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Content Marketing for Events

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Joe Pulizzi's presentation at IAEE Expo Expo regarding how to leverage content marketing to drive attendee signups and additional revenue opportunities.

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Content Marketing for Events

  1. @juntajoeJoe Pulizzi (@juntajoe)Founder, Content Marketing Institute andContent Marketing WorldCo-Author, Get Content Get Customersand Managing Content Marketing
  2. @juntajoeMY STORY
  3. @juntajoe TODAY’S AGENDA• Move Fast• Touch on Content Marketing• Our Event Model and Content• Content Activities that Work for Us and Can Work for You• Q&A
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  7. @juntajoe Search EngineSocial Media Optimization Content Marketing Lead Generation
  8. @juntajoePhoto courtesy WebMarketingPros.com
  9. @juntajoehttp://contentmarketinginstitute.com/research
  10. @juntajoeWHY IS THIS IMPORTANT FOR EVENTS? Our Marketing is Fueled by Our Attendees, Speakers and Subscribers
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  22. @juntajoe
  23. @juntajoeA Rising Tide Lifts All Ships
  24. @juntajoe
  25. @juntajoeDefine Your Hit List of Influencers
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  29. @juntajoe• Well over 15,000 mentions of #cmworld throughout the year.• Actively respond!
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  33. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  34. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  35. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  36. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  37. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  38. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
  39. @juntajoe50,000 followers/fans
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  41. @juntajoe• Last five years – over 300 different guest posts, interviews or webinars
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  45. @juntajoe NOTE: Easier to sell content inother forms by repackaging instead of direct content sales.
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  51. @juntajoe Get Uncomfortable: If you don’t feel likeyou are going to run off the road, you are not driving fast enough. http://taylordowns.com
  52. @juntajoe Joe Pulizzi joe@contentinstitute.com • @juntajoe on TwitterWeek of Sept. 9, 2013 CLEVELAND, OH