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Community Marketing

Presentation at Epitech, during the Docker Tour de France - 12/12/14

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Community Marketing

  1. 1. Community Marketing at Docker #dockertour By Julien Barbier, Sr Dir of Growth, Marketing & Community at Docker – 1h presentation at Epitech
  2. 2. About me • Julien Barbier {Epitech 2006.} • 2004-2008: Software engineer & Product Manager (Paris, France) • 2008-2012: Entrepreneur (Paris, France & Miami, FL) • Oct 2012-now: co-Founder of #while42 (International French Tech Engineers Network, 1500+ members in 30+ chapters around the World) • Oct 2012-now: Sr Director of Growth, Marketing & Community at Docker (ex-dotCloud, San Francisco, CA) • Contact me: julien@docker.com | @julienbarbier42
  3. 3. About Docker • Build, Ship and Run Any App, Anywhere • dotCloud, Founded my Solomon Hykes {Epitech 2006.}, in France (2008), and “relaunched” in SF (2010) • dotCloud released Docker open source, Mar 2013 • Huge traction since then, in both user and enterprise adoptions led to a pivot • Huge online and offline community • www.docker.com | @docker | @docker_fr
  4. 4. Docker Tour de France @ Epitech • 9:00 – Docker 101 /w Jerome Petazzoni | @jpetazzo • 11:00 – Community at Docker /w Julien Barbier | @julienbarbier42 • 13:30 – open Docker 3-day non-stop Hackathon /w Epitech & Docker Partners • Official hashtag #dockertour #dockertour
  5. 5. Community is the new marketing #dockertour • Community represents 80+% of our “Marketing” • Lower budget, Higher conversion rate vs traditional marketing Your product/brand is NOT what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is.
  6. 6. Community, TL;DR; • Community is like a network #dockertour • A community/network is as strong as the number of links between its members • IRL links are more precious than Online links • You do NOT own or control the community • It is NOT your community: you are part of it, you can influence it, but you do not own it • It is not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community • Your product/brand is not what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is. • Lower budget, Higher conversion rate vs traditional marketing • Communities everywhere! • At the end of the day everything is always about people
  7. 7. People, TL;DR; #dockertour
  8. 8. Track and monitor EVERYTHING • Track and measure EVERYTHING • If it is useless now, it WILL be useful later • Integrate tracking and metrics EVERYWHERE • Should be part of your product release cycles • Should be part of every offline & online marketing campaign • Measure the impact of every change, update, new feature, campaign, tweet, meetup, event, press release… • Be both HUMAN and DATA DRIVEN #dockertour
  9. 9. The San Francisco Docker VIP club • Jan 18, 2013: Initial commit • Closed source • Private presentations to startups by Solomon & Andrea • Word of mouth • “VIP” club on GitHub, by invitation only • Belonging, Self-Esteem • Mar 20, 2013: the project leeks on Hacker News • Hits front page & #1 • 15K visits in a day • Huge interest from the HN community #dockertour
  10. 10. Hacking Hacker News 1/3 • HN = Tech early adopters • Use / Create tools for monitoring • Reminder: Track EVERYTHING • If the tool does not exist, create it! • Track your company and product & join the conversation as soon as possible • And track competitors too! • www.hnwatcher.com • Upvote and get to the front page • More traffic and brand awareness • Join the conversation as soon as possible • Your product/brand is not what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is • Create and/or Post Content that this community like • It is about what you can do for your community #dockertour
  11. 11. Hacking Hacker News 2/3 • Timing is important • Experiment • And track + document • Target different groups of people by posting at different times Source: http://blog.itlater.com/whats-the-best-time-to-post-to-hackernews/ #dockertour
  12. 12. Hacking Hacker News 3/3 • Do not post obvious marketing content • Remember: you are here to help this community • Post in other social networks BEFORE • You will get more upvotes due to community posts • Belonging, Recognition • If it’s good content and if it does not work, Recycle! • Try same blog post but with a different URL • Try with different format • Blog post, Gist, Slideshare presentation, Youtube video, e-book, … • Help the Docker community • It is about what you can do for your community • Upvote and post their content too! • Recognition, Respect, Love • Add more links to your community • More brand awareness #dockertour
