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Can we design organizations for beauty?

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The future is ours to imagine, design and create. And if we’re dreaming the future into being, why not dream of a future where business is beautiful. Where business delivers the promise of happiness. Where business is an incredible force for positive change in the world.

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Can we design organizations for beauty?

  1. Can we design organizations for beauty? @joyce_hostyn
  2. orc / mordor/ sarumon’s dark place
  3. “They could NOT make beautiful things.”
  4. We aren’t Orcs (even though sometimes we act like it)
  5. …shareholder value is the dumbest idea in the world. Shareholder value is a result, not a strategy...your main constituencies are your employees, your customers and your products. Jack Welch
  6. They could NOT make beautiful things.
  7. we need a new narrative for business
  8. Why is the language of business so sterile, so uninspiring and so relentlessly banal?... Customers, investors, taxpayers and policymakers believe there’s a hole in the soul of business. The only way for managers to change this fact, and regain the moral high ground, is to embrace what Socrates called the good, the just and the Gary Hamel beautiful.
  9. “Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one, where doing good really is good for business.”
  10. Here's to creating the greatest car company of the 21st century, and to making a real difference in the world, and to moving us off fucking oil as fast as possible. Elon Musk, Tesla 1.  Build sports car 2.  Use that money to build an affordable car 3.  Use that money to build an even more affordable car 4.  While doing above, also provide zeroemission electric-power generation options
  11. When I say ‘fool,’ I am talking about a company that embraces unconventional wisdom. Tom Gardner
  12. Bridge has the potential to create a minimum standard of education for every child in the world that is much higher than it is today. Hands-down, it is the most innovative company in the education space at the base of the pyramid and has created a model that will be studied and replicated by organizations across the world. I will be sad to leave, but I am optimistic that the company will change the world. Josh Weinstein
  13. “beautiful, meaningful and humane…” Handmade School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh, Architects: Anna Heringer, Eike Roswag
  14. the beautiful
  15. places we call beautiful are… the work of those rare architects with the humility to interrogate themselves adequately about their desires and the tenacity to translate their fleeting apprehensions of joy into logical plans – a combination that enables them to create environments that satisfy needs we never consciously new we even had. Alain de Botton Stefano Boeri’s Urban Vertical Forest: Bosco Verticale
  16. people at the center Procter & Gamble Olympics Mother's Day Ad
  17. powered by purpose
  18. product of deep integrity
  19. values-centered
  20. elegantly crafted
  21. loving of all stakeholders
  22. sustainably good WikiPearl™ draws inspiration from the magic of grape skins to eliminate plastic from foods and beverages. Revolutionary and delicious, WikiPearl™ is triply good -- good for the planet, good for you, and just plain good.
  23. community-centric
  24. emotionally resonate Now we look at prosthetics and don’t think of them just as technology solutions, but think of the problem of a missing limb and whether there is a way to incorporate design and the arts and human emotion into the solution. It invites us to see problems and solutions in an entirely different light. Scott Summit, Bespoke Innovations
  25. empowering heroes
  26. building connection The Born Friends Family Portrait , by Skype, www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nRKyQ11494
  27. delivering a promise of happiness illustration by Sunni Brown, Delivering Happiness
  28. forging lasting relationships I love Apple. I use multiple Apple products every day. I get excited to walk into Apple’s candy colored immaculate stores. I walk through the different sections enamored with each product. I could spend hours exploring each product’s nuances. Surprisingly enough though, my love of all things Apple wasn’t love at first sight; it was more like a seed planted that slowly grew… My love of all things Apple will continue to grow. I know this because the company is always reinventing its products in a way that makes the coolest thing you own even cooler! Erin Vogelsanger
  29. turning impossible into possible Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see. Muhammad Yunus
  30. making the world a better place Question for the Blue Monster Crowd: “Who owns the soul of Microsoft? Hugh McLeod
  31. To call a work of architecture or design beautiful is to recognize it as a rendition of values critical to our flourishing. Alain de Botton
  32. business can be a terrible force for evil
  33.  The very essence of capitalism is under threat as business is now seen as a personal wealth accumulator. We have to bring this world back to sanity and put the greater good ahead of self-interest. Paul Polman CEO of Unilever
  34. or an incredible force for good
  35. We owe our existence to innovation. We owe our prosperity to innovation… We owe our future to innovation… Innovation isn’t a fad – it’s the real deal, the only deal. our future no less than our past depends on innovation. Gary Hamel
  36. capitalism needs a brain and a soul Nancy Koehn
  37. for it’s the soul of business that keeps us moving forward as a society
  38. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital is unlike any hospital in the nation. We believe in a comprehensive health care experience that includes mind, body and spirit as essential elements in the healing process.
  39. Sanitary napkins produced in a “Small is Beautiful” model can deliver livelihood, hygiene and dignity to poor women, and help them strengthen society. A. Muruganandam
  40. …if we put customers first, other stakeholders will also benefit, as long as they’re willing to take the long-term view. And a long-term approach is essential for invention, because you’re going to have a lot of failures along the way. Jeff Bezos
