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Jd phillips 2015

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Controls Engineer

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Jd phillips 2015

  1. 1. Jim Phillips - Resume Page 1 of 5 J. D. Phillips PhillipsControls@hotmail.com Cell 858-926-9702 Last Updated – 12/21/2015 28+ years Industrial Controls Experience SCADA / PLC Automation Project Engineer & Manager PLC Controls System Designer and Programmer Controls Engineer / Consultant / Commission / Start-up Expert HMI Designer and Programmer I & C Design, Controls System Integrator Allen Bradley PLC Expert Wonderware Intouch Expert, Archestra – lite experience HMI Data Historian FTView Factory Talk Expert B.S. Electrical Engineer - Auburn Univ. ‘88 Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills U.S. Citizen - Will Travel – Intl / Domestic Experience with Yaskawa Servos, Fanuc Robotics Lite experience- SQL, AutoCad, C, C++, VB, OSI Monarch, OSI PI, SAP Summary / Objective A Senior Electrical Controls Electrical Engineer / Project Manager,w/ BSEE. Extensive experience as a Project Manager and PLC / HMI Automation Systems Integrator including 28+ years experience with HMI, SCADA, DCS, PLC Controls, panel / system design, programming, and start-up within a variety of industries and applications. My experience includes project & personnel management. I can manage, design, build, program and commission a new system or improve an existing system. I am open to any kind of perm or contract employment. Have passport – will travel…! EXPERIENCE Automation Services & Personnel, llc Global Assignments Jan 2012-Present Sr. Project Controls Engineer. Designed multiple PLC control and operation panels. Developed Allen Bradley Compact, Micro, 1756, 1747 PLCs , with RS Logix 5000 and Studio 5000 Logix, Studio 5000 View. Used DeviceNet, ControlNet, DNP3,Modbus, ProfiBus, and EtherNet communications. Developed FactoryTalk View SE HMI v7.0. Configured FactoryTalk Historian SE. Developed Wonderware HMI with Intouch and Archestra. Constructed and installed multiple NEMA 4X panels with plant interfacing communications and I/O. PLC panel and software interfaced with existing plant systems for supervisory status and control ( SCADA ). Designed and Retro-fitted control systems to conform with NEC, NFPA, and UL508. Provided fully commissioned and validated systems with training manuals. Managed vendor installation, purchasing, and scheduling. Project Manager for Ignition Automation Project: 2 years with integration of an Ignition Automation project with over 5,000 different OPC tag points monitoring an entire Nuclear Facility monitoring system. - Redundant Ignition Gateway implementation with Microsoft SQL historical storage with the Ignition SQL Bridge module and Reporting Module for quick sensor output modeling and tracking - Scheduling and delivering of critical plant processes and alerts utilizing SMTP mail servers and automatically generated PDF reports - Added custom Jython scripting to specific OPC tags for the purpose of unique sensor calculations for linear, logarithmic, and statistical analysis of plant monitoring and control - Developed custom interface designs to meet facility Operations and Maintenance needs and ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standards URS / Idaho National Lab ( INL ) D.O.E Idaho Falls, ID April 2011-Dec 2011 Sr. Project Controls Engineer / SME / Project Manager for D.O.E Project. Radioactive Waste Plant commissioning project. Developed and re-wrote Allen Bradley Factory Talk HMI and RSLogix 5000 PLC code, consulted on controls wiring design and modifications for multiple machines and processes. Managed vendor and local trades for plant start-up.
