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Jobvite Summit'15 Chicago: Data Driven Recruiting by Erica Messick


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  • Bosses, team mates often ask for what can Jobvite report on…well just about anything. When I was managing a team of analysts we often had internal and external customers asking for insights across ALL the data. That concept is what is called data exploration and is very different than reporting. It is an important aspect to any analytics program you have, but the focus of today’s session will be reporting.

  • That can get overwhelming- so the theme here is to measure a few things well- focus on what is most important

    Define your KPI’s
    Career site performance- apply conversion rate
    Time to Fill
    Understand Pipeline- conversions
    Avg Days in Workflow State- identify bottlenecks

    If you’re not measuring your initiatives, how can you manage or optimize them? Now just because you measure something doesn’t guarantee that you will actually manage it, however, measurement is the starting point. And since we all can’t micro manage everything at all times

    Source Performance
    Velocity (time spent through
    Current Pipeline Status

    Time to fill
    Cost per hire (recruiting costs/hires)
    Recruiting Cost Ratio (recruiting costs/salaries)

    Social Programs & Campaigns
    Career Site traffic & performance
    Are we getting more good candidates or just more applications?

    Hires & Candidates by Source

  • This is the single most important metric for your career site

    If you are losing too many candidates in the apply process, the marketing branding work you are doing to drive traffic to your site will be diminished because of this critical drop off. This is the first critical measure.

    There are other critical facets of career site performance like engagement

  • Know your goal
  • Write headers that will grab attention and convert browsers into applicants

    Keep candidates who are browsing on mobile devices in mind- they are increasingly consuming your content and you don’t want a challenging impression.

  • Wanna apply filters? Great, go for it. Want to change the visualization- we are looking to bring more self-service and discovery tools to empower you to find insights in your data.
  • Should properly close requisitions in Jobvite in order for the system to know the position was filled. To properly close a req

    Someone on your team forgot to do that? Well you can’t use the out of the box measure, it will most likely not be calculating- but you can create a custom one to get a custom calculation to measure.

    Time to Fill
    Job Closed Date-Job (last) Approved On OR Opened on Date

    Time to Hire
    Job Filled On Date- Job Opened Date
  • Preview
  • Just some concept art, teaser for letting you know we are in the works designing a new highly customizable and more robust dashboarding tool.

    Smart Analyticss; No more digging around reports- we want to highlight activity and give you the ability to know at-a-glance, what is happening in your organization.