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Lined Shapes Composition

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Explanation and Project Requirements for Intro to Art: Lined Shape challenge

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Lined Shapes Composition

  1. 1. Lined Shapes Composition REQUIREMENTS 1. Students must choose 2 DIFFERENT LINE style examples to combine in their composition (see notes) 1. DESIGN or DESIGNS must touch ALL FOUR (4) sides of the paper and show an OVERLAPPING of shapes at least 3 times. 1. COMPOSITION is FINISHED with either color pencil or marker techniques practiced from class (no white space showing) 1. 75% -25% RULE : 75% of your paper MUST be lined shapes, 25% will be NEGATIVE OPEN SPACE (not white space) Project’s Purpose: Making sure that each student is aware of the characteristics of LINE, it will be each individual’s responsibility to PROVE their UNDERSTANDING of how LINES work to CREATE different SHAPES and FORMS Equally important, is the fact that each class will be able to talk about “WHY THEIR IS A RELATIONSHIP” and “WHAT IS MEANT BY RELATIONSHIP” when talking about SHAPES / FORMS.