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Under Armour Strategic Analysis & Recommendations

  1. Matt Bigelow, Chaz Fiorino, Amber Guinther, Jonathan Levitt, Matt Mehlman, Zac Wolfman
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  3. Vertical Structure - Each level has people reporting "up the ladder"
  4. Questions??? QUESTIONS?

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  1. Amber
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  10. Team spirit doesn't just apply to the end user of the products—it's part of the corporate culture.   In September of 1996, the phone rings. It was the equipment manager for the Atlanta Falcons. He says, "Hey, I was in the Georgia Tech equipment room"--where I'd made my first sale--"and I love the product. Do you make the shirts in long sleeve?" My response was: "Of course we make it in long sleeve." Then I get in my car, drive to the contractor, and try to figure out how to make the shirts in long sleeve. My response was, 'Of course we make it in long sleeve.' Then I tried to figure out how . -Kevin Plank  
  11. Further use of intelligent assistant
  12. "What's a more visable way to turn up the heat and create a personality than through football uniforms? So many millions see them on TV that uniforms become your biggest branding tool."     - Tinker Hatfield         Nike Designer