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33 secrets to become a great manager

33 secrets
to become a great
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33 secrets to become a great manager

  1. 1. LOGO 33 secrets to become a great manager Free Ebook:
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  4. 4. Best materials for you: - Top 32 management books of all time - Top 20 secrets will change your life - 18 secrets for success from billionaires - 16 Secrets for Career Success From the World's Top Executives FIRST EDITION NOV2017 - JobGuide247.info Visit here to check latest version Best tips on how to become a great manager (tips for new mangers, pro managers, leaders, supervisors…) JobGuide247.info4
  5. 5. JobGuide247.info 1. Business understanding You need to be prepared to address questions from your direct reports that take into account the broader landscape of the company. From strategy to culture and HR issues, you need to know what is happening across the business, so you can make informed decisions while confidently providing direction. How do you do this? Spend time with senior leaders and ask questions. Why is the strategy what it is? Why have certain decisions been made? What can your team do to support other parts of the business? Businessunderstanding 5 Related tools: BSC model, BCG model, McKinsey 7s model
  6. 6. JobGuide247.info 2. Define goals of your division When your people don't have clear goals, they muddle through their day. They can't be productive if they have no idea what they're working for, or what their work means. They also can't prioritize their workload effectively, meaning that projects and tasks get completed in the wrong order. How to? Avoid this mistake by learning how to set SMART goals for your team. Also, use principles from Management by Objectives (MBO technique) to align your team's goals to the mission of the organization. 6
  7. 7. 3. Define goals of your employees Once you have identified your department's goals, you need to identify goals and targets for each employee. The fastest way to derail your employees' engine is to leave them in the dark without goals and directives. Your employees will have few challenges and even less motivation. JobGuide247.info7 Useful post: http://www.BusinessSecrets88.com/2017/11/7-ways-to-make-passive- income-off-all-time.html
  8. 8. 3. Define goals of your employees You must meet with your employees to develop attainable goals, to help them understand what is expected of them, and to give them a vision to work toward. Not only should you work with them to set the goals, but also to achieve the goals. JobGuide247.info8 Useful post: http://www.SuccessSecrets247.com/2017/03/6-tips-to-become-super- learner.html
  9. 9. 4. The 80/20 Rule You should learn what the 80/20 rule is all about. This rule states that 20% of your tasks will give you 80% of the results. You need to follow this rule if you want to take your business or management skills to the next level. JobGuide247.info9 Useful post: http://www.SuccessSecrets247.com/2017/03/24-books-must-read-in-your- lifetime.html
  10. 10. 4. The 80/20 Rule (con…) Focus your attention on the tasks that are the most profitable for you or that take the most time so you can get the most out of the day as soon as possible. Remember also that you need to delegate these tasks as much as you can so you can free up time for other tasks. This will allow you to focus your attention on the things that matter most to you. JobGuide247.info10
  11. 11. JobGuide247.info Planning is the first and most important step in any management task. It also is the most often overlooked or purposely skipped step. While the amount of planning and the detail required will vary from task to task, to skip this task is to invite sure disaster except by blind luck. Although most people associate the term planning with general business planning, there are also different levels of planning: Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning, Operational Planning 5. Planning skills 1 2 11 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/7-tips-to-improve-planning-skills.html
  12. 12. 6. Delegating skills Some managers don't delegate, because they feel that no-one apart from themselves can do key jobs properly. This can cause huge problems as work bottlenecks around them, and as they become stressed and burned out. JobGuide247.info12 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/9-secrets-to-improve-delegation- skills.html
  13. 13. 6. Delegating skills Delegation does take a lot of effort up-front, and it can be hard to trust your team to do the work correctly. But unless you delegate tasks, you're never going to have time to focus on the "broader-view" that most leaders and managers are responsible for. What's more, you'll fail to develop your people so that they can take the pressure off you. JobGuide247.info13 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/9-secrets-to-improve-delegation- skills.html
  14. 14. 7. Decision making skills What decision-making skills do employers look for in job applicants? Different employers look for different things, of course, but decision- making skills are sought- after by most companies and for many different positions. JobGuide247.info14
  15. 15. 7. Decision making skills (con…) In general, applicants who can demonstrate an ability to identify all the options and compare them in terms of both costs and effectiveness have an advantage over those who can’t. JobGuide247.info15 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-secrets-to-improve-decision- making-skills.html
