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Diagnostic Imaging Parts Company

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Your first and last stop for the highest quality, field tested diagnostic imaging replacement parts.

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Diagnostic Imaging Parts Company

  1. 1. Y O U R F I R S T A N D L A S T S T O P F O R T H E H I G H E S T Q U A L I T Y , F I E L D T E S T E D D I A G N O S T I C I M A G I N G R E P L A C E M E N T P A R T S . PhiGEM Parts is a diagnostic imaging parts company, specializing in Philips CT & X-Ray modalities and GE X-Ray modalities and are able to provide you with quality replacement parts at a fraction of OEM cost. Having been in the replacement parts business for 10 years, our people have witnessed the parts market evolve over time from a small niche market to its own industry.  BEYOND THE EXPECTED 10+ YEARS OF SERVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING REPLACEMENT PARTS.  We’re a small supplier with a global mindset, always ready to offer you swift response on anything you need to keep your medical imaging systems up and running whether it’s in stock or hard-to-find.  We stock diagnostic imaging parts for Philips and GE x-ray and Philips CT.  We are constantly adding to our stock for rad, flouro, mammo, cath and angio parts and of course Philips CT Parts.  585-2 Johnson Ave  Bohemia, NY 11716 http://www.phigemparts.com 347-985-1679 PhiGEM Parts Diagnostic Imaging Parts Company