  13. 13. The social network strategy • Tips from HN strategy are true here too (cf previous 3 slides) • Be everywhere! • Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Slideshare, Youtube, GitHub, Stack Overflow… • But do know where to put more efforts when you do not have enough time (track & measure!) • Use the specificity of each social network • Different users, different features, different post previews, etc… • Join the conversation as soon as possible • Your product is not what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is -> you want to be part of this conversation! • Identify leaders / influencers on each social media #dockertour
  14. 14. Twitter tips of the day • Include authors & companies handles in your tweets • Recognition, Respect, Love • Add more links to your community • -> More RTs -> More reach -> even more links for your community + recognition for authors • NOTE: this is true for your team too! • Your team is a community • Everything is a community! • NOTE2: this is true for journalists too! • Everything is a community! • NOTE3: this is true for partners too! • Everything is a community! • It is ok to post several times #dockertour
  15. 15. Twitter love + belonging example #dockertour
  16. 16. Which twitter account should I use? • Founder: 5K followers • Company / product / brand: 500 followers • Who should post product releases, news & co? • Brand! • Build your company brand first! • Build your company’s community (vs founder’s community) • Be careful of Ego / Personal branding • The founder may leave, but the brand will stay • You don’t want the community to leave with the founder #dockertour • Have the founder(s) RT the company tweet • Your logo is (theoretically) more eye-catchy & recognizable than your founder’s picture in a twitter stream
  17. 17. Social Networks: more tips 1/2 #dockertour • Post / RT your community’s content (blog post, articles, videos, …) • It is your way to say thank you • It is about what you can do for your community • Belonging, Recognition, Respect, Love • Add more links to your community • Encourages them to write more • Do the same for every social media • Use specificity • Don’t be lazy! • Do NOT use automatic / auto-posts tools • Do NOT use AddThis (or equivalent buttons) on your blog and websites -> terrible branding!
  18. 18. Social Networks: more tips 2/2 • Include Photos / pictures in your articles • Or even better: Use Open Graph or equivalent (ogp.me) • -> More reach! (min 30% more clicks when you have a picture) #dockertour BAD GOOD
  19. 19. Social Network: tracking tools • Use the right tools • It does not have to be fancy or expensive • What we use at Docker for Social Networks (& web) • Mention.net • HNWatcher.com • Twitter.com • (+ Google News for press) • Forget about Google Alert, it does NOT work • Track EVERYTHING
  20. 20. Content strategy • Write good content, unique & relevant • Write content your community wants to read • It is about what you can do for your community • Target likely amplifiers! • Forget about your SEO magic tricks • It does not work in the long run • Encourage your community to build content • Say thank you, repost, post, upvote, RT, include them in your newsletter, itw them, … • Belonging, Recognition, Respect, Love • Your team is your community too! • Say thank you, gamify, hall of fame, tweet, post, recycle, etc… • Belonging, Recognition, Respect, Love #dockertour
  21. 21. Google search auto complete • This is what your community is looking for • Free tool! • Automate: http://keywordtool.io/ #dockertour
  22. 22. Buzzsumo • Find out what content did buzz on social medias #dockertour
  23. 23. Why IRL community is so important • Community is like a network • Adds more link to your network • IRL links are more precious than Online links • It is all about people, so you want to meet them and build a stronger relationship • People like meeting other people to talk about ideas, problems, discover new tricks, etc... • Belonging, Self Actualization • A “meetup” visitor has more “value” than a website visitor • More engaged • More likely to stick with the product • Actually more likely to stick with YOU, the person they have just met • It is all about people • Use IRL as many times as possible • Mix formats • Regular meetups, Panels, Hack day, Hackathon, etc… • Provide Food + Drinks + Wifi! :) #dockertour
