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Wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection Security System

Solarbeam is a patented technology that provides stand-alone, wireless detection for perimeter intrusion, while providing an efficient and “cost effective” first line of defense. Solarbeam is solar-powered security for utility, airports, marinas, industrial, commercial, residential, and governmental facilities.

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Wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection Security System

  1. 1. WIRELESS  PERIMETER  INTRUSION     DETECTION  SYSTEM   • Solar  Powered   • Self-­‐Sustaining     • Ba4ery  Backed   • Ac9ve  Infrared  (IR)   • Reliable   • Durable   • Wireless  Connec9on     • Self-­‐Diagnosing       • Low  Maintenance   • Quick  and  Easy  Installa9on   • Automated  Messaging   • Layered  Security   The  Solarbeam™  System  will  send  text  messages  and  emails  to  alert  key  security   specialists  of  a  breach.     The  Solarbeam™  System  can  be  integrated  with  Customer’s  exis>ng  security   systems  that  have  cameras,  strobe  lights,  warning  devices  and  voice  deterrent   features  or  Solarbeam™  can  customize  and  add  these  features  to  its  base  system.   For  free  es>mates  contact:     Col.  Dennis  Daley  (Ret.)     Solarbeam  Interna>onal     daleygrp@gmail.com       ELECTRIC  UTILITIES     Mission  Cri6cal  Facili6es   and  Transmission     Substa6ons   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF   Joseph  Garcia   Dataremote,  Inc.       jgarcia@dataremote.com    
  2. 2. Physically  Protect  Transmission  Substa6ons  and  Other   Mission  Cri6cal  Facili6es   Reduce  Liability,  Risk  and  Loss  of  Revenue   •  Injury   o  Unauthorized  Access  and  Electrocu>on     •  Facility  Damage   2   Substa>on  Site     Use  of  Solar  Powered  Wireless  Solu6ons   o  Vandalism   o  Sabotage   o  TheR  of  Equipment   o  Copper  TheR   •  Stand-­‐Alone   •  Clean  Energy   •  Low  O&M  Costs   •  High  Reliability  and  Durability   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  3. 3. Solarbeam™    is  a  patented  technology  that  provides  stand-­‐alone,  wireless  detec>on  for   perimeter  intrusion,  while  providing  an  efficient  and  “cost  effec>ve”  first  line  of  defense.         Solar  powered  perimeter  security  for  u>li>es,  airports,  marinas,  ins>tu>onal,  commercial,   industrial  and  governmental  facili>es,  just  to  men>on  a  few!     AIRPORTS   CONSTRUCTION  SUBSTATIONS  CORRECTIONS  SCHOOLS  OIL  &  GAS  PARKS  POLICE  RESIDENTIAL   3   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  4. 4. •  Patented  Perimeter  Monitoring  System   •  Towers  can  be  placed  as  much  as  660’  apart   •  Breaking  the  beam  ini>ates  alert(s)   •  Provides  Ac>ve  Response  to  Perimeter  Viola>ons   •  System  tailored  to  the  level  of  security  required   •  Detects  physical  ac>on  viola>ng  IR  beam  paeerns     4   ADJUSTABLE          HEIGHTS   SINGLE  STACKED  BEAMS   DOUBLE  STACKED  BEAMS   DUAL  MICROWAVE   &  IR  BEAMS   IR  BEAMS  ARE  NOT   VISIBLE  TO  THE  EYE   QUAD  MILTI  IR  BEAM   HIGH/LOW  BEAMS   MICROWAVE  WITH  QUAD  IR   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  5. 5. •  Configure  Network  Opera>ons   Center  and/or  coordinate   integra>on  into  customer’s   exis>ng  security  system   •  Minimizing  cost  infrastructure   improvements  and  permiing   required  in  hard-­‐wired  systems   Requirements  for  installa6on   •  Only  a  pre-­‐cast  concrete  pad   •  Line-­‐of-­‐sight  between  towers  are  required  for  installa>on   5   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  6. 