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Student Journey Maps

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This deck outlines our process for building Student Journey Maps. This presentation was delivered at the #PSEWEB Conference in Montreal, in July 2015.

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Student Journey Maps

  1. 1. Student Journey Maps JP Rains VP Strategy at Soshal @jp_rains
  2. 2. @jp_rainsJP Rains VP, Strategy at Soshal #PSEWEB Board Chair Former head of digital at Laurentian University
  3. 3. @jp_rainsStudent Journey Mapping • What is Student Journey Mapping? • How can you implement this process on campus? • How can you use this to improve your efforts?
  4. 4. What is a Student Journey Map?
  5. 5. @jp_rainsStudent Journey Mapping The student journey is arguably one of the most complex user mapping exercises, as it involves a significant number of stakeholders, concurrent processes, and spans over many years.
  6. 6. A map that tells the story of a student’s journey through the student life cycle (or a phase of it).
  7. 7. What is a Student Journey Map?
  8. 8. @jp_rainsElements of the Student Journey Map Personas (Ex: prospective students, alumni etc) 1. Goal(s) 2. Activities 3. Emotions 4. Barriers 5. Insights
  9. 9. @jp_rainsWhat is a Persona? • Prospect • Current Student • International Student • Alumni • Donor • Media • Researchers • Faculty • Staff • Government
  10. 10. What is a Goal?
  11. 11. @jp_rainsWhat is an Activity?
  12. 12. @jp_rainsWhat is an Emotion? “Everything is awesome! I think…” “I hope I don’t fail” “Starting to feel the stress!” “OMG” “No.”
  13. 13. @jp_rainsWhat is a Barrier? Professor Tobias Office Hours Mon ----- Tues ----- Weds ----- Thurs ----- Fri 9am - 9:30am ltobias@smu.edu
  14. 14. @jp_rainsWhat is an Insight? The insight we’ve gained and can apply. • Students have trouble finding programs because of the long list and confusing names. We should create a way to find programs that removes the complexity.
  15. 15. Your student experience needs to be better. Always.
  16. 16. How can you collect this information?
  17. 17. @jp_rainsCollecting data Qualitative Focus groups (students, staff, faculty) Logs of frequently asked questions Surveys 1 on 1 interviews
  18. 18. “Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I try to get it to tell stories.” Steven Levitt - Freakonomics Co-Author
  19. 19. @jp_rainsCollecting data Quantitative Google Analytics Analysis of inquiries from Social Media CRM data Institutional data
  20. 20. How can you use this to improve your efforts?
  21. 21. @jp_rainsUsing a Student Journey Map 1. Prioritize investments 2. Simplify the student journey 3. Appreciate the emotional state of students 4. Spread this information 5. Better understand other areas of the student journey
  22. 22. @jp_rainsUsing a Student Journey Map 6. Annual benchmarking 7. Creating new tools 8. Dispelling myths 9. Put students first 10. Avoid HIPPO decision making
  23. 23. Students are both our customer and our product. Let’s invest in them.
  24. 24. JP Rains VP, Strategy at Soshal jp.rains@soshal.ca @jp_rains