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New York New York

The slumdogs of New York: remarkable images open a window into the squalor and deprivation endured by immigrant families in an unrecognisable 19th century America

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New York New York

  2. 2. Remarkable images open a window into thesqualorand deprivation endured by immigrantfamilies in an
  3. 3. Cold night on Mulberry Street, Manhatan
  4. 4. Harsh conditions for a young girl holding a baby
  5. 5. Shades of the Wild West on Mulberry Street,1887
  6. 6. Italian immigrant families on Jersey Street, New York
  7. 7. A dilapidated wooden shack surrounded by tenement buildings, 1896
  8. 8. Living on the edge on Bleecker Street
  9. 9. An Italian immigrant living under the Rivington Street dump
  10. 10. A man sorts through trash, 1890
  11. 11. A Bohemian family roll cigars at home,1890
  12. 12. A Native American, Mountain Eagle, and his family make handicrafts,1895
  13. 13. Prisoners at The Lock-Step Penitentiary on Blackwell’s Island,1890
  14. 14. Street children get a chance to read at a library, Henry Street,1900
  15. 15. Children play with barrels in Gothan Court, Cherry Street,1890
  16. 16. Teachers show primary school children how to plant seeds, 1900
  17. 17. New Yorkers enjoy the open space of the newly-planted Mulberry Bend Park, 1900
  18. 18. Football team posing at the West Side Playground, 68th Street, 1895
  19. 19. A grocery shop and post office, Mulberry Street in Little Italy,1890
  20. 20. Children play in front of Dewitt Church, 280 Rivington Street, 1890
  21. 21. Three girls jump rope on the rooftop playground of the Hebrew Institute
  22. 22. Children swim under the supervision of adults at public bath #10, at Hudson River
  23. 23. School boys play on the rooftop playground
  24. 24. Slumdweller children salute the Stars and Stripes and repeat the Oath of
  25. 25. Children of detained or waiting immigrants playing on the rooftop of Ellis Island
  26. 26. NEW YORK, NEW YORKWriten by John Kander and Fred EbbPerformed by Carey MulliganPiano played by Liz CaplanPHOTOGRAPHY Jacob RiisSOURCE htpp://www.dailymail.co.ukThe Slumdogs of New York