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Abstract Expressionism

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This powerpoint presentation talks about the Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism. It also discusses about the history, definition and characteristics of Abstract Expressionism. It also discusses about the painters who are related in the period of Abstract Expressionism.

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Abstract Expressionism

  2. 2. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • It is a post-World War II art movement in American painting, that is developed in New York City in 1940
  3. 3. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • It was the first specifically American movement to achieve international influence and put New York City at the center of the western art world
  4. 4. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • The term "Abstract Expressionism" was first used in Germany in connection with Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky in 1919
  5. 5. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • Abstract expressionism has many stylistic similarities to the Russian artists of the early 20th century
  6. 6. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • It was somehow meant to encompass not only the work of painters who filled their canvases with fields of color and abstract forms, but also those who attacked their canvases with a vigorous gestural expressionism.
  7. 7. ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • Political instability in Europe in the 1930s brought several leading Surrealists to New York, and many of the Abstract Expressionists were profoundly influenced by the style and by its focus on the unconscious
  8. 8. CHARACTERISTICS OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • Messiness • Sometimes “gestural writing” in a loosely calligraphic manner • Unconventional application of paint, usually without a recognizable subject
  9. 9. SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • Herbert Ferber • April 30, 1906 – August 20, 1991 • Ferber's best-known sculptures are open, hollow forms in soldered and welded metal. While abstract, their titles and spiky forms often suggest forces in conflict.
  10. 10. SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE OF ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM • Mark Tobey • December 11, 1890 – April 24, 1976 • His densely structured compositions, inspired by Asian calligraphy, resemble Abstract expressionism.