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How to<br />make your ideas convincing andmemorable<br />A taster (by Jon Barrett) of the book ‘Made to Stick’<br />
An unsuspecting tourist was drugged in his hotel room by a woman he met in the bar and woke up the next morning in a batht...
You’ve just read one of the most successful urban myths of the last 15 years… <br />The Kidney Heist tale<br />…memorable ...
“Comprehensive community building naturally lends itself to a return-on-investment rationale that can be modeled, drawing ...
Which is closer to the communications you encounter at work? <br />?<br />Stickiness<br />
37 grams of saturated fat<br />=<br />Unsticky!<br />
Artery-clogging fat content…<br />=<br />+<br />Sticky!<br />
x<br />E=MC2<br />There is no “formula” for a sticky idea<br />
But sticky ideas have traits that make them more likely to have…<br />SUCCESs<br />
S<br />They are…<br />imple<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />s...
S<br />imple<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />To strip an idea down to its core<br />E<br />S<br />s<br />
S<br />The CEO of southwest airlines said ‘I can teach you our secret in 30 seconds…<br />We are THE low cost airline<br /...
S<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />C<br />Create surprise!<br />E<br />S<br />s<br />
U<br />Announcement on a flight from Dallas to San Diego<br />n<br />e<br />As the song goes, there might be fifty ways to...
S<br />U<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />E<br />Something you can examine with your senses<br />S<br />s<br />
C<br />In 1987 no-one knew what a laptop was<br />o<br />The guy pitching it described it as ‘a new type of computer, more...
S<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />Get them to believe<br />S<br />s<br />
C<br />The claims of a dance company as having a ‘diverse’ membership were dismissed by ‘you’re probably all tall and thin...
S<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />Make them care<br />s<br />
E<br />People cared twice as much about Rokia than the whole of Africa<br />m<br />People who read about Rokia, a young gi...
S<br />U<br />C<br />Stories about people acting get people to act<br />C<br />E<br />S<br />tories<br />s<br />
S<br />Firefighters learn from each other by sharing stories<br />t<br />o<br />r<br />i<br />e<br />s<br />
S<br />imple<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />s<br />All to be...
I’ve just shown you the tip of the iceberg of Made to Stick…<br />Dive in and find out more…<br />
Get hold of a copy from Amazon…<br />75% give it 5 stars<br />90% give it 4 stars or more!<br />Jon Barrett<br />
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But sticky ideas have traits that make them more likely to have…SUCCESs