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QR Codes for Education

  1. What is black, white, and scanned all over?
  2. QR Codes • Novel • Mysterious • Engaging • Easy • Free
  3. QR Codes Across the Content Areas ou can find the video at this link: ttp:// feature=player_embedded&v=ayW032sKtj8#!
  4. QR Code Reader
  5. Personalized Learning tudent can decide if they want to review, expand, or investigate. R Codes an be accessed by hand held device, computer, tablet. R Codes keep Internet searches controlled and safe. R Codes track which students access codes.
  6. Station Directions ou can find the video at this link: ttp://
  7. Libraries Book Trailers Author Websites Student Recorded Reviews Virtual Tours
  8. Book trailers You can find this video at this link:
  9. Homework You can find this video at this link: You can also get free worksheets with the QR codes at the same link.
  10. Scavenger Hunt audioboo App Click these links for videos: audioboo for iphones recorded stories
  11. The Nurse, the Kid, and the Number Booth By: Shane, Sarah, Amanda, Jeff The Nurse, the Kid, and the Number Booth is a comedic play about a student at Central York High School, Charlie, who fakes sick to get out of a test he is worried about. While he is waiting for his turn to see the nurse, however, his karma comes back to get him. Nurse White. (To girl.) Oh my gosh! Let me get you inside real quick and fix you right up. (To Charlie.) Help with that trash can, please. Charlie. Er . . . okay. But I’m sick too. (Charlie takes the trashcan into the nurse’s office and after a few moments walks back out into the waiting room and sits on the bench again.) Nurse White. (Voice carrying from inside the office, talking to the girl.) You look awful! Why don’t you go lay down on that cot over there? (Opens the door and peers out at Charlie, who tries to look sick.) You look fine! What are you doing here? Charlie. I’m sick. (Coughs.) (The Nurse gives him a disbelieving look before walking back into her office to tend to the girl.) Charlie. Well you know the standard first come first serve! (Charlie gets up and paces in front of the office.
  12. “QR Code” + “education”
  13. Directions for making a QR Code 1. Type in 2. Copy the URL of a video or website. 3. Paste the URL in the white box. 4. Click on SHORTEN URL. 4. Click on DETAILS. 5. Right click on the QR Code. 6. Copy Image. 7. Paste in word document. 8. Change size, color, location. 9. Print.
  14. Shoot, Watch, Learn

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  4. audioboo for iphones recorded stories