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Limitless Lab: Culture Deck

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Limitless Lab: Culture Deck

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Limitless Lab is a strategic design and innovation company in the Philippines. Our mission is to enable people to innovate, create possibilities, and challenge the status quo using design.

Limitless Lab is a strategic design and innovation company in the Philippines. Our mission is to enable people to innovate, create possibilities, and challenge the status quo using design.


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Limitless Lab: Culture Deck

  1. 1. Culture Code Designing a great company that we all love
  2. 2. Contents Who We Are What We Do 11 Qualities of a Limitless Lab Member 11 Facets of the Limitless Lab Culture
  3. 3. What is CULTURE? Culture is the set of common values, beliefs, and behaviors of an organization.
  4. 4. It is the blood that pumps through the veins of an organization.
  5. 5. We care about culture because it shapes the way we work, indicates our long-term success, and drives the impact we can do.
  6. 6. Culture attracts amazing talent and clients alike. At Limitless Lab, we don’t want culture to just happen. This document contains how our company culture has been designed and how we aspire it to be.
  7. 7. Who We Are
  8. 8. We are Limitless Lab. We are a design and innovation company. We enable people to see possibilities, break boundaries, and challenge the status quo using design.
  9. 9. Our clients and partners are: Government Agencies Businesses NGOs and Social Enterprises who want to challenge the status quo and innovate who want to grow and create better possibilities for their company who want to create more impact through design and innovation
  10. 10. What We Do
  11. 11. What We Do
  12. 12. Train people, transform mindsets, and facilitate innovation
  13. 13. Create or improve products, services, experiences, and campaigns with our partner clients
  14. 14. Spark community empowerment and local social innovation projects
  15. 15. Venture into our own initiatives that make an impact in society
  16. 16. How We Work
  17. 17. Our process is simple. But we don’t let our process limit us. Design thinking is non-linear. Most of the times, things can get uncertain and ambiguous but we proceed anyway. We use the design thinking methodology.
  18. 18. Our Process Empathize Understand deeply the people we are designing for Define Make sure that we are answering the right problem Ideate Create possibilities and build on the ideas of others Prototype Transform ideas to reality and for testability with minimum time and effort Test Learn and improve through real feedback from real people
  19. 19. The Qualities of a Limitless Lab Member The Qualities of People We Invite Onboard
  20. 20. Optimism 1 ● You radiate positive energy and believe in possibilities ● You remain optimistic especially in difficult times ● You see opportunities in challenges
  21. 21. Curiosity 2● You value learning and ask a lot of questions ● You listen without judgement ● You are not afraid to say “I don’t know” but you back it up with “.. but I will find out.”
  22. 22. 3● You make wise decisions and always prioritize collective good rather than your own ● You think strategically and can prioritize tasks and responsibilities depending on urgency ● You can remain calm and make wise decisions despite stressful situations Good Judgement
  23. 23. Communication 4● You can express your ideas and thoughts well in either writing or speaking ● You are candid, open, honest, and authentic, but remain respectful of everyone ● You are a good listener and have real intention to understand others better
  24. 24. 5● You are an innovator and a changemaker ● You see opportunities behind problems ● You aim to give value to people and create new possibilities Entrepreneurial Mindset
  25. 25. Courage 6● You embrace ambiguity but take calculated risks ● You persevere and take leaps of faith in difficult times ● You speak your mind even if everyone in the room has a different opinion
  26. 26. Humility 7● You listen to feedback and acknowledge your mistakes ● You share credit when you succeed, but also celebrate the wins of others ● You talk less and listen more
  27. 27. Self-awareness 8● You know your strengths and weaknesses ● You are self-reflective and acknowledge your mistakes ● You practice kindness and empathy
  28. 28. 9● You are efficient and self-motivated ● You have self-discipline and take on responsibility ● You deliver impact and results High Performance
  29. 29. 10● You work hard and persevere for what you believe in ● You are excited to work on purpose-driven projects ● You are growth-oriented and self-motivated Passion
  30. 30. 11● You value working on projects that contribute to society ● You have your own social advocacies ● You begin with the end or purpose in mind Purpose- driven
  31. 31. 11 Facets of the Limitless Lab Culture
  32. 32. 1 People First
  33. 33. The people we are trying to design for and to serve always comes first. We always put their best interest. If in doubt, below is a simple cheat sheet of who matters most: USERS CUSTOMERS TEAM INDIVIDUAL Our relationships with our customers and stakeholders distinguish us from the rest.
