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Revelation Week 8 - The Wine of God's Wrath

This week explores what God's wrath looks like according to Revelation chapters 14-15. The podcast can be found at http://jrforasteros.com/podcasts/revelation-to-john/

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Revelation Week 8 - The Wine of God's Wrath

  1. 1. The Revelation to John Week 8– The Wine of God’s Wrath Welcome! Please take one of each of the papers laid out by the sink!
  2. 2. 7 Letters to 7 Churches (Revelation 1-3)
  3. 3. The Throne Room (Revelation 4-11)
  4. 4. Cosmic War(Revelation 12-22)
  5. 5. The Eternal Gospel?
  6. 6. The GospelFear God and give him glory, for thehour of his judgment has come; andworship him who made heaven andearth, the sea and the springs of water. -- Revelation 14:7 (NRS)
  7. 7. The Wine of FornicationFallen, fallen is Babylon the great! Shehas made all nations drink of the wineof the wrath of her fornication.”-- Revelation 14:8 (NRS)
  8. 8. Empire as Wrath
  9. 9. The Harvest
  10. 10. Jesus and Empire
  11. 11. The New Exodus
  12. 12. So What?
  13. 13. For Next WeekRead chapter 17-19:8.• Who are the two women? Compare and contrast them.• Attend the Whore’s funeral. Who’s mourning there? Who might be their modern day equivalents?