6. Solarbeam™  System  is  configurable  to  client’s  preference:   •  Direct  link  to  control  panel   •  Immediate  no>fica>ons  to  central  alarm  agency   •  Verbal  no>fica>on  to  guard  house   •  Text  messaging   •  Emails   •  Ac>va>on  of  camera  for  verifica>on   Further  integra6on  can  also  include:   •  Exis>ng  security  system  integra>on   •  Strobe  lights   •  Warning  devices   •  Voice  deterrent  system   6   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  7. 7. Computer  Monitor     Web  Interface     Radio  Communica6ons     Cellular  Communica6ons     •  Solarbeam™  SoRware  Program   •  CCTV  (Picture  in  Picture)     •  Internet  /  Upgradable   •  Complete  web  interface   •  No>fica>on   •  System  monitoring   •  To  remote  Loca>ons   •  Up  to  4  zones   •  Monthly  fees  apply     •  To  remote  Loca>ons   •  Up  to  4  zones   •  Monthly  fees  apply       7   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  8. 8. Solarbeam™    ac6ve  IR  beams  are  the  most  reliable  detec6on  technology   •  Immediate  detec>on  of  perimeter  viola>ons   •  Beam  extends  to  660’  line  of  sight     •  Far-­‐surpassing  other  baeery  powered     –  Beam  systems   –  Passive  detec>on  systems     Solarbeam™    towers  provide   •  Stronger  first-­‐line-­‐of-­‐defense   •  Op>onal  day/night  cameras  add  immediate  verifica>on   •  Integrate  into  any  exis>ng  alarm  or  monitoring  hardware   •  May  be  painted  to  match  surrounding  surfaces   8   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  9. 9. Housed  in  a  sealed  polycarbonate  tower  with  Lexan™    panels     System  construc6on  protects  from  insects,  debris,  and  South  Florida  climate     Internal  diagnos6cs  con6nually  monitor       •  Baeery  status   •  Supervisory  status   •  Beam  performance     •  Ensure  con>nuous  system  opera>on   9   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  10. 10. Low  Cost  per  Linear  Foot  &  Simplified  Terms   •  Comparable  in  cost  to  sta>c  fencing  or  fencing  with  razor-­‐wire  installed   –  Purchase   –  Lease  plans  available   •  Life>me  warranty  against  lightning  strikes   •  Full  one-­‐year  warranty  on  all  parts  and   components   •  Extended  warranty  and  service  plans  are   available  for  all  installa>ons     10     AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  11. 11. Joseph  Garcia  (305)  219-­‐1441  jgarcia@dataremote.com    for    DataRemote,  Inc.   Robert  Moses  (805)  339-­‐9739    rmoses@dataremote.com      19301  SW  106  Av;  Suite  6    Miami,  Florida    33157           DataRemote  Inc.  is  an  approved  and  cer>fied  Solarbeam™    distributor  for  installa>on  and  service  as  described  in   this  document.     TM   11   Solarbeam™  Interna6onal,  Inc.  is  the  licensed  manufacturer  under  a  broad  porqolio  of  full  u>lity  patents  which   recognize   this   innova>ve   solar-­‐powered   technology.   These   include,   but   are   not   limited   to   US   Patent   Numbers   6,774,790B1,  6,801,128B1,  7,301,457B2,  8,193,936  B2  and  Australian  Patent  Number  2006348679.  In  addi>on,  the   Solarbeam™   Patent   Plan   includes   pending   applica>ons   for   the   following   foreign   patents:   Canada-­‐App.   No.   2,735,732  and  European  Union-­‐App.  No.  06804118.5.     Dennis  Daley    (305)  245-­‐5854  daleygrp@gmail.com    for  Solarbeam™  Interna>onal,  Inc.   Bob  Houston,  CEO  (305)  245-­‐5854  bob@solarbeam.com    200  NE  2nd  Drive              Homestead,  FL  33030     www.dataremote.com     www.solarbeam.com     AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF