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Linkedin Profile 2.0 Presentation

John Sparks presentation slides on New Linkedin Profile 2.0. Find out when you can expect the new profile.

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Linkedin Profile 2.0 Presentation

  1. 1. John Sparks, MBA
  2. 2. • “ The "new LinkedIn" refers primarilyto Profile 2.0, the new profile. It doesntrefer to many backend changes such asthe search algorithm.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  3. 3. • “ The new profile really showcases your networksand connections--specifically, how connected you areto certain companies, schools, etc. Building up anetwork that can be prominently shown on a profile isa pretty good way to take advantage of the cool datavisualization on the right panel. Filling out the profileand having a high-resolution pic makes the new profilepop. ” -LinkedIn Product Team
  4. 4. • “ The basic profile needs industry, location,current position & description, 2 past positions,education, skills, a profile photo, and at least 50connections. The new LinkedIn provides for evenmore ways to fill out your profile, but those are thecore things.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  5. 5. • Profile 2.0 maps professional relationships up tothree degrees.• Shows only the first 500 connections that eachperson acquires.• Works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers. Do notwork with IE7.
  6. 6. • Skills and Endorsements: -Sort term: Validate a person’s skill to recruiter. -Long term: Will allow human and economic capital to flow where it is most needed.
  7. 7. When Do I Get Mine?
  8. 8. • “We’re currently in the process ofslowly rolling this out to all ourmembers. We do this in slowincrements so that we can catch andfix any bugs that may arise becauseof the new layout.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  9. 9. • “We currently don’t have thefunctionality that would allow us topush any one profile through orapply the new layout.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  10. 10. • “At this time, all members withApplications (i.e. Box.net, SlideShare,Reading List by Amazon, WordPress)are being pushed back as we’re stillgetting all of these features up andrunning.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  11. 11. • If you don’t have applications, you may sign up for thenew profile at: www.linkedin.com/profile/sample.This will put you ahead of the others.• If you have applications, you may sign up at the samewebsite. You will be ahead of those members, withapplications, who did not sign up. -LinkedIn Product Team
  12. 12. Does taking Applications off my profile speed things up?
  13. 13. • “Unfortunately, we have to be a little vague with thisanswer, because at this time we can’t give out certaininformation. At least not yet.”• “Yes, if you removed the applications from your profile,you may increase the chances of being switched over to thenew profile layout. However, there are some other changesand features that are all tied to this project that you maywant to wait and see.” -LinkedIn Product Team
  14. 14. “The workforce of today is trainedfor the jobs of yesterday, not thejobs of tomorrow.” -Jeff Weiner CEO, Linkedin
  15. 15. John Sparks, MBA