  16. 16. 8. Build management system Many people think that ISO 9001 (or 9000) is a product quality system ... that is wrong. ISO 9001 is a comprehensive quality management system (work, product, service, process). ISO 9001 will help you to build your operating manual, operating procedures, work instructions, forms, control systems, system improvements, etc. This is the perfect tool to manage your department. JobGuide247.info16
  17. 17. 8. Build management system (con…) Finally, you need to note that, you learn ISO 9001 to manage a department, a company. You does not learn it to manage the quality of products or services. Top tools to build your management system: PDCA, SPC JobGuide247.info17 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/10-tips-to-implement-iso-9001.html
  18. 18. 9. Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal skills are the skills we use every day when we communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People with strong interpersonal skills are often more successful in both their professional and personal lives. JobGuide247.info18 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-interpersonal- skills.html
  19. 19. 9. Interpersonal Skills (con…) listening, questioning and understanding body language. They also include the skills and attributes associated with emotional intelligence, or being able to understand and manage your own and others’ emotions. There are two important tools for developing interpersonal skills: MBTI and DISC JobGuide247.info19 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-interpersonal- skills.html Interpersonal skills include a wide variety of skills, though many are centred around communication, such as
  20. 20. Smartphone Mockup A failure to share expectations for individuals or the team as a whole can backfire on the manager. Encouraging the team to merely “sell more” or “save money” fails to communicate the steps that must be taken to generate higher sales or reduce expenses. Authors Fred Kuglin and Ray Wood say that understanding the organization’s profit & loss structure can assist managers in directing employees and tasks for maximum results. Effectively using information helps managers to connect the dots between internal process and external results. 10. Analytic skills JobGuide247.info20 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-analytical- skills.html
  21. 21. This is a festive titlePresentation skills, used in the context of business, refers to all the qualities you'll need to embody to create and deliver a clear and effective oral presentation. Your prospective employer may want you to deliver briefings and reports to colleagues, conduct training sessions, present information to clients, or any number of other possible tasks including speaking before large audiences. 11. Presentation skills Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-presentation- skills.html
  22. 22. 12. Problem solving skills In nearly every sector, problem solving is one of the key skills that employers seek in job applicants. It is hard to find a blue collar, administrative, managerial, or professional position that doesn't require problem solving skills of some kind. JobGuide247.info22 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-problem-solving- skills.html
  23. 23. 13. Time management skills Employees who manage their time well are more productive, more efficient, and more likely to meet deadlines. They focus on the most important and time sensitive tasks and limit the amount of time wasted on non-essential duties. Effective time management requires staff to analyze their workload, assign priorities, and maintain focus on productive endeavors. Employees who are excellent time managers can eliminate distractions and enlist support from colleagues to help accomplish their goals. JobGuide247.info23 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/14-tips-to-improve-time- management.html
  24. 24. If your sales figures reached or exceeded expectations last month, don't bask in the glory alone. Acknowledge all who had a hand in the success. Nothing motivates like praise and rewards, and there are multiple ways you can reward your staff without breaking the bank. For instance, you can take the top-performing employees out on an exclusive offsite at your weekend home, get tickets to a sporting event or concert, or even a night on the town. Building this kind of rapport can reap huge rewards for building momentum and loyalty. 14. Motivation skills JobGuide247.info24 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/14-tips-to-improve-employee- motivation.html
  25. 25. 15. Communication skills The ability to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in. Workers in the digital age must know how to effectively convey and receive messages in person as well as via phone, email, and social media. What skills do employers look for? Which communication skills will help ensure your success? JobGuide247.info25 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-secrets-to-become-super- communicator.html
  26. 26. Choose the right person. A new manager usually has a lot on his plate, but no matter how busy he is, he would do right by getting to know the members of his team. Each person on a team has particular skills and experiences. Knowing these skills will help when it comes time to delegating tasks to the right person. For instance, knowing that a certain employee has experience in design software means a manager will know whom to delegate design-related tasks to, or a manager might delegate a database update to someone on the team who is an Excel whiz. 16. Recruitment skills JobGuide247.info26 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/15-tips-to-recruit-employees- effectively.html
