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Marketing and research with Generation Y

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Slidedeck of our UK Smartees on connecting with Millennials a.k.a. Gen Y.

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Marketing and research with Generation Y

  1. Nice to meet you! Meet InSites ConsultingNew York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent www.insites-consulting.com
  2. I’m RobertI am 44 years, working in London,living with the 3 boys &2 women of my life. Experiencedresearcher, passionateMarketer (fellow at CIM J),Managing Director UK &healthcare industry and B2BMarketing expert andcommitted to help companies intheir quest to connect better withtheir consumers.
  3. Fact sheet§  Spin-off of top-ranked business school§  15 years of experience and know-how§  Pioneer and innovator in online methods§  Covering any marketing domain§  Fully independent§  London, New York, Rotterdam, Ghent, Timisoara§  125 passionate employees§  Proprietary research panel in +25 countries§  Run research communities in +37 countries and surveys in 60+ Awarded by ESOMAR I AMA I ARF I MRS I MOA I AMMA Who we are
  4. We want tobring our clientsto the future first
  5. BringingCONSUMERS IN THEBOARDROOM Company Consumer Peer n s R&D & Innovatio gues Collea g Sales & Marketin Advo cate s Market R esearch Judges DIFFERENT STAKEHOLDERS CONSUMERS IN THEIRINSIDE & OUTSIDE YOUR COMPANY VARIOUS ROLES
  6. igital Social Media Full portfolio d Research Communities Listening & Netnography METHODS We allow participants to ENGAGE with us anytime, anywhere (online,Online Digital mobile, asynchronous methods…).Group Engage Surveys We make it fun for them to giveDiscussions more & better answers (gamification, audio-visual cues, design…). We empower them to be co-researchers (crowd 1on1 interpretation, co-moderation…). Consumer-led Online Ethnography Interviews
  7. Helping world leading brandsbecome locally relevant
  8. Some of our UK customers UK 2012
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  11. R2=.57 R2=.62 R2=.74InSites Consulting Brand Model tested by path analysis
  12. //Authenticity forGeneration Y Real
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  17. Page 42
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  21. Results •  The bank doubled its Gen Y customer base from 2011 •  The daily rate of cards sale increased by 58% in the first 6 months from the launch (the double vs 2009) •  12 times more ST loan approval procedures initiated than weekly average 2010 •  10% more cross selling than in 2011  
  22. Page 48
  23. strategy: engage – sell – build loyalty Engage through their Relevance passion for Music Exclusive access Trial through Youth products Loyalty Capture more everyday spend Page 50
  24. 4 key partners to deliver sustainable engagement Exclusive experiences Tier 1 Exclusive access Tier 2Exclusive content Tier 3 Page 51
  25. And enable constant social content and conversation CALENDARIO  "YOUTH  PLATFORM" 2012 2013 Experiencia JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST 123 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Mastercard   30th Hospitalities KEANE TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD 17th Pocket  shows Leon  Larregui Paty  Cantu Moderatto 4th College  shows Enjambre/Sofi   Enjambre/Sofi   Enjambre/Sofi   Enjambre/Sofi   Mayen Mayen Mayen Mayen 18th VIP  Parties Paty  Cantu Hello  Seahorse Panda Moderatto Music  Lessons   with  an  artist Sofi  Mayen  y   Ha-­‐Ash Miró Benny Attend  to  band   rehearsal Enjambre Sofi  Mayen Miró Zoé Be  at  an  album   4th recording Belinda Zoé Be  Part  of  a   6th Video Mike  Zanetti Enjambre Panda Los  Claxons Interview  an   Artist  (Press   León  Larregui Eiza Belinda Enjambre Conference) Meet  &  Greets Paty  Cantu Miró Zoé  y  Zanetti Backstage  Pases   in  Mexico  for   23rd concert Ha-­‐ash Paty  Cantú Los  Claxons Mike  Zanetti Travel  with  an   20th artist Ha-­‐Ash Miró Enjambre Sofi  Mayen Trip  to  concert   outside  Mexico   16th 9th Coldplay Coldplay Evanescence TBD Nervo Belinda  y  Zoé Panda,   Anahi,  Zanetti,   Memorabilia Moderatto,   Sofi  Mayen,   Paty  Cantu,   Miró Enjambre,   PreSales KISS Smashing   Pumpkins Giveaway  Tickets 16th 14th agosto  27,  2012   Maroon  5 Linkin  Park TBD Page 52
  26. Breadth and variety of artists to establishcredibility among YouthBelinda Enjambre Zanetti Panda Sofi Mayen Alex SyntekColdplay Eiza Moderatto Anahí ZoeHello seahorse Paty Cantú Miro Benny Ha-ash Page 53
  27. Variety of benefits activated to address different objectives Experiences     Content/   Presales   with  ar2sts   downloads   Ticke2ng   Offers   Purchase Access w/o card Access w/o card Purchase Access w/ card Access w/ card Access w/o card Access w/ card Page 54
  28. Creating a dynamic social community Page 55
  29. Priceless Music launch event in Mexico Cityto create buzz and momentum 4,000 university student and 300 customers experienced the launch of Priceless Music at an exlusive concert with Moderatto Page 56
  30. Real①  Stay true to your roots, but don’t shout②  Close is the new cool③  Be transparent and respectful, listen (like friends would do)
  31. // I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DAY… Extreme experience (e.g. When I was Graduated skydiving, mount climbing) dumped by my partner Meeting the love of my life Becoming a Surprise   Death of a person sport champion N = 40 close to me Happiness   Anger   My first kiss N = 156 N = 13 Got my driving license When I got in a fight Fear   Disgust   N = 30 N = 14 New school Discovered I had no Sadness   real friends when I N = 93 Moved needed them most Encountered aggression Was Being dumped by my diagnosed with boy/girl friend Parents got a serious divorced illnessSource; InSites Consulting 16 country study January 2011 – 4,065 respondents aged 15-25 in USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy,Romania, Poland, Brazil, India, and China.
  32. Happy①  Deliver gratifications, not just pleasures②  Don’t use negative emotions③  Happiness is about connecting youth in a playful way
  33. I’m Maarten.29 years old, born and raised in theDutch speaking part of Belgium,moved over to London last year.Working as a research manager for ourFMCG clients in the UK.Passionate about fuzzy front endinnovation research, consumeractivation and youth marketing.Committed to connect leading FMCGbrands with consumers to drivegrowth.
  34. Shared challenges to connect with Gen Y #1 Be relevant #2 Be where they are #3 Engagement
  35. They don’t like to ONE-WAY TRAFFIC SURVEYS
  36. They want to COLLABORATE
  37. As marketers
  38. As researchers
  39. reBe where they a
  40. Gamification  The process of us ing game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users Background
  41. Surveys
  42. Explore
  43. … it works! 85  
  44. Rethinking a digital strategy
  45. Shared solutions to connect with Gen Y Collaboration Touchpoints Gamification
  46. Thank you!Maarten Lagae, Research Manager @maartenlagae   http://uk.linkedin.com/in/maartenlagae +32 7817 108 250   maarten@insites-consulting.com  New York I Timisoara I London I Rotterdam I Ghent151  Rosebery  Avenue  -­‐  4th  floor    I    EC1R  4AB  London    I    United  Kingdom www.insites-consulting.com