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2013 NESA Raising the I-Child JT

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Presentation at NESA SEC April 2013 by Jeffrey Thomas of ISG-Jubail School

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2013 NESA Raising the I-Child JT

  1. 1. Raisingthe I-ChildSwimming through the 21st centuryTechnology Tsunami
  2. 2. Raising the I-Child in 2013:Swimming through the 21st centuryTechnology Tsunami Presentation 8 April 2013 NESA Spring Educators Conference Bangkok, Thailand Presenter: Jeffrey Thomas ICT Site Coordinator and classroom teacherat ISG-Jubail School, Saudi Arabia6/24/20132
  3. 3. The Great Wave of Technologyhttp://www.gelaskins.com/images/skins/86-TheGreatWave/110_KatsushikaHokusai_TheGreatWave_500-white.jpg6/24/20133
  4. 4. Young People Today! "The world is passing through troublingtimes. The young people of today thinkof nothing but themselves. They haveno reverence for parents or old age.They are impatient of all restraint. Theytalk as if they knew everything, andwhat passes for wisdom with us isfoolishness with them. As for the girls,they are forward, immodest andunladylike in speech, behavior anddress.” ~ Peter the Hermit, A.D. 1274.6/24/20134
  5. 5. Traditional WorriesEvery era worries about the fasterpace of society and its effect onchildrensocial interaction with peers andwith elderslearning: oral → written → googleconcentration vs. distractionworldviewadherence to traditionlanguage development6/24/20135
  6. 6. Ourlong-termgoals forourchildren 6/24/20136
  7. 7. 6/24/20137
  8. 8. Worries about Technology???????6/24/20138
  9. 9. Worries about TechnologyMedia?Pedagogy?Parenting?Age-appropriate?ContentContactCommercialism6/24/20139
  10. 10. 6/24/201310
  11. 11. 6/24/201311
  12. 12. 6/24/201312
  13. 13. What shall we do?Distractions6/24/201313
  14. 14. Can we Ride the Wave?6/24/201314
  15. 15. Adults often have anxieties about new media…is justnormalEverythingthat isalreadyin the worldwhen youare born:6/24/201315
  16. 16. Young People Today!Digital NativesSocializingCommunicatingCreatingPlayingExploringLearningImagesfromfosi.org6/24/201316
  17. 17. Who’s the Adult? We are Life Natives6/24/201317
  18. 18. Technology TsunamiOverwhelmingwaves ofInformationAnd Distraction6/24/201318
  19. 19. Alone Together6/24/201319
  20. 20. Alone Together Book by Prof. Sherry Turkle, longtimeresearcher of technology and culture Author of The Second Self: Computersand the Human Spirit (1984) Author of Life on the Screen: Identity inthe Age of the Internet (1995) Editor of The Inner History of Devices(2008)6/24/201320
  21. 21. Alone TogetherSherryTurkleIntroduction6/24/201321
  22. 22. Family Online Safety InstituteFosi.orgaplatformforgood.orgTechnology and safetyRules and guidelines?Identity theft and privacy?Stranger danger?6/24/201322
  23. 23. Research Survey ResultsU.S. Teenagers and parentsGaps:what kids think parents have said ordone vs. what parents say they havedone, particularly Twitter or FacebookBothperceive same about gaming, textingfeel generally safe online6/24/201323
  24. 24. 6/24/201324
  25. 25. Common Sense MediaCommonsense.orgVideo rules of theroad for parents inthe digital age6/24/201325
  26. 26. Common Sense MediaCommonsense.orgVideo rules of theroad for parents inthe digital age6/24/201326
  27. 27. Common Sense MediaTips for Parents1.Model good behavior2.Pay Attention3.Share our values4.Establish limits5.Keep a balance6.Make them accountable7.Find ways to say “Yes”6/24/201327http://www.commonsensemedia.org/
  28. 28. Childnet.comU.K. based websiteTip: be mindful of thethree C’sContentContactCommercialismKnowITall video series6/24/201328
  29. 29. Cybersmart.gov.auZippep’s Astro Circusgame for young childrenages 5-7Cybersmart Quiz forages 8-11For teenagers: theCloud: Dream On6/24/201329
  30. 30. Implications for SchoolAcceptable Use Policy thatincorporates socialnetworkingICT classes and digitalcitizenshipTeachers modeling goodbehaviorAttention Restoration Theory6/24/201330
  31. 31. Parents and TeachersClarify yourguidelinesAllow children toteach you – sharetheir onlineexperiences, learnwhat they do6/24/201331
  32. 32.  Facebook“Time-Out”CartoonfromTheNewYorkerMagazine08April20136/24/2013
  33. 33. Parents and Screen TimeGuidelines for use ofelectronic devices:Simple physical rules areeasiest:No devices after X hourNo devices in certainrooms / bedroom6/24/201333
  34. 34. RecommendationsHuman interactionAdults as guidesLearn the toolsGuidelinesAccountabilityBalance Screentime andLifetime6/24/201334
  35. 35. Resources, Works Cited Commonsensemedia.org Fosi.org Cybersmart.gov.au Childnet.com Alone Together (2012) by Sherry Turkle Networked: The new social operatingsystem (2012), by Rainie & Wellman The Shallows: what the internet is doing toour brains (2011) by Nicholas Carr6/24/201335