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The future of location based services: What you need to know

How will we use location aware applications? How are they being used today? Why are they profitable? What do I need to know today to start using them for my b-to-b and b-to-c sales opportunities?

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The future of location based services: What you need to know

  1. What is it?<br />Examples?<br />Location-Based Services<br />Value<br />Thinking to the future<br />
  2. Vision Science<br />Cognitive Neuroscience<br />PhD: Math in Brain<br />Linguistics<br />PhD Cognitive Science<br />Post Doc at UCLAduring Dot.Com boom<br />John Whalen<br />Professor in Psychology<br />Director, User Experience& Design @ e.magination<br />Usability/<br />Accessibility<br />User<br />Experience<br />OnlineStrategy<br />InformationArchitecture<br />
  3. Baltimore’sLargest<br />DOJ<br />VisualDesign<br />FDA<br />InteractionDesign<br />ContentCreation<br />USDA<br />Since <br />1992<br />Usability/<br />Accessibility<br />InformationArchitecture<br />SampleClients<br />CareFirst<br />About<br />AARP<br />e.magination<br />Ad.com<br />Design<br />Comcast<br />Discovery<br />Delivery<br />Development<br />OnlineStrategy<br />Web Sites<br />User <br />Research<br />Support<br />CMS<br />.NET<br />Custom<br />Apps<br />Intranets<br />MicrosoftSharePoint<br />CustomApps<br />Stakeholder<br />Research<br />CommerceServer<br />eCommerce<br />SystemIntegration<br />Competition<br />Online<br />Facebook<br />iPhone<br />
  4. Andrea Resmini<br />http://www.slideshare.net/resmini/pervasive-ia-ia-summit<br />Special Thanks To<br />Karyn Cooks, Flair Media<br />Jumping in to Foursquare Reviewing Location-Based Games for Business<br />http://bit.ly/a9PEpF<br />
  5. Remember Travel, Circa 1999?<br />
  6. Remember Travel, Circa 2010?<br />
  7. “<br />A product in a tv commercial captures my attention, I check the web site for more information, locate the nearest or most convenient store, ask my social networks for comments, visit the shop, go back to the web site for assistance or updates. <br />Simple tasks become part of one single, broad process, but they are rarely conceived, designed, and executed as such. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are not designed to fit. <br />”<br />Andrea Resmini<br />
  8. Current networks<br />Overview<br />
  9. Envisioning the future<br />Think about location-based services…what do you foresee? <br />
  10. Think about augmented reality and:<br />Bar Code scanning<br />Way finding<br />Advertising nearby<br />Competitive pricing<br />
  11. Location Based Services<br />slideshare.net/emagination<br />Thank You<br />John Whalen<br />e.magination<br />emagination.com<br />john.whalen@emagination.com<br />@emagination<br />@johnwhalen<br />240-281-0764<br />