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Some speakers worried that powerful 10 Overriding Themes from SXSW (March 2014)

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Some speakers worried that powerful Internet providers will charge content providers for