging and competitive environment, business rely heavily on promotions and offers to generate higher returns. Our client who is a leading global FMCG company would like to evaluate the effectiveness of their Sales Promotions. So they make use of the Nielsen marketing data and compare it to their internal sales promotion master sheet on a monthly basis. Since the data alignment is different in these datasets it becomes a tedious and time consuming process to extract the required information. As part of this process they, • Manually cross-reference multiple spreadsheets, search for all misspellings and abbreviations, search for other languages and branding localization, filter the best matches for actual products desired, manually extract the relevant data • Wastes hours simply extracting the information to do the job of mapping Nielsen marketing information to internal sales promotion master The goal of the assignment is to address the above challenges and provide a comprehensive solution. Solution • Developed a solution using 2 AI neural networks , the language model and the abbreviation model to compare between marketing and the customer internal sales promotion master data. • Automates the matching exercise to increase accuracy and reduce TCO. Business Impact • Saved time and money by automating complex sales performance benchmarking business processes and tasks • Increased productivity and operational efficiency • Enabled faster business decision making by leveraging cognitive technologies like AI. • Increased accuracy of the data mapping. • Work Force Optimization. • Increase value by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities Automated Sales Promotion Analytics using Recommendation EngineSuccess Stories
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