  41. What is your organization saying?
  42. with its public space
  43. with its employee space Wish You Worked Here: Beautiful, Productive Office Spaces, HBR
  44. with its communications
  45. with its information beautiful information reduces violence by 50%
  46. with its meetings
  47. with its behaviours
  48. with its employee experience The world we see around us, countries and continents, have been built on the back of these signatures. The future too will be written on these signatures. Signatures of employees... Truth is, every employee is a hero.
  49. with its language How to make your business a better version of itself. Hugh McLeod
  50. with its stories The Scarecrow, Chipolte www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUtnas5ScSE
  51. with its products “Imagine your organization powered by technology that's beautiful, easy-touse, and designed to speed performance. Beauty as core competence drives Infor's UX”
  52. with its employee apps intranet can be beautiful … ‘beauty’ is not just about what it looks like, but in how it works, allowing employees to share knowledge… Beautiful Intranets
  53. with its innovations This is one of the most beautiful things I know. It's a plastic bag. And when I looked at it first, I thought, no, there's no beauty in that. Then I found out… if I put it into a filthy puddle or a stream filled with coliforms and all sorts of disgusting stuff, that that filthy water will migrate through the wall of the bag by osmosis and end up inside it as pure, potable drinking water. And all of a sudden, this plastic bag was extremely beautiful to me. Richard Seymour, How Beauty Feels
  54. with its packaging because the presentation was so lovely that I felt like I was being sent a gift to say thank you for supporting Who Made Your Pants
  55. with its footprint
  56. with its user experience … it'll begin "learning" immediately. Over the next seven days, Nest will collect data about the way you adjust your heating or cooling, and only then will it begin giving you smart feedback to help you conserve energy.
  57. through its service with its service experience
  58. signaling its empathy
  59. Beauty requires us to think in new ways
  60. It’s impossible to develop new styles of organization and management while continuing to think in old ways. Gareth Morgan image by Medi Belortaja
  61. Without a deeply felt – and a powerfully lived – sense of meaning, every business will devolve to what the investment banks became: machines engineered with relentless precision to destroy long-run value, often implosively so. Umair Haque
  62. Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question. e.e. cummings
  63. “At our core is the eternal question— what if? What if business applications were agile? What if users are experiencing a Today’s they were social? What renaissance of user-centric consumer if they were software— beautiful, engaging, and easybeautiful? What if applications such as Flipboard℠, to-use people worked the Instagram℠, Mint.com, and Facebook. With way they live?” in mind, Infor created Hook & Loop, an this internal creative think tank made up of more than 50 designers, information architects, and creative storytellers, all focused on creating the next generation of business applications for the next generation of business application users.
  64. What if you imagined the kind of city in which you’d like to live, and then designed a car for this ideal place? amorebeautifulquestion.com
  65. Can organizations be beautiful? Can organizational designs be beautiful? Is there a ‘designerly-ness’ to the process of organizational design? Are there overarching design concepts that can be described as beautiful? I think Shaker communities might be considered beautiful, not just because they created beautiful things but because of the simplicity of structure, clarity of purpose and thoughtfulness for every aspect of the experience. Tim Brown, IDEO
  66. what if? … leaders embraced truth, beauty and goodness as ideals worth striving for? … organizations mentored employees in designing the story of their life’s work ? … you imagined the kind of business that could win a Noble peace prize, and then designed it? … organizations were designed as epic narratives?
  67. how might we? … design organizations for beauty? … architect organizations for happiness? … make empathy an organizational core competency? … craft organizations as creative forces for positive change in their communities?
  68. Tomorrow’s management systems must give as much credence to such timeless human ideals as beauty, justice, community as they do to the traditional goals of efficiency, advantage, and profit. Gary Hamel The Connected Company, Dave Gray
  69. image by Michael Chimero
  70. is it beautiful?
  71. … if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. Buckminster Fuller
  72. And so perhaps that old trinity of Truth and Good and Beauty is not just the formal outworn formula it used to seem to us during our heady, materialistic youth. If the crests of these three trees join together, as the investigators and explorers used to affirm, and if the too obvious, too straight branches of Truth and Good are crushed or amputated and cannot reach the light—yet perhaps the whimsical, unpredictable, unexpected branches of Beauty will make their way through and soar up to that very place and in this way perform the work of all three. And in that case it was not a slip of the tongue for Dostoyevsky to say that “Beauty will save the world,” but a prophecy. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  73. When people talk about new forms of capitalism, this is what I have in mind: companies that show, in all transparency, that they are contributing to society, now and for many generations to come… Success will require courageous leadership. We will need companies that are prepared to march in the vanguard and pioneer new ways of working and build new business models. By doing so they will rebuild trust in business and, I am sure, grow profitably. Paul Polman, CEO Unilver
  74. Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. Andy Warhol
  75. what is beautiful is loved
  76. be an artist, an architect, a designer of beauty