  27. 27. 17. Training skills Develop your staff. People want to feel like they have growth opportunities at their job. Whether it’s offering high performers a management position at a new location, or implementing a bonus program for people who go above and beyond (like putting in extra hours to help set up for an event), investing in your employees builds their confidence and drive. JobGuide247.info27 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/14-tips-to-train-employees- effectively.html
  28. 28. 17. Training skills (con…) You might also consider offering professional development opportunities for your staff. If you own a coffee shop, for example, send your employees to a workshop on latte art or the latest barista techniques. You might also consider footing the bill for additional certifications for employees who want to advance. It’s an investment, yes, but having valuable employees on board will help you scale your business faster. JobGuide247.info28
  29. 29. 18. Employee relationship skills Developing a relationship with reporting employees is a key factor in managing. You don't want to be your employees' divorce counselor or therapist, but you do want to know what's happening in their lives. When you know where the employee is going on vacation or that his kids play soccer, you are taking a healthy interest in your employees' lives. JobGuide247.info29
  30. 30. 18. Employee relationship skills Knowing that the dog died, expressing sympathy, or that her daughter won a coveted award at school make you an interested, involved boss. Knowing employees will make you a better manager, a manager who is more responsive to employee needs, moods, and life cycle events. JobGuide247.info30
  31. 31. Do not be too friendly Most of us want to be seen as friendly and approachable to people in our team. After all, people are happier working for a manager that they get on with. However, you'll sometimes have to make tough decisions regarding people in your team, and some people will be tempted to take advantage of your relationship if you're too friendly with them. This doesn't mean that you can't socialize with your people. But, you do need to get the balance right between being a friend and being the boss. JobGuide247.info31
  32. 32. JobGuide247.info 19. Providing or receiving feedback system 2 3 1 -- it behooves leaders to gain their tribe's trust by coming to them first for input, buy-in, advice, and strategy. This fosters a culture of trust, questioning and creativity, where followers feel safe enough to contribute ideas and share concerns that have value and can help resolve situations. Since employees are the ones most intimately acquainted to how things are going on in the trenches -- with customers, processes, etc. 32
  33. 33. 20. Give clear instructions. Managers fail to create standards and give people clear expectations so they know what they are supposed to do, and wonder why they fail. If you make every task a priority, people will soon believe that there are no priorities. More importantly, they will never feel as if they have accomplished a complete task or goal. JobGuide247.info33
  34. 34. 20. Give clear instructions (con…). Within your clear expectations, if you are either too rigid or too flexible, your reporting employees will feel rudderless. You need to achieve an appropriate balance that allows you to lead employees and provide direction without dictating and destroying employee empowerment and employee engagement. JobGuide247.info34
  35. 35. This is a festive title Successful performance management is multifaceted and tailored to each individual employee and their job role. Performance management involves the planning of personal objectives, the implementation of these objectives, tracking progress to ensure there are clear steps being taken towards achieving the objectives, and using regular performance reviews to evaluate progress. You must build KPI (key performance indicators) system in your department. 21. Performance management skills
  36. 36. 22. Accept responsibility. Simply put, if you make a mistake, own up to it. Don't be tempted to pass the blame onto employees if it's your error, as this can cause you to lose credibility and trust with your staff. However, if you accept responsibility for your own errors, your staff is more likely to respect and support you, and therefore will work harder for you. Once you've taken responsibility, proactively address your mistake to correct it and to ensure that it doesn't happen again. JobGuide247.info36
  37. 37. 23. Get comfortable with conflict If you're in management for a while, you'll find you have plenty. Best neither to avoid it nor steamroll it, but to learn to deal with it fairly and diplomatically. Think of "resolving" more than "winning." Effectively managing conflict is a critical skill for successful managers to have. JobGuide247.info37
  38. 38. 24. Listening skills One respondent puts it this way: "It is not the inability to listen but the inability to 'hear' what their team [members] are saying to them." The lack of active and respectful listening, and two-way communication -- sending without receiving -- is a clear shortcoming for many. I have written about how this type of "authentic listening" may be the most underutilized and underdeveloped leadership skill you will find in entrepreneurs. JobGuide247.info38 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/top-8-tips-to-improve-listening- skills.html
