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ASP.NET Core One Hour Makeover

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Notes and links: http://aka.ms/aspnetcore-makeover

The “out of the box” template has some lowest common denominator / simplicity tradeoffs that make it easy to understand and work with in a variety of scenarios, but there are lots of performance and deployment tweaks that experienced developers should make before deploying.

If you had one hour to tweak a new project, what would you do? I'll include some top open source libraries, best practices from ASP.NET Community Standup links, recommendations from the ASP.NET Core team, etc.

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ASP.NET Core One Hour Makeover

  1. 1. https://aka.ms/aspnetcore-makeover Notes and Links
  2. 2. Intro (goals/non-goals/what you'll learn) Pick The Right Starting Template Source Control and Solution Structure Front End Maintainability Performance SEO Making a Custom Template What we’ll cover
  3. 3. Pick the Right Starting Template
  4. 4. SPA Templates Web App Web API Blank Solution Starting Templates
  5. 5. Source Control and Solution Structure .gitignore .editorconfig global.json Project.Web Project.Tests
  6. 6. LibMan (or not?) Bootstrap Icon Font Front End { "version": "1.0", "defaultProvider": "cdnjs", "libraries": [ { "library": "jquery@3.3.1", "files": [ "jquery.min.js", "jquery.js", "jquery.min.map" ], "destination": "wwwroot/lib/jquery/dist" }, { "provider": "unpkg", "library": "bootstrap@4.1.3", "destination": "wwwroot/lib/bootstrap/", "files": [ "dist/css/bootstrap.css", "dist/css/bootstrap-grid.css", "dist/css/bootstrap-reboot.css", "dist/js/bootstrap.js" ] } ] }
  7. 7. Functional Tests Health Checks Maintainability
  8. 8. Know the checklist Response Compression Response Caching MiniProfiler Performance
  9. 9. SEO Dynamic sitemap.xml Lowercase URLs
  10. 10. Custom Templates
  11. 11. Make Your Own! > dotnet new add -i C:UsersJonsourcereposOneHourMakeover > dotnet new aspnetonehour { "$schema": "http://json.schemastore.org/template", "author": "Jon Galloway", "classifications": [ "ASP.NET Core", "Solution" ], "identity": "JonGalloway.AspNetCoreSolutionTemplateTemplate .CSharp", "name": "ASP.NET Core One Hour", "shortName": "aspnetonehour", "sourceName": "OneHour" } https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/tools/custom-templates
  12. 12. https://aka.ms/aspnetcore-makeover Notes and Links