  24. 24. Start small, and scale • Target meetups in your area • Target by topics, competitors, & attendees personas • Hijack competitors’ meetups • Try to get a team member to talk (lightning talks) • Meetup co-organizers are looking for content help your community • Create your own meetup group • Can be in your office • Treat the first members with care and love • A first meetup /w 5 ppl is already a lot! • Invite ppl from your community to co-organize / speak • It is what you can do for your community • Adds more links • Scale yourself • Create second, third group where your team can go • Help your community build your community • See next slide • It does take more time and effort to grow the Offline community #dockertour Be sure to track this too! RSVPs Attendees Members of local groups Feedback (online/offline, surveys)
  25. 25. Help the community build the community! • Help Meetup (co-)organizers with • Best practices • Updates on the product & messaging + Content • Your product/brand is not what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is • Tools • SWAG • Tee-shirts • Stickers • Invite users to speak • People love to hear real life stories • Your product/brand is not what you say it is. It is what THEY say it is • Users love to speak (Recognition, Mastery, Self-Esteem) • Don’t make it a sales event! • It should be about the community first • Help them promote their event • Event page • Twitter and co • Newsletter • Love, Recognition, Belonging
  26. 26. Bring IRL back online • Adds more link to your community • Tweet about IRL events • Quotes, photos (tag ppl -> love!), numbers, interesting facts, etc… • Follow up with emailing / survey • Say thank you (send love!) • No sales speech • Add content they care about (it is about helping your community) • Include links to presentations they just saw • Include links to anything that could answer their questions • Include a link to your newsletter and / or online tutorial… #dockertour
  27. 27. Bring online back to IRL • Adds more link to your community • IRL links are more precious than Online links • Add a page with the upcoming meetups and events • Include meetups and events calendar in your newsletter • Use twitter and co to inform people about the next event • Find any excuse to invite people to meet you • Regular meetup • Giving a talk at a conference • Panel • Celebration • Big news, Announcements, Previews, Proposals… • Hack day • Hackathon • Product update
  28. 28. Docker Global Hack Day • 1500+ attendees, in 30+ cities around the world • Includes both Online & Offline communities • More links! • Belonging • Each meetup group provides a (safe) venue + food + drinks + wifi • Main event in SF was broadcasted live • 2500+ views in 64 different countries • Recorded -> great content we then did post on social networks and co • Preview of 3 proposals • Self actualization • And get feedback from the community • 4 Partners involved (MSFT Azure, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Online Labs) • Partners are part of your community (everything is a community, give love to your partners too) • 1 customer involved • How Docker is used at Yelp (Achievement Mastery Recognition Respect for the speaker) • People hack on Docker • They have to submit title + video + description -> great content • Best hack wins tickets to DockerCon Europe • DockerCon sold out, this is the only way to get tickets (Achievement Mastery Recognition Respect) • The community votes on social networks for the winner
  29. 29. Show the example • Show the example • Pre-brief co-organizers #dockertour
  30. 30. The voting page • 36 projects submitted • Tweet to vote! • Add team twitter handles in the tweet! • Recognition, Love • Reach on Twitter: 3M+ • https://docker.com/community/globalhackday
  31. 31. End result • This was super FUN • Huge reach & noise everywhere • So much that press already referred and linked to content in several articles. (more SEO) • Thousands of tweets around Docker • And Docker Global Hack Day • Great position + Messaging was out and buzzing • Great feedback from the community • Great content was built • The whole Maslow pyramid was covered • We strengthened the community • Co-organizers • Hackers • Partners • Users • Online community • Community is happy • And winners will be super happy • They also wrote blog posts referring our content (more traffic + SEO) • Partners are happy • They also built content referring our content (more traffic + SEO)
  32. 32. Thank you! • Any questions? • Ping me to chat more about Community, Marketing and Growth Hacking: • julien@docker.com • @julienbarbier42 #dockertour