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How to Think of Social Media

  1. HOW TO THINK OF SOCIAL MEDIA Jonathan Rick @jrick
  2. Before you entertain a social media strategy, you need a business strategy.
  3. When you think of social media… …don’t think of tactics.
  4. Don’t Think Of… …tactics and channels:
  5. When you think of social media… …think of strategies.
  6. Think of strategies:  Building brand loyalty  Responding to customers  Discovering advocates and detractors  Demonstrating thought leadership  Tracking industry trends  Attracting media attention  Generating leads  Recruiting employees and partners  Keeping colleagues up to date  Monitoring competitors  Securing search engine equity
  7. Thus, “social media” doesn’t refer to platforms, but to what those platforms enable: SOCIAL INTERACTIONS
  8. One More Thing
  9. Being socially savvy matters more than being media savvy.
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