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Field Study 3 Episode 6

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Field Study Episode 6 Slideshow Biz (Slide Presentation)

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Field Study 3 Episode 6

  1. 1. SLIDESHOW BIZ (Slide Presentation) Name of FS Student _Deliman, Jundel L.__________________________________________ Course _Bachelor of Secondary Education________________________ Year & Section _II__ Resource Teacher _Mary Juliet Doño __________ Signature ___________ Date _02-22-16__ Cooperating School _JH Cerilles State College______________________________________ My Performance (How I Will Be Rated) Field Study 3 Episode 6 - Slideshow Biz (Slide Presentation) Focused on: Developing and utilizing materials (slide presentations) which involve students in meaningful learning. Tasks Exemplary 4 Superior 3 Satisfactory 2 Unsatisfactory 1 Observation/Documentation 4 3 2 1 My Analysis 4 3 2 1 My Reflection 4 3 2 1 My Portfolio 4 3 2 1 Submission 4 3 2 1 Sub Totals { Over-all Score Rating: (Based on transmutation) _______________________ Signature of FS Teacher above Printed Name _______________________ Date Transmutation of score to grade/rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 - 1.0 - 99 12-13 - 2.50 - 81 18-19 - 1.25 - 96 11 - 2.75 - 78 17 - 1.5 - 93 10 - 3.00 - 75 16 - 1.75 - 90 8-9 - 3.5 - 72 and 15 - 2.00 - 87 7-below - 5.00 - below 14 - 2.25 - 84
  2. 2. My Tools As you prepare your slide presentation, use the activity form below. Title of my Presentation: Different Kinds of Quadrilaterals Objectives: a. Identify different kinds of quadrilaterals; b. Illustrate different kinds of quadrilaterals; and c. Compare and contrast the different kinds of quadrilaterals Subject Matter/Topic: Kinds of quadrilaterals, Grade 9 Enhancements (Check appropriate boxes): Graphics Music Hyperlinks Animations Voice Narration Others, please specify Sound Effects Stylish Fonts _________ Description of Appropriate Use: The following presentation is presented in kiosk mode. You can’t use arrow keys to proceed to the next slide but rather you have to wait or click next or back button for you to proceed to the next slide. Presentation Storyboard:     
  3. 3. My Analysis After working on your slide presentation, answer the following questions: What are the good features of a slide presentation? According to experts, a good slide presentation must possess the following features: 1. 6-7 standard – every slide must have 7 lines and every line must have 6 words in it. 2. Clarity – fonts used must be clear to viewers. 3. Must possess important details – details must be chosen properly. 4. Possess animation (just simple) – simple animations will prevent boredom in the class. Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made? As I evaluate my presentation, it possesses the following: 1. Clear fonts and effects. 2. Present important facts and information. 3. Have animations 4. Let students interact on the presentation because they are involved in the presentation. 5. Well-organized presentation. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? Basing on my evaluation, I don’t follow the 6-7 standard of making presentation. Every slide is very much crowded compared to the standard one. But even though it’s not the standard, the information presented is clear to the students and they will surely learn from it.
  4. 4. Reflections 1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you overcome them? In making the slide presentation, I need to carefully plan every slides. Since I set my presentation into kiosk mode, then I need to set appropriate timing and delay. I also need to set proper hyperlink in order that when students click the “next” and “back” button it will lead to the appropriate slide where I intended it to lead.
  5. 5. My Portfolio Attached a CD containing the following: 1. An electronic copy of your presentation here. 2. A collection of downloaded slide presentations, slide templates, clip arts, fonts that may be useful for you in the future. (Be sure to paste a listing of the contents of the CD on this page too.)