  34. 34. 2 Mutual Respect and Trust
  35. 35. We practice professionalism and mutual respect. What are examples of respectful behavior? ● Constructive and respectful conversations, dialogues and disagreements ● Appreciating your colleagues’ work ● Inclusion of everyone in the work process ● Settling disagreements in a professional manner We value all members’ opinions and understand that at the end of the day, we are all human.
  36. 36. What is not accepted? ● Shutting down others’ ideas ● Saying disrespectful and offensive words ● Dismissing arguments with ad hominem statements and the like ● Making others feel that they do not belong in the team We value all members’ opinions and understand that at the end of the day, we are all human.
  37. 37. 3 Alignment and autonomy
  38. 38. Our team is empowered to think independently and own their work. At Limitless Lab, we apply agility in how we work. We avoid micromanagement and give value to autonomy as long as it is aligned with our overall values. In the end, Limitless Lab encourages accountability and creates a high degree of trust among our members. Balancing alignment and autonomy is one of our keys to giving our customers success.
  39. 39. 4Use good judgement
  40. 40. We don’t have an extensive list of policies and procedures. Instead of having numerous policies (which will only make our head spin), we simply summed it all up into one. USE GOOD JUDGEMENT. Good judgment leads to positive impact - the most important result we aim to achieve. At Limitless Lab, we think positive impact enables us to make good influences to other people.
  41. 41. 5 Collaboration not competition
  42. 42. We are independent thinkers who practice collaboration. Limitless Lab believes that owning your work doesn’t necessarily mean having tough competition among the team. Instead, we collaborate our different yet aligned ideas which results into greatness. In fact, collaboration is a part of our recipe that makes our customers, stakeholders, and industry partners delighted. We have competition among the team - good competition - which leads to collaboration.
  43. 43. 6 Transparency and open communication
  44. 44. Limitless Lab doesn’t keep secrets (most of the time). All of our members practice transparency. Transparency and open communication is what helps us collaborate and produce limitless ideas. Of course, there are limits to transparency. We don’t share legal information and personal information about our team and customers. Limitless Lab keeps our internal and external relationships as transparent as possible.
  45. 45. 7 Celebrate the wins of your colleagues
  46. 46. We are a close-knitted team who supports each other’s endeavors. Limitless Lab is composed of members (with different backgrounds, skills, hobbies, etc.) who share the same goal - help different types of people achieve their goals and challenge themselves using design. As part of one team, we toast to our victories and achievements - be it as an organization or as an individual. Having great colleagues contributes to our drive to strive better in achieving our goal.
  47. 47. 8 Failures and experiments are welcome
  48. 48. People learn from their mistakes. We believe in the universal saying “nobody’s perfect.” We know that no one is perfect - even great design thinkers have their bad days. However, we believe that life is like an experiment wherein we learn every time we fail. That is the exact reason why Limitless Lab welcomes failures and experiments. We welcome mistakes, but we still make sure that we never make the same mistakes twice.
  49. 49. 9 Results and impact over work hours
  50. 50. Results drive us to be more limitless. The current generation have changed how they live and work. The usual 9AM to 5PM work shift turned into a flexible one. Limitless Lab also adapted to these changes, and instead we focus on the results we deliver. Most of the time, quantity of work hours does not equate to the quality of work outputs delivered. The main result Limitless Lab aim is the positive impact we can give to our customers.
  51. 51. 10 Work-Life Integration
  52. 52. Design unifies our work and personal lives. Another change we have adapted is the change of work-life balance to work-life integration. Limitless Lab members are also design thinkers outside of work. We apply this framework in several aspects of our personal lives. Because of this, it isn’t difficult for us to integrate our work with our personal lives. We can work from home whenever we need to and still accomplish the expected results.
  53. 53. 11 Dare to go beyond the status quo
  54. 54. We challenge the status quo with our customers. Limitless Lab defies the notion to “stick with the status quo” (as quoted by High School Musical). We give ourselves challenging goals that we strive to achieve. We believe that design is a powerful tool in changing the world, and we also encourage our customers to do the same. We know what norms to break, and how we as an organization can triumph in these challenges.
  55. 55. Imagine a great company
  56. 56. Imagine Limitless Lab
  57. 57. Ready to be part of building Limitless Lab’s culture? © 2019 Limitless Lab. All rights Reserved.