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Employee      GrievancesPresented by :JONNALYN M. SANCHEZMAEd in Educational Management,[object Object]
Grievance Procedures,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]
Discipline procedure,[object Object],[object Object]
its goal is to help employees perform better; but if they fail to respond, a procedure is needed for firing them as a last resort,[object Object]
Grievance,[object Object],in unionized firms , it refers to any question by either the employer or the union regarding the interpretation of the collective bargaining agreement or company personnel policy or any claim by either party that the other party is in violation of any provision of the CBA or company personnel policy,[object Object]
Grievance,[object Object],in non- unionized firms , it defines as any discontent or sense of injustice, even criticisms that are never expressed by employees,[object Object]
Grievance,[object Object],referred to in Title VII- A of the Labor Code is a dispute or controversy between the employer and the collective bargaining agent arising from the interpretation or implementation of their CBA and/ or those arising from the interpretation or enforcement of company personnel policies, for the adjustment and resolution of which the parties have agreed to establish a machinery or a series of steps commencing from the lowest level of decision- making in the management hierarchy and usually terminating at the highest official of the company,[object Object]
Causes of Grievances,[object Object],1. Differing application and interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]
Causes of Grievances,[object Object],4. Grievances inspired by the Union leaders,[object Object],[object Object]
Some union representatives solicit grievances because they want to retain their position in the union.,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]
Grievance Procedures in Unionized Firms as Provided in their CBA,[object Object],1. The employee who has a grievance or claim shall submit this to his immediate supervisor.,[object Object],2. Submitting the grievance to the employee’s union representative.,[object Object]
Grievance Procedures in Unionized Firms as Provided in their CBA,[object Object],3. Appealing the grievance to the top management representative with the top union officials.,[object Object],4. Submitting the grievance to arbitration.,[object Object]
To reduce the grievances that are appealed, supervisors are encouraged to follow these recommendations:,[object Object],1. Receive and treat all complaints seriously and give the employee a full hearing. ,[object Object]
2.Get the fact by handling each case as though it may eventually result in arbitration. This can be done by checking very angle of the complaint, checking the provision of the existing CBA, the company policy, Examining the employee’s record.,[object Object]
3. Carefully examine all the evidence before making a decision. Avoid lengthy delays.,[object Object]
4. Follow- up to make sure the plan of action is properly carried out by means of correcting conditions which could result in a similar grievance happening again.,[object Object]
Responsibility of the Union Steward and Foreman in Handling Grievances,[object Object],Union stewards and foreman must see to it that grievances are presented only when there is real basis for complaint or there is a need for a decision. If the stewards are convinced that the worker does not have a real case, it is better to tell him right away.,[object Object]
Responsibility of the Union Steward and Foreman in Handling Grievances,[object Object],The foreman or supervisor on the other hand , should be trained in the human relation aspect of their jobs. They should be ready to listen first before they start debating with the employees.,[object Object]
Arbitration,[object Object],is a quasi- judicial process in which the parties agree to submit an unresolved dispute to a neutral third party for binding settlement.,[object Object]
Voluntary arbitration,[object Object],represents the final stage in the dispute resolution process,[object Object]
Scope of Voluntary Arbitration,[object Object],Unresolved Grievances arising from CBA .,[object Object],2. Unresolved grievances arising from personnel policy enforcement and interpretation including disciplinary cases.,[object Object]
Scope of Voluntary Arbitration,[object Object],3. Under Article 262 of the Labor Code, all other labor disputes including unfair labor practices and bargaining deadlocks may also be submitted to voluntary arbitration upon agreement of the parties,[object Object]
Scope of Voluntary Arbitration,[object Object],4. All unresolved wage distortion cases as a result of the application of the wage orders issued by any Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in establishments where there is collective bargaining agreement or recognized laborunion.,[object Object]
Scope of Voluntary Arbitration,[object Object],5. All unresolved disputes, grievance, or other matters arising from the interpretation and implementation of a productivity incentives program which remains unresolved within 20 calendar days from the time of the submission to labor management committees.,[object Object]
Voluntary Arbitrator,[object Object],defined as any person accredited by the National Conciliation and  Mediation Board, or anyone named or designated in the CBA by the parties, to act as their voluntary arbitrator.,[object Object]
Authority of an Arbitrator,[object Object],1. General Authority to investigate and hear the case upon notice of the parties and to render a decision based on the contract and record of the case.,[object Object]
Authority of an Arbitrator,[object Object],2. Incidental authority to perform all acts necessary to an adequate discharge of his duties and responsibilities like setting and conducting of hearing, attendance of witnesses and proof documents and other evidences, fact finding and other modes of discovery, reopening of hearing, etc.,[object Object]
Authority of an Arbitrator,[object Object],3. Special power in aid of his general contractual authority like the authority to determine arbitration of any particular dispute and to modify any provision of the existing agreement upon which a proposed change is submitted to arbitration.,[object Object]
Processing the Grievance,[object Object],1. Identification of the issue or issues involved,[object Object],2. Developing its factual basis or background.,[object Object],3. Determining the contract provisions involved.,[object Object],4. Evaluating the merits of the grievance in the light of the factual background and applicable rules.,[object Object],5. Working out a fair and just settlement.,[object Object]
Grievance Procedures in Non- unionized Firms,[object Object],1. Presentation of employee problem/s to the foreman or supervisor who is expected to settle the problem within the specified period.,[object Object]
Grievance Procedures in Non- unionized Firms,[object Object],2. If not satisfied, the employee can elevate the complaint to the next higher level to resolve the grievance.	,[object Object]
Grievance Procedures in Non- unionized Firms,[object Object],3. The problem or case may be taken to arbitration for final decision if no satisfactory solution has been reached by the above procedures.,[object Object]
The End!!!,[object Object]
Employee      grievances..ppt
Employee      grievances..ppt
Employee      grievances..ppt
Employee      grievances..ppt
Employee      grievances..ppt
Employee      grievances..ppt
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