  2. 2. Jim Phillips - Resume Page 2 of 5 Lockheed Martin / D.O.E. Richland, WA. May 2010-April 2011 Sr. Power Substation Project Engineer / Manager for D.O.E Project. Designed and managed DCS SCADA projects for area 230KV/13.8KV substations ( 7 total ). Designed and managed fiber communications project for a new SCADA network. Configured C3-ILEX SCADA software and hardware for master and RTU to interface with new and existing substations. Designed RTU 125VDC and 24VDC wiring to interface with old and new substation relays, meters, PCB controls, and other substation I/O. New substation relays included SEL 2032, SEL x21, SEL x51, SEL x87, SEL x86, and others. Configured meter reporting for MW, MW-Hrs,KVAR,KVAR-Hrs,alarms, etc. Integrated new and old alarm Auto-Dialer. Integrated new and old mimic board software and hardware. Worked with local power company to integrate and commission new transfer-trip system. Supervised and approved substation relay tests, Hi-Pot tests, ground-grid tests, transformer tests, PCB - OCB tests. Managed test personnel, wrote and performed ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) for transfer-trip system and for SCADA system ( D.O.E. & W.E.R.C. requirement for substation commissioning ). Met with contractors, vendors, and D.O.E. weekly to manage and resolve new substation requirements and construction issues. Managed others to produce data storage, timed reporting, HMI screens, fiber network installation, SCADA system revisions, and network security. Automation Services & Personnel, Inc. Dublin, CA. Mar 2009-May 2010 Designed and managed projects for SCADA / MES system architecture and plant-floor control system architecture for food, beverage, government and chemical process clients. Configured Wonderware Intouch 10.1, Archestra IAS 3.0. servers with plant-wide Ethernet systems. Configured WW Information Server for Reporting, Data Historian, and for Web portal uses. Designed and configured Allen Bradley plant-floor controls communication and I/O systems. Designed and configured AB Sercos fiber networks for motion control (servos and drives). Subcontracted panel design and build, AB PLC programming, HMI screen development and ethernet networking consultants. Created proposals, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Quote (RFQs), BOM’s, Contracts, etc.. Managed and commissioned all projects from MES to plant I/O. Opti-Solar, Inc. Hayward,CA. July 08-Jan 09 Sr. PLC HMI Controls Engineer. Provided mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics electrical and software program trouble- shooting commissioning and maintenance support for all Solar Panel fabricating machines in plant. Machines included Allen Bradley PLC, Wonderware HMI, GE Fanuc Robotics & Yaskawa, stepper servos, AB variable frequency drives. Processor types were AB compactlogix, micrologix, and Controllogix, and Yaskawa. Communications supported were DeviceNet, ControlNet, Sercos, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, and Profibus. Configured data trends for most machines for operation diagnostics. Other projects included re-design, software programming, and Wonderware Intouch 9.5 and 10.1 template configurations with the Wonderware Archestra IAS 3.0. Programmed a plant-wide glass ID panel tracking system which included jam detection and bad sensor detection. Configured RSBatch / FTBatch for multiple process batch selections within Wonderware touch panel. Added analog and digital I/O for software and hardware improvements per process changes. Managed and directed efforts of junior engineers, electricians, and vendors. Provided cost estimates for new projects. Negotiated vendor contracts. Supervised I & C technicians. Directed efforts for in-house and vendor FAT and SAT tests. Con-Agra Foods Modesto, CA. May-June 08 Configured, programmed and commissioned multi-workstation SCADA system using Wonderware Archestra IAS 3.0 ( Industrial Application Server ) and Wonderware Intouch 10.0 with Allen Bradley 5563 PLC’s Controllogix v16. Configured and commissioned AB Kinetics 3000 / 6000. Allen Bradley PowerFlex 40P drives. with Enet 22E comm, other misc instruments / sensors. Managed / directed efforts of junior engineers, electricians, etc. Consulted on redesigns / retrofits of machinery and systems. Lawrence Livermore National Labs ( LLNL ) Livermore, CA May 07 – April 08 Sr. Controls Engineer D.O.E. Project - Designed, programmed and commissioned PLC-HMI projects with Allen Bradley 5556 PLCs. Used RSLogix 5000 (ControlLogix), RSNetworx for ControlNet & DeviceNet., RSView 32 HMI, Intouch Wonderware 9.5 HMI, and AMCI micro stepper motion controller for cryogenic experimental projects. L Clearance
  3. 3. Jim Phillips - Resume Page 3 of 5 US Gypsum ( USG ) Chicago IL May 06 – May 07 Sr. Controls Engineer Programmed and commissioned Allen Bradley 55xx PLCs. Used RSLogix 5000 (ControlLogix), RSNetworx for ControlNet & DeviceNet., Intouch Wonderware 9.5 HMI, & AB PowerFlex 700 Drives for new and existing plant additions. Supervised I & C technicians. Coordinated local trades. Instructed operators on PLC, HMI, and Drive trouble-shooting. KBM Kazakhstan March-April 2006 Commissioned a VRU ( Vapor Recovery Unit ) for an oil and gas separation process using Allen Bradley 5-04 PLC. Used RSView Studio-ME v4.0. Worked with process engineer for process direction for control features. Added / modified PLC and HMI code. Added / corrected field wiring. Added Russian language switch to HMI. Coordinated local trades. Instructed operators on PLC, HMI, operation and trouble-shooting. Corning Glass / Bechtel New York / Taiwan March 2005-Dec 2005 Sr. Controls Engineer Commissioned Glass making process using Allen Bradley PLCs and Drives. Used ControlLogix PLC’s, RS Networx for ControlNet & DeviceNet., RSLogix 5000, RSView Studio SE, AB KN3000, AB KN6000 , and AB 1336 Plus 2 Drives (w/ 1756-MO8SE w/ Sercos Fiber Ring). Supervised I & C technicians. Coordinated local trades. Instructed operators on PLC, HMI, and Drive trouble-shooting. Chevron Kazakhstan Nov 2004-Feb 2005 Senior I&C Engineer, Startup/Commissioning duties for the SGI/SGP Chevron Oil and Gas Plant; which included ESD/DCS/SCADA. TurboEnergy Services Washington, DC Jan 2004-Oct 2004 Turbine Commissioning Engineer PowerPac, TwinPac, MobilePac turbine commissioning and start-up of DCS / SCADA control system. Developed fuel- Air PID tuning algorithms and supervisory alerting systems. Designed panels and wiring per NFPA 79 for support equipment. Supervised I & C technicians. Performed testing and training. Automation Services and Personnel, llc. San Diego / Dublin, CA 1984- 2004 Designed, Installed, Programmed, Commissioned, Managed Projects, and Personnel with a variety of Allen Bradley DCS PLC, SCADA, HMI, servos, steppers, encoders, drives, etc. for the following companies. Mercedes, MBUSA Vance, AL Automotive International Paper Savanna Pulp & Paper M/R Systems Atlanta Water / Wastewater Hewlett-Packard Ireland Manufacturing / Packaging Precision Engine Controls San Diego / Thailand Turbine Controls Tiernan & Patrylo, Inc. Atlanta / Canada Manufacturing / Packaging Coca-Cola / Bechtel Ireland Batch Process Controls Mason & Hanger Lexington, KY. Manufacturing / Packaging Phillips Controls Tulsa, OK Food Process Energizer Vermont Manufacturing / Packaging E-PRO Consulting, Maine Power Substations / SCADA Dean Oliver International Atlanta Process Controls Boeing / NASA Cape Canaveral, FL System Design InControl Alabama Machine Design Philip-Morris Atl. / Richmond Manufacturing / Packaging General Motors / MCD Georgia Automotive Nastech-Torrington Vermont Manufacturing / Packaging Tech-Mation Scotland, U.K Manufacturing / Packaging
  4. 4. Jim Phillips - Resume Page 4 of 5 Whessoe-Coggins, Inc. Atlanta Ga./ Texas Process Controls Pepsi / Dynalogic, Inc. Detroit / Oakland Beverage Process & Packaging MSK, Inc. Illinois Machine Design Endicon Pharmaceutical N. Georgia Batch Process Pharmaceutical Industrial Energy Appl. Iowa Generator Applications Kuether & Assoc., Inc. Missouri Power Substations / SCADA Oglethorpe Power Co. Georgia Power Substations / SCADA Georgia Power Co. Georgia Power Substations / SCADA Key Word Search PLC, Allen Bradley, Factory Talk, ControlLogix, PLC5, SLC, MicroLogix, Modicon,GEFanuc, Omron, PanelBuilder, PanelView, PanelViewPlus, Wonderware ,InTouch Archestra IAS Industrial Application Server, MES Historian, SCADA HMI , RSView, RSView32/ME/SE, SCADA, MMI, HMI, RSSQL, RSLogix 5 / 500 / 5000, RSNetworx for ControlNet & DeviceNet, RSBatch, InBatch Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Temperature Sensors and Transmitters, Analysis (pH, SO2 and TDS), Gas sensors forSO2, NH3 and H2S, Process Control Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves, Gauges Factory Talk, FactoryTalk, I&C Design, Panel Design, Process Controls Design, Machine & Motion Controls Design, SQL and Access Database Interfacing for trending, and data storage reporting, Start-up and Commissioning Engineer / Lead / Director / Project Manager General Salary & Rates Contract / 1099 / W2: Domestic - US From home , $50 per hour, with travel to customer site as necessary, On-site, less than 18 months, $85 ph plus expenses, travel door-to-door On-site, greater than 18 months, $75 ph plus expenses, travel door-to-door International Negotiable $, expenses, travel door-to-door Permanent Most US locations, $120K, relo, Bens, 3 weeks vac, expenses Most California locations, $150K, relo, Bens, 3 weeks vac, expenses Prefer San Diego CA., or Asheville, NC. - provided salary/rate is above rent and taxes. San Francisco, CA, @ $160K
  5. 5. Jim Phillips - Resume Page 5 of 5 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities   Experience from a background of manufacturing, design or construction   Knowledge of process, utility and building control systems.   Knowledge of cGMP guidelines, experience in generation of controlled documents   Ability to edit engineering drawings and specifications.   Knowledge of ISA standards and practices for instrumentation.   Knowledge of PID control theories and techniques.   Knowledge of programmable logic controllers, and associated programming languages.   Knowledge of computer aided manufacturing automation.   Ability to operate the Siemens Apogee building management system   Ability to utilize SAP   Good organizational and time utilization skills.   Good interpersonal skills with an ability to interact well with a variety of personalities, discipline skills and educational levels.   Good written and verbal communication skills.   Ability to invest time in excess of an 8-hour day or 40-hour week to expedite or complete assignments as required.   Ability to comply with cGMP requirements (gowning, documentation, and procedures) for performing work within the manufacturing facility.   Working knowledge of PC based programs and systems.   Ability to work independently on routine tasks with no direct supervision.