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Creating a report on VB Intel

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How to create a report for sale on VB Intel, at intel.venturebeat.com/ingest .

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Creating a report on VB Intel

  1. 1. Creating a report | Intel
  2. 2. The goal: a complete ready-for-purchase report
  3. 3. Go to the site: intel.venturebeat.com
  4. 4. Register with your LinkedIn account
  5. 5. Update your profile, then click Add Report
  6. 6. Enter your title and executive summary
  7. 7. Choose to build your report online or upload a PDF (Building online will give a better user experience; uploading a PDF may be easier. Reports built online may be prioritized in search results and or featured report blocks.)
  8. 8. Build your report by adding sections
  9. 9. Add subsections if you wish
  10. 10. Preview your entire report
  11. 11. Prep for publishing by entering marketing data
  12. 12. Enter custom topics or companies by checking “Other”
  13. 13. Save draft and select Needs Review in the Moderate tab
  14. 14. A reviewer will check and publish your report
  15. 15. Your report will show up live on the site
  16. 16. Launch with VB News • Consider doing a guest post with teaser data • Coming: Site notifications of new research on VentureBeat.com • Coming: Related research sidebar on relevant stories • Promote on your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook …
  17. 17. Start marketing and selling