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(10/15) Personal Branding - Professional Work

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(10/15) Personal Branding - Professional Work

  1. 1. Personal Branding 2018 / @JoanTubau
  2. 2. Management 01. Professional work
  3. 3. How would you define professionality? btw, how do u write on whatsapp????!
  4. 4. In minor details. Signaling: I do not care that much Real slides. Can you spot the lack of professionality?
  5. 5. + How is the merger going to affect Shell’s portfolio? 1.  The acquisition of these assets results in an expansion of their existing operations and both geographic and industry scope as it will mean increases in quantity and variety produced. 2.  Access to projects in Brazil, East Africa, Australia, Kazakhstan and Egypt 3.  LNG projects.
  6. 6. •  But fundamental difference.Added value •  For concentrating producers: more added value •  Propriety and brand •  Difficulty to imitate their operational and strategic practices •  For bottlers: Less added value •  Not unique formulas or branded products •  Their added value is generated by their relationships with customers and concentrate producers •  They’re linked in most cases •  Share costs •  Deal with similar suppliers and buyers
  7. 7. DIFFERENCES: Pricing strategy •  Coupons and promotions •  Lowest price possible
  8. 8. Keep the current strategy •  Product innovation and expansion •  Marketing •  They shouldn’t be integrated with bottlers
  9. 9. ¡  2014 in brief: http://reports.shell.com/report-home/2014/index.html#strategy ¡  http://s06.static-shell.com/content/dam/shell-new/local/corporate/ corporate/downloads/pdf/shell-corporate-brochure- discover-26082014.pdf ¡  http://www.cyprusgasnews.com/archives/8017/can-the-merge-between- shell-and-bg-group-affect-the-cyprus-gas-export-options-shell-can-affect- the-oil-and-gas-sector-of-east-mediterranean/ ¡  Earning per share of Shell company: http://www.statista.com/statistics/260296/earnings-per-royal-dutch- shell-share/
  10. 10. STRENGHTS Strong brand name High worldwide market share A broad portfolio of products Strong marketing and advertising Intensive distribution channels WEAKNESSES Reliance on carbonated drinks Weaker than Coke in soft drinks Lower marketing expenses than Coke OPPORTUNITIES Increasing bottled water demand Change in consumers’ preferences and habits THREATS Distributor brands in different countries Change in consumers’ preferences and habits Higher marketing expenses by Coke Pepsi
  11. 11. STRENGHTS Strong brand name High worldwide market share Strong marketing and advertising Intensive distribution channels WEAKNESSES Lack of diversification Reliance on carbonated drinks OPPORTUNITIES Increasing bottled water demand Change in consumers’ preferences and habits THREATS Distributor brands in different countries Change in consumers’ preferences and habits Coca Cola
  12. 12. OS Comparison Windows lead the PC Market Google and Android are gaining market over Microsoft
  13. 13. Describe DG’s strategy, business model, and tactics. How are these three concepts related to one another? • STRATEGY • BUSINESS MODEL • TACTICS LEADER IN PRICE HOW CREATE VALUE
  14. 14. My favorite one... so far Corporate strategy class
  15. 15. SHELL Royal Dutch Shell Anglo–Dutch multinational oil and gas company Headquartered: Netherlands and incorporated UK World´s most valuable companies. Vertically integrated Minor renewable energy activities (biofuels + wind) Operating in over 90 countries 3.1 million barrels of oil equivalent /day 44,000 service stations worldwide.
  16. 16. BG GROUP + SHELL The biggest M&A deals in history:
  17. 17. OPINIONS OF EXPERTS “We think Shell’s acquisition of BG will likely be viewed as strategically smart and opportune, but should oil prices stay lower for longer, while it will be good for the UK consumer, it could put pressure on UK dividends and be detrimental to UK pension investors” MATTHEW BEESLEY: Head of global equities at Henderson Global Investors.
