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Evaluation Question 6

The Depot Evaluation Question 6

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Evaluation Question 6

  1. 1. AS Media Studies – ‘The Depot’
  2. 2. The dynamics of the group were unplanned.Originally, only Ryan and myself were part of thegroup. Having two other class members without agroup, we were asked if they could join us, but atfirst, they seemed to be tagging along for the ride.However, we finally put a plan into action of how tocontinue with the creation, planning and executionof the film.
  3. 3.  Equipment was managed by me in conjunction with our technician, and I began making negotiations with him, way before the start of production. This was to make sure that we would be 100% ready, with all the equipment we needed. As the project progressed, the equipment we required changed, and constant negotiations took place over two months. As I have connections with a Audio/Visual company, Getting hold of the extra lighting kits, and equipment really helped us create what we envisaged – atmosphere wise.
  4. 4.  My section of filming and editing was the tracking shot right at the beginning, up to when the title appears. I designed this part of the film, so was able to film/edit what I saw in my head. When expressing ideas, it was easier to draw, or in my case simulate what I wanted to see on camera. I created the simulation of the tracking shot using 3D Bus Simulation Software. I feel that my efforts, organising the equipment, locating, dealing with, and establishing connections between us and Sullivan Buses (Depot), played a key role in the success of our film. I do feel now, that there might have not been a film without the connections I created.
  5. 5.  My role was also to organise and manage the wellbeing of the team members when filming. I was able to get specific H&S guides from Sullivan Buses to adhere by while on location. These were strict instructions, of which I briefed the team about. I also arranged the food side. I informed everyone to buy food beforehand, although there was a vending machine in the office at the depot. The main logistical challenge was getting us and the equipment to the location. I arranged for Steve (our contact) to drive the school bus that day (B78). He picked us up from school, and we loaded the equipment onto the bus, driving straight to the depot after the end of the route, where we would begin filming. This was a very stressful plan that took some time to put together, as it had to be in accordance to Sullivan Buses regulations, and terms of contract.
  6. 6.  The technology available to us has enabled each and every one of us to develop creatively, and use all resources available to us. Everything from the cameras to tripods, dollies to Premiere Pro has enabled us to reach our potential. The ability to have all this has really brought out the potential in all of us. I don’t think there really has been any limiting factors at all, in the production of our film.
  7. 7.  Using technology to research ideas for the production of our film were essential to us. We were able to watch clips of suspenseful films, and take inspiration from camera shots/angles, sound and lighting, along with editing. YouTube was a very useful tool, as it enabled us to watch past thrillers for example, and learn from others mistakes, to work and improve on them. However, the visualisation of the film was only able to come together mentally. Taking all the ideas we researched, and mentally organising them took time before coming up with a storyline, storyboard, and execution of the film.
  8. 8. The Depot – AS Thriller