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Web, apps, bots, & agents: when to use each

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My presentation from Botscamp 2017 on bots, apps, web and assistants, and when marketers should use each.

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Web, apps, bots, & agents: when to use each

  1. 1. Web, apps, bots, and agents When marketers should use each
  2. 2. My goal Provide some clarity about when you should use: - Web - Apps - Bots - Agents or assistants (but not bots) I’m doing this from a marketing perspective: - Partially because this technology is often utilized by marketers - Partially because “marketing” is now part of everything a company does
  3. 3. - Write for Forbes, VentureBeat, Business Insider - Mobile Economist for TUNE - Marketing attribution, tech in 3.5B devices globally - Founded the research division of VentureBeat - Focused on martech - CEO of Sparkplug9 @johnkoetsier johnkoetsier.com John Koetsier
  4. 4. Use web when ... - You want ubiquity - Base layer - You need speed - Friction - Info dump - You are bundling multiple media in one experience - You can capitalize on existing infrastructure - Payments
  5. 5. Use apps when ... - You want context - Location, time, activity - You need engagement - E.g, games, media, social, content creation - You need accessibility - One layer from HERE - You are providing rich, fast interaction - Full interactivity: image/video editing,
  6. 6. Use bots when ... - You have existing connected customers - Fans/followers and customers; need service - You can get attention - Robot Lawyer - Christopher bot - You need one-to-one at scale - You have a simple, bounded problem - Most bots are stupid, so ...
  7. 7. Use agents/assistants when ... - You can integrate into someone else’s platform - You can differentiate on someone else's’ platform - Voice is enough - You can use an existing payment solution - You need simplicity - Base layer - Payments - Connectability with simple links
  8. 8. - Thanks! - Questions …. - Suggestions :-) @johnkoetsier johnkoetsier.com Web, apps, bots, and agents