  18. 18. SHAREHOLDERS REACTION AND SHELL RESPONSE Understanding the problem shareholders face… Risk adverse or risk loving? EXPERIMENT 5 Reasons why the merge is great news for its shareholders §  Diversify the risk §  It gets prime position in LNG §  Economies of scale §  It boosts Shell’s reserves cheaply §  Major return in the future
  19. 19. You are not professional yet I am 100% confident on that
  20. 20. Extreme ownership: Everything is my fault... always Embrace negative feedback from a demanding boss
  21. 21. Buffett: 'Right to buy 10% of 1 classmate' fut. earnings' Energy, intelligence, integrity. No skill called business
  22. 22. 'Sent from my iPhone' (Hey, it's not 2009) Deadlines: Under-promise & Over-deliver
  23. 23. Real-world skills Display anger instead of remorse. People don't like / will avoid direct confrontation Identify winning environments. ‘If offered a seat on a rocket, don’t ask what seat’ Avoid getting stuck on a losing project. Surround yourself with ‘sexy’ people We are all in sales! Build competent, vivid teams. How to attract the best talent? Ask for what is right. People like to feel good about themselves (self-handicapping) Gladwell: If underdog position, break the rules. Start as a big fish in a small pond iPhone voice memos. Publilius Syrius: ‘Observation, not old age, brings wisdom’ Winning is about forecasting. First, interpret present market conditions correctly Good to be humble: Not-invented-here bias, try to look at your work as an outsider Self-assessment, key factor. Positive / constructive feedback is shit, ask for criticism How different people perceive things differently. Accepting failure... and success I will feel more regret over a mistake of action than a mistake of inaction. Inaction
  24. 24. I agree with everything you said. What I meant was, a man in your position, how do you evaluate the risk of not doing something? The risk of potentially letting Bin Laden slip through your fingers? That is a fascinating question. —George, Zero Dark Thirty There are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know. —Donald Rumsfeld, United States Secretary of Defense
  25. 25. Power = Influenced behavior Cultural factors. Meritocracy
  26. 26. Power: Why Some People Have It—and Others Don't (Jeffrey Pfeffer) Just-world hypothesis. Behave by the rules, everyone gets what he deserves. FALSE! 1. Reputation. Carefully delineate the elements of the image you want to create 2. It takes more than performance. Accomplishments. What matters to your boss? 3. Choosing where to start. Front office, more opp. in an internally powerful unit 4. Breaking some rules. Ask for things and learn to stand out, early in your career 5. Effective social networks. Talk with heterogeneous people from different circles 6. Creating resources. Use your time to befriend them. Go to public / private events 7. Acting with power. Bad temper, play your emotions. Short and forceful gestures 8. Overcoming opposition. After a major setback, act as if you are going to triumph 9. The price of power. Public scrutiny, time & effort required, loss of autonomy, etc. 10. People losing it. Less vigilant about others' intentions. Who do you trust? 11. Easier than you think. Do / promote excellent work. Pick the right place for you
  27. 27. Emotional Management Tribe: 150 individuals, face-to-face interaction, behaviors guided by cultural norms Commons, free rider, etc. Morality, cognitive mechanism to solve social dilemmas Face detector—even when information is available. Anonymous CVs. Interviews? Status games, from fake business card to corner office. Relatively cheap motivation Asymmetric value function in managing good / bad news. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Negative feedback in private. Yet, fire bad employees in public—irrationally mad Evolutionary origin of trust relays in similarity. Yet, diversity increases creativity The Neuroscience of Trust (Zak). Universal relationship between oxytocin and trust Asking for help, vulnerability. Recognition: Tangible, unexpected, personal, public Stressors, difficult but achievable tasks. Strengthen social connection, cooperation Vague goals cause people to give up. Adjust goals that are too easy or out of reach Once employees have been trained, allow them to execute projects on their own
  28. 28. Students can take whatever you throw at them Set the tone early. Authority is taken, not given
  29. 29. When to overreact / underreact. Emotional IQ Know what to say, when to say it, how to say it
  30. 30. Combative: Use the 2nd person. Point on responsibility Proving: Use the 3rd (even 1st). Improving, not winning
  31. 31. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie) A leader’s job often includes changing your people’s attitudes and behavior 1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation 2. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly 3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person 4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders 5. Let the other person save face 6. Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement 7. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to 8. Use encouragement—make the fault seem easy to correct 9. Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest
  32. 32. 'First responsibility of a leader is to define reality; the last is to say thank you' (Vision + Inspiration)
  33. 33. Leadership style, context dependent. Managing egos Extroverts via charisma. Introverts have a chance too
  34. 34. Ned Ludd was right... 230 year after the incident Robots & AI + Globalization too. Are you ready?