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December Newsletter

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December Newsletter

  1. 1. CLEAN AIR ASIA INDIA NEWSLETTER AIR POLLUTION Chennai: Vehicle fumes, construction dust cause drop in Adyar air quality It's south Chennai's pride with its beaches and large institutional spaces that are considered green lungs. But air pollution levels in Adyar have been rising rapidly in the last seven years and may soon cross permissible levels. TNPCB officials say rise in vehicle population, commercialisation and construction are the main reasons for the increase. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12205 PUNE: Breathless? Blame it on temperature, trapped pollutants People living in Hadapsar, Katraj, Bhosari and Shivajinagar may be more susceptible to respiratory infections such as asthma and chronic bronchitis because the chill the city is currently experiencing has pushed air pollution levels to a new high in these places.The city continued to shiver with the minimum temperature at 7.4 degrees celsius . The levels of particulate matter less than or equal to 10 micrometer (PM10) has crossed the maximum permissible limits by more than 100% in Hadapsar, Katraj, Bhosari, Shivajinagar. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12206 Air pollution can increase autism risk in children A new study suggests that exposure to air pollution could increase the risk for autism among people who carry a genetic disposition for the neuro developmental disorder. Research shows that children with both the risk genotype and exposure to high air pollutant levels were at increased risk of autism spectrum disorder compared to those without the risk genotype and lower air pollution exposure. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12207
  2. 2. Methods to tackle air pollution around Golden Temple discussed To check pollutants affecting the Golden Temple, Punjab government has announced several measures, including setting up of Rs 1.50-crore air control monitoring station near the shrine. The station would not only monitor pollutants but would also help in checking their spread. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12208 SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT With diesel prices rising, petrol cars make a comeback The thumb rule, say experts, is that if the monthly running is less than 1,800 km, a petrol model would prove cheaper in the long run.At the launch of Maruti Suzuki's first multi-utility vehicle, Ertiga, last year, engineers at the country's largest automobile manufacturer cringed every time they were asked how hey thought the petrol version of the car would perform... The shift in consumer preference stemmed from government- backed subsidy on diesel which made it appear 30 per cent cheaper than petrol. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12209 When Chennai Central becomes the city’s transport hub Urban intermodal integration will become a reality at the station when Metro Rail becomes fully operational in a few years When the Metro Rail is ready to run, the Chennai Central station junction will be a classic case of urban intermodal integration. Nearly every form of public ground transport — buses and trains (suburban, inter-State and mass rapid transit system-MRTS) — will be linked to the Metro Rail station at Chennai Central. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12210
  3. 3. India to launch panic button on public transport Nearly a year after the infamous gang rape on a bus in Delhi, the Indian government is set to roll out GPS-linked panic buttons on public transport and a mobile app with a similar feature.There are already some mobile apps available for women's safety, such as Damini and Fightback, to name a few. What makes this program different and unique is that it's the first time the Indian government is directly involved in the process. While further details regarding this panic app will be released soon, it's safe to assume that with the government's direct involvement, there will be coordination between local police control rooms and users. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12211 KOLKATA: 600 new government buses to plug transport gap The state government is putting 632 swanky new buses on the road, under the JNNUM scheme, to plug the gap created by private buses pulling out of an unviable business. Around 100 of these buses have already been deployed on completely new routes under private management.Unlike the last time, this fleet of 'Omni buses' will be run by state transport undertakings. The government sees this as an opportunity to revive some 'profitable routes' that are non-operational now Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12212 CLIMATE Indore, Surat and Gorakhpur come up with climate change resilient plans They were among 10 Asian cities chosen by the US Rockefeller Foundation to devise plans aimed at making them resilient to the impact of climate change. With projects funded by the foundation, the three cities are ready with their plans which will they now start implementing. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12213