  39. 39. 25. Starting your day without a plan of action Time management plays a large role in your day-to- day and long-term success. This entails doing the right things efficiently. Other people will take all your time if you let them, so you must begin each day with a clear idea of allotted personal time and employee time. JobGuide247.info39
  40. 40. 26. Getting out of balance with your life Attention workaholics: there's more to life than work. You have health, family, financial, spiritual, intellectual, and social pursuits and aspects in your life. If you spend a sufficient quantity and quality of time in each area, you should feel happy and productive at work. It's when you neglect one or more areas in your life that other areas, especially your work life starts to show signs of suffering. JobGuide247.info40
  41. 41. 27. Not enough leadership To many leaders focus too much on management and too little on leadership. That is mainly because managers are taught to use management tools, of which many exist. Leadership, on the other hand, is hard to teach, springing as it does from many personal qualities. And, compared to the great quantity of management tools, few leadership tools are available to the manager. One of the few – and one of the most effective – is storytelling. JobGuide247.info41 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/15-tips-to-become-successful- leader.html
  42. 42. This is a festive titleAll change in organizations is challenging, but perhaps the most daunting is changing culture. When people in an organization realize and recognize that their current organizational culture needs to transform to support the organization’s success and progress, change can occur. 28. Ignoring current corporate culture
  43. 43. 29. Don’t overuse meetings Conducting too many meetings is another common management mistake that hurts employee productivity. Meetings are a great way to address issues and set expectations with your team, but it can also interrupt the daily flow and waste a lot of time if not managed properly. JobGuide247.info43
  44. 44. 29. Don’t overuse meetings Great leaders use meetings sparingly. When a meeting is necessary, try creating an agenda that you share with everyone prior to the meeting. Make sure to follow the agenda, and keep the conversations centered on a specific topic. The more efficiently you run meetings, the more productive your team will be and the less likely you are to run into communication errors. JobGuide247.info44
  45. 45. 30. Find a mentor One of the first steps you should take is to find a mentor that you can go to when you have questions or need support. Find someone who has excelled at being the type of manager you want to be; ideally someone who has experience handling a diverse set of situations, so you can understand first hand the pros and cons for handling certain situations certain ways. How do you do this? Look across your company or outside your company (perhaps someone you worked with in a previous job) and approach them and see if they would be willing to help out. JobGuide247.info45
  46. 46. 31. Conflict management skills It’s hard to avoid conflict entirely, both in the workplace and elsewhere in life. It’s human nature to disagree. In fact, eliminating conflict entirely would cause its own problems: there would be no diversity of opinion and no way for us to catch and correct flawed plans and policies. JobGuide247.info46 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-conflict- management-skills.html
  47. 47. 31. Conflict management skills (con…) But poor communication or interpersonal tension can easily cause simple disagreements to flare up into resentment or worse. Conflicts that are allowed to fester and grow will ultimately diminish productivity and damage staff morale. This is why employers seek employees with the skills to manage and diffuse conflict. JobGuide247.info47
  48. 48. 32. Critical thinking skills Critical thinking involves the evaluation of sources such as data, facts, observable phenomenon, and research findings. Good critical thinkers can draw reasonable conclusions from a set of information and discriminate between useful and less useful details for solving a problem or making a decision. Critical thinkers can present coherent reasons for adopting a position and debunk faulty reasoning regarding a proposal or assertion. JobGuide247.info48 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/5-tips-to-improve-critical-thinking- skills.html
  49. 49. 33. Organize skills A manager must be able to organize teams, tasks, and projects in order to get the team's work done in the most efficient and effective manner. As a beginning manager, you may be organizing a small work team or a project team. These same skills will be required later in your career when you have to organize a department or a new division of the company. JobGuide247.info49
  50. 50. 33. Organize skills (con…) Clearly, there is a lot of overlap between planning the work and in organizing it. Where planning focuses on what needs to be done, organization is more operational and is more focused on how to get the work done best. JobGuide247.info50 Useful post: http://www.jobguide247.info/2017/11/12-tips-to-improve-organizing- skills.html
  51. 51. LOGO