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Simple, Powerful & Effective Powerpoint Presentation Slide Design

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How can we design presentation slides that powerfully convey our message and engage our audience?

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Simple, Powerful & Effective Powerpoint Presentation Slide Design

  1. 1. Powerful & Effective Presentation Design Part 1 – Slide DesignHelping you to stand out
  2. 2. This may NOTbe for you
  3. 3. NOT for the Top 5%
  4. 4. NOT for the Bottom 5%
  5. 5. IT ISforthe90%...
  6. 6. ‘Death by PowerPoint’‘FantasticPresentation!’
  7. 7. Words to describe your presentation… Brilliant P Simple Powerful Fantastic Clear Easy Concise
  8. 8. This is not…O How to presentO How to talk to your audienceO How to look the part
  9. 9. How toP DESIGN effective slides
  10. 10. Low expectations can easily be exceeded
  11. 11. In summary…The guidance onPowerPoint designhas changedWe can take a leadnow or catch up laterWhat is the guidanceand how can we takeadvantage of it?
  12. 12. Whyuse a PowerPoint Presentation?
  13. 13. Have your audienceGet IT quicker
  14. 14. Whynew guidelines?
  15. 15. In 2005 a new presentation style helped win $253m from US drugs company! ‘Frighteningly Powerful’ Voted by Amazon as Best Book of 2007
  16. 16. Since 2005 there has been an explosion of books based on science & research 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010
  17. 17. We need to catch up before we get left behind Manchester using these techniques Knowledge & since 2008 adoption increasing 2012
  18. 18. Do they workFor Us?
  19. 19. Presentations for… Bids & Marketing System Options Concept Design In Place of Reports
  20. 20. What the experts say… “PowerPoint is no longer just a visual aid for presenters. More and more companies are shifting to PowerPoint and away from text for day-to-day documents. PowerPoint has become one of the business leaders most important tools for winning in the idea marketplace.”
  21. 21. Great Feedback from Clients & Team… „A fantastic presentation‟ John Mothersole, Chief Executive Sheffield City Council „Brilliant, really easy to understand‟ Lynda Mather, Director G&T Project Management „Simple, clear and concise‟ Simon Haste, Head of Property Cats Protection
  22. 22. Excellent Feedback from Presenters & Staff „Fantastic. The message is much clearer and even more powerful with pictures. I love the way you‟ve built the story‟ Lee Hardy „The presentation went down really well, with the information really easily digested… it does our reputation a power of good‟ Nigel Hodgson, Ex-Director, Foreman Roberts „I can see why the client was impressed…. simple but clearly thought out‟ Duncan Zealey
  23. 23. Why?The Science behind it… Briefly…
  24. 24. Three key findings of science Memory overload In the mind of your audience 2 channel brain
  25. 25. Don’t overload working memorySensory Long-term Working
  26. 26. If your audience’s braingets overloaded theninterest is lost and youlose the power topersuade
  27. 27. Our minds (and your audience) are always asking WHY?
  28. 28. Our minds have to filter outeverything that is irrelevant
  29. 29. Information Message????
  30. 30. You need to make it easier for the minds of your audienceBecause… Easier on the mind = Interest for longer = Engagement with the information = An informed decision = Your objective achieved
  31. 31. Place your conclusion/message before your evidence “You can double the chance your message is understood by putting your conclusions before your supporting data. You can make readers 15% more likely to understand your slide if you use a complete sentence as the title”
  32. 32. We need to engage bothchannels of an audience’s brain visual cortex auditory cortex
  33. 33. ‘Written and spoken words use the sameshort-term memory, so when both are receivedat the same time, the audience suffers fromoverload’ Advanced Presentations by Design (2008) Asgdhi sjdsdk djfkl lsksld • This is a bullet pointed list sdlsks kddloe lksdop eoekos • that contains the same information fkd ldkfo slkd dfklor mdldo • that the presenter is saying but lskso not making any impact • you‟re not listening because you‟re reading the • whilst your reading bullet points!
  34. 34. Using images doubles the recall rate “What technique can make twice as many people remember your idea? The difference in all the studies was the use of visual imagery. This is called the picture- superiority effect and has been well known for at least 40 years.”
  35. 35. Whatare the new guidelines?
  36. 36. Amplification through simplification
  37. 37. What were the key points?
  38. 38. What’s wrong with this slide?
  39. 39. 3 simple rules… One point per slide Clearly State what that one point is Illustrate that point
  40. 40. One point per slideExtra slides are free!
  41. 41. Clearly Statewhat that one point is
  42. 42. Headlines NOT Headings
  43. 43. Replace a heading with a headline…Create a news article Headline
  44. 44. Stuart Pearce’s Post-Match Interview England lost 3-2 to the Netherlands in a friendly as Arjen Robbens late winner halted a comeback that looked to have earned Pearces side a draw. But the emphasis will now turn to the search for Fabio Capellos replacement. "I would be confident taking the squad to the Euros, that wouldnt daunt me at all," said Pearce. "I dont think after that period I have the experience for the job. All Im doing is buying the Football Association some time. "The full-time manager of England at this moment in time is probably somebody else, not me."
  45. 45. 11 Words
  46. 46. 8 Words
  47. 47. Petrol PricesPetrol has been pushed up by oil prices, which haverisen in recent months due to tensions over Iransnuclear plans and unrest in the region.The weak pound has also been making oil, which isbought in US dollars, more expensive for Britishbuyers.The price of Brent crude oil hit a 43-month high onThursday, peaking at $128.40 a barrel in New York.The average price of diesel, which was already at anall-time high, continued to rise to 144.67p per litre,Experian Catalist said.
  48. 48. 5 Words
  49. 49. Everything we do is driven by SustainabilityCorporate Targets Sustainability Life Comfort Building Expectancy Regulations Energy Capital Running Energy Use Cost Cost Management MEP Design
  50. 50. We recommendAdiabatic Cooling (needs additional mechanical cooling)
  51. 51. Illustratethat point
  52. 52. Use AutoCAD Impression Tenant Comms Room Cooling
  53. 53. Use photo’s and images
  54. 54. Use photo’s and images Electrical SystemDiagrammatic
  55. 55. Highlight the conclusions of your data
  56. 56. These techniques result in ENGAGING Presentations Easier for Non- Get theTechnical Audience Message Faster Faster & Better Decision Making
  57. 57. The difference is clear… SwordsAfter…
  58. 58. Clear, simple and concise slides
  59. 59. A typical presentation
  60. 60. Illustrateyour point toEnhanceyour message
  61. 61. One surprising side-effect… Most peoplewill not want a copy of yourpresentation!
  62. 62. Parts 2 & 3 coming soon… Part 2 Presenting Your Data Part 3 Structuring Your Presentation
  63. 63. Let’s allstand out in 2012