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How robotic and machine learning are changing the future jobs

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Opening speech at Belgrade Job Fair 2017 at Zgrada Tehničkog fakulteta in Belgrade

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How robotic and machine learning are changing the future jobs

  1. 1. Job Fair. Belgrade. Since 1995. Namics. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH 2017 Jürg Stuker. Partner.
  2. 2. Robotics and machine learning are changing our future jobs.
  3. 3. Namics.4BELGRADE JOB FAIR Parternship of 29 Employees Frankfurt Hamburg Zurich Belgrade Munich Saint Gallen 250DEVELOPER 200CONSULTANTS 50CREATIVES
  4. 4. Namics.5BELGRADE JOB FAIR Digital Transformation Services E-Commerce Digital Communications Mobile Business Apps Digital Workplace Managed Services Customer Relationship Management Website & Portals DIGITAL EXPERIENCE DIGITAL BUSINESS DIGITAL ENTERPRISE & BRAND
  5. 5. The robots are coming!
  6. 6. Look at the facts.
  7. 7. Namics.10BELGRADE JOB FAIR Workforce in the agricultural sector in Switzerland (1870 - 2015) in ‘000 persons in % of employment Source: www.bfs.admin.ch, Avenir Suisse
  8. 8. In Switzerland each year, 15% of all jobs disappear.
  9. 9. In Switzerland each year, 15% of all jobs disappear. But even more jobs originate.
  10. 10. Between 2006 and 2016, 6.7m jobs were terminated and 7.3m started. In average: 70 000 new jobs per year.
  11. 11. Namics.14BELGRADE JOB FAIR General Qualification for University Entrance Source: www.bfs.admin.ch, Avenir Suisse Women Men
  12. 12. Namics. Source: https://medium.com/the-physics-arxiv-blog/the-face-recognition-algorithm-that-finally-outperforms-humans-2c567adbf7fc 15BELGRADE JOB FAIR Recognizing People in Pictures
  13. 13. Namics. Source: http://www.enlitic.com/ 16BELGRADE JOB FAIR Recognizing Cancer in X-ray Images
  14. 14. Namics.17BELGRADE JOB FAIR Which Jobs and How Many? Source: http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk
  15. 15. The Luddites were a group of English textile workers who destroyed weaving machinery as a form of protest. In 1811...
  16. 16. Politicians in the Swiss Canton of Geneva think about taxing self-checkout machines.
  17. 17. Namics.21BELGRADE JOB FAIR Who is winning? Source: www.bfs.admin.ch, Avenir Suisse Low qualification High qualification Medium qualification % of people employed (of total workforce)
  18. 18. One step backwards...
  19. 19. Namics. Source: www.mehrals0und1.ch 23BELGRADE JOB FAIR What has happened? Speech Writing Print Information
  20. 20. More and more is / gets digital!
  21. 21. Namics.25BELGRADE JOB FAIR What is happening (in tech)? Communication / Trust Machine Learning Robotics / IoT …
  22. 22. 78.6% of people younger than 30 think technology is creating jobs as opposed to destroying. Source: http://shaperssurvey.org/, WEF The Global Shapers Survey 2017
  23. 23. Namics. Behaviour 27BELGRADE JOB FAIR Digital Transformation Technology changes expectations, needs, requirements and behaviour of people. In turn, companies have to change at their core: Processes, organization, talent and culture need to adapt. This new behaviour influences which products and services are demanded. Offering Company
  24. 24. The automatable gets automated.
  25. 25. Human compentece!
  26. 26. Namics.BELGRADE JOB FAIR Focus on non-automatable - Filter competence - System thinking - Creativity and originality - Teamwork / social intelligence - Communication skills - Lifelong learning Source: Beat Döbeli Honegger. Mehr als 0 und 1 Schule in einer digitalisierten Welt. 2016.
  27. 27. - User Experience - Interdisciplinary Teams - Working in Time Boxes - Differentiated Income Models
  28. 28. Namics.33BELGRADE JOB FAIR What’s a “typical” Job? - Digital is part of most jobs - Part time work, flexible work hours and on many jobs - Including “platform work” (Gig Economy) - Revenue streams (and motivation) is differentiated - Young people are optimistic – with a reason
  29. 29. - Nov 7th 15.00h: Ivan Dugalić, Software Production @Namics - Red booth at the first floor of Faculty of Civil Engineering
  30. 30. Committed. Digital. Enduring. Reliable. Transparent. Curiosity. Dynamic. Interaction. Daring. Idea. Transformation. Clients. Success. Since 1995. Namics. @jstuker juerg.stuker@namics.com