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BuzzFeed's 3 Tricks to Make Things Go Viral

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Laughter, secrets, and empathy.

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BuzzFeed's 3 Tricks to Make Things Go Viral

  2. 2. “BuzzFeed will simultaneously pretend that joy is an ever-renewable resource (‘13 Cute Kid Vines You’ll Watch Over and Over Again’) while also hinting that our stores of happiness are dangerously low and dwindling (‘13 Holidays You’ve Been Celebrating Totally Wrong’).” —Heather Havrilesky, The New York Times
  3. 3. 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity 30 Moments From 2012 That Everyone Can Enjoy 22 Dogs Who Are Just Really Excited to Be Dogs 26 Innocent Things That Will Make You Feel Filthy By Making Us Laugh
  4. 4. 22 Things You’re Doing Wrong 26 Innocent Things That Will Make You Feel Filthy 8 Facts You're Better Off Not Knowing 27 Nail Hacks for the Perfect DIY Manicure How to Make 5 Perfect Dinners for $10 Each By Telling Us a Secret
  5. 5. How to Piss Off Every New Yorker in 36 Seconds The 20 Most Unforgivable Twitter Spelling Mistakes A 20-Something Party vs. a 30-Something Party What You’re Really Thinking During Yoga Why You Really Shouldn’t Mess With Redheads 19 People Who Are Having a Way Worse Day Than You By Engendering Our Empathy
  6. 6. “Our responses are predetermined and mandatory. Each button suggests the appropriate emotional reaction. And there are no buttons inscribed with the word “sad” or ‘unsettling’ or ‘melancholy.’ Wisdom, in our modern world, may boil down to recognizing that LOL and fail and trashy and omg don’t actually represent different categories of human experience. —Heather Havrilesky, The New York Times
  7. 7. Let’s Make Your Thing Go Viral! hi@jonathanrick.com jonathanrick.com @jrick slideshare.net/jrick