  4. 4. China says it is poorly prepared to fight impact of climate change China is poorly prepared to tackle the impact of climate change that presents a serious threat to the country, thanks to a lack of planning and public awareness. The world's most populous country already faces challenges from weather extremes, with 2,000 people dying on average each year since the 1990s in natural disasters that are set to get worse, China's powerful economic planning agency said. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12214 ENERGY Solar energy can meet energy requirements Eminent nuclear scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar said that to meet the twin objectives of controlling the current account deficit and fulfilling the energy requirements, India must take the Solar route."Our energy import bill is rising as the country is reeling under a current account deficit crisis. This is where Solar energy comes in. Everything is available here -- the equipment and technology," Kakodkar, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, said. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12215 Branded petrol, diesel set to turn cheaper Premium fuels including petrol and diesel, which can increase the efficiency (mileage) of your car by up to 2%, may soon turn affordable.The finance ministry is likely to slash duties on branded fuels, making premium petrol cheaper by Rs. 5 a litre and that of branded diesel by Rs. 2 a litre. These are typically used in high-end cars. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12216
  5. 5. INNOVATIVE EFFORTS Gurgaon: India’s first heritage transport museum opens From a boat that used to carry passengers across the Yamuna to a stylish 1924 Ford — vehicles that have become a part of the history and heritage of India went on display at the country’s first Heritage Transport Museum. The museum, which has been inspired by similar structures in London in the United Kingdom and Los Angeles in the US. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12217 Nasa app shows effects of climate change on Earth Nasa has launched a new app that gives users a glimpse into how climate change and natural disasters are quickly transforming the landscape of the Earth. Human activities, a changing climate and natural disasters are rapidly altering the face of our planet. Now, with Nasa's Images of Change iPad application, users can get an interactive before-and-after view of these changes. The app presents pairs or sets of images of places around the world that have changed dramatically. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12218 New smart device monitors pollution levels inside homes to keep you healthy The air quality sensor gives you the information you need, exactly when you need it, and that too while sitting in your homes. According to Techcrunch, Birdi, priced at nearly 99 dollars, can sense multiple environmental factors including temperature, CO2 level, carbon monoxide levels, as well as standard smoke. It also senses humidity and particle density, which is important in smoggy locales. It will notify you when it's out of power and all of the sensors connect to your phone via a contract-free web service. This means when the Birdi senses a problem you get a notification on your iOS or ndroid phone and you can track statistics over time.(ANI) Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12219
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL London's air pollution 'a forgotten crisis', says Policy Exchange Think tank Policy Exchange has published the minutes from their discussion on London's air pollution, which they warn is a public health crisis comparable with smoking tobacco. Poor air quality in London already causes an estimated 4,000 deaths per year, with strong links to respiratory and heart diseases. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12220 Air pollution stretches from Beijing to Shanghai, as seen from space NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of a long belt of smog stretching from Beijing (in the upper third of the image) to Shanghai (in the bottom right corner). That distance is roughly 1,200 km or about the distance from Boston, MA to Raleigh, NC. While smog and air pollution is fairly routine, it is less common to see smog stretch so far south. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12221 Improving the cost-benefit analysis of integrated PT, walking and cycling This research project developed an evaluation framework for estimating the cost-benefit analysis of integrating PT with walking and cycling. The research was based on a review of the available international evidence of public transport access and egress behavior. Where evidence was available, analysis of trip chains from the New Zealand Household Travel Survey highlighted patterns of public transport access and egress in a New Zealand context and, importantly, provided an indication of the mode shift and trip generation impacts of improved access to public transport. Read more: http://cleanairinitiative.org/portal/node/12222
  7. 7. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 93rd Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Omni Shoreham, and Washington Hilton hotels. The information-packed program will attract nearly 12,000 transportation professionals from around the world to Washington, D.C., January 12-16, 2014 Read more: http://www.trb.org/AnnualMeeting2014/AnnualMeeting2014.aspx The mission of the Clean Air Asia is to promote better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and other sectors. It was established in 2001 by ADB, the World Bank and USAID as part of a global initiative that also includes Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.