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What if we collaborated?

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Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) 2016 - Keynote by Julie Lindsay
This PPT has been modified for sharing online - many audio and video files shared during the keynote have been removed.

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What if we collaborated?

  1. 1. What if we collaborated today? https://padlet.com/julielindsay/acce1
  2. 2. Join the global tweetchat Keynote and tweetchat – join in! • #ACCE2016 • #theglobaleducator #ACCE2016 | #theglobaleducator | @julielindsay | #flatconnections
  3. 3. My global journey @julielindsay
  4. 4. Kuwait
  5. 5. What keeps me awake at night?
  6. 6. https://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/111201180/
  7. 7. Collaborative learning “[C]ollaborative production is simple: no one person can take credit for what gets created, and the project could not come into being without the participation of many.” Clay Shirky, Here comes everybody
  8. 8. Pay it Forward……theglobaleducator.net We can always learn ‘about’ something however the goal for online (leading to global) collaboration is to learn ‘with’ others, build understanding together
  9. 9. Laurillard, D. (2012). Teaching as a design science: Building pedagogical patterns for learning and technology. New York, NY: Routledge.
  10. 10. Why collaboration? A digital imperative?
  11. 11. https://hbr.org/2016/03/work-in-the-future-will-fall-into-these-4-categories Skills for the future
  12. 12. To prepare all learners to be globally competent To provide a focus for digital and online technologies To create a new paradigm for modern learning To support glocalization Online global collaboration concepts
  13. 13. Teacher meeting to kick-start GC
  14. 14. Design, Implement and Manage 2
  15. 15. The Digiteen Project – Middle School Team formation, Handshakes Research Topics, Collaborative Google Doc Action Project Design and Implementation Celebration, Reflection, Sharing outcomes Enlightened digital citizenship model © Julie Lindsay 2016
  16. 16. Digital and Online Technologies 3
  17. 17. Agreed Expectations and Outcomes 5
  18. 18. Community Partners and Multiple Audiences 6
  19. 19. C Connect with China Collaborative
  20. 20. C Flat Connections Global Project
  21. 21. Student Autonomy in Learning 7
  22. 22. Peer-to-Peer Learning 8
  23. 23. The Flat Classroom Conference 2009 Stories of collaborative learning by design
  24. 24. The Flat Connections Conference 2014
  25. 25. Differentiation Accountability Visibility Networked participatory scholarship
  26. 26. Two types of communication to sustain global collaboration Traditional Learning Separated by Location Separated by Time Flat, Connected Learning Unified by the Internet Unified by asynchronous communication tools SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS
  27. 27. Synchronous online collaboration
  28. 28. Asynchronou s online collaboration
  29. 29. Ubiquity vs Control
  30. 30. “My students would come in the classroom and not say ‘what are we doing today’ but instead say ‘who are we talking to today’” Mali Bickley, Canada
  31. 31. Challenges to online global collaboration
  32. 32. The story of Helensvale State High…….
  33. 33. • What about my research Q? Have I shared this??
  34. 34. I think it’s both....I think the pedagogy’s there and I think the curriculum now needs to be developed and I think if we do develop a curriculum then that will help support all those teachers who would love to have a go and are perhaps not quite certain how to go about it and you know, the wonderful outcomes that can come from it.
  35. 35. I don’t see it that much as a curriculum, more as a pedagogy. I mean it’s a way, it’s another way of learning, it’s another way of learning with people who are not right next to you but who have a different perspective who have different things to offer.
  36. 36. I think it’s bigger, it’s more than a pedagogy, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a curriculum. I think global collaboration for me is a necessity for us to teach children the skills they need for the 21st century, like in my opinion it should be a non-negotiable.
  37. 37. “While good pedagogy should be the driver, pedagogy can be amplified and accelerated with technology: However the real revolution is not technology, it is global collaboration” Cameron Paterson, SHORE School, Sydney
  38. 38. Learners are the best textbook for each other
  39. 39. Level 1: Online interactions Level 2: Real encounters Level 3: Online learning Level 4: Communities of practice Level 5: Learning Collaboratives Blog posts, sharing artifacts online Skype, webinars, VC, online chat MOOCs, other distance education Global projects, specific outcomes Global collaborative communities Online Global Collaboration Taxonom
  40. 40. Online Global Collaboration Taxonom Level 1: Online interactions Level 2: Real encounters Level 3: Online learning Level 4: Communities of practice Level 5: Learning Collaboratives Blog posts, sharing artifacts online Skype, webinars, VC, online chat MOOCs, other distance education Global projects, specific outcomes Global collaborative communities Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous Asynchronous Asynchronous Synchronous Synchronous
  41. 41. Real time interactions……. Synchronous
  42. 42. #ChinaConnects Conversations! Asynchronous
  43. 43. Asynchronous
  44. 44. China to Australia Virtual tour while in China…..
  45. 45. The story of school leadership in a global community….. Air Quality app WeChat app
  46. 46. Learning Community The story of ETL523 How can our students collaborate?
  47. 47. Twitter hashtag feed http://twitter.com #ETL523
  48. 48. Team 5.2 A rare synchronous planning meeting
  49. 49. Team 5.2 - Asynchronous discussion on wiki
  50. 50. Collaborative team work - Wiki (Wikispaces) http://wikispaces.com
  51. 51. Become a global education leader…… ….a leader who ‘takes all the best practices in education and latest advances in technology and uses them to blaze new trails in teaching and learning that focus on connection and collaboration’ Teacherpreneur
  52. 52. © Julie Lindsay 2016
  53. 53. Who to connect with?
  54. 54. Where can you collaborate?
  55. 55. Philanthropic Engineering - www.philanthropic-engineering.org
  56. 56. This is Ann’s story • P. 125 • Norway to lesotho
  57. 57. What if we collaborated?
  58. 58. What if all learners collaborated?
  59. 59. What if we co-created solutions to world problems?
  60. 60. If you aren’t doing it, it’s not happening
  61. 61. The dawn of a new era….? We have the technology, we have the pedagogy, its time to connect the world!
  62. 62. Julie Lindsay Founder and CEO Flat Connections @julielindsay http://www.julielindsay.net http://flatconnections.com http://theglobaleducator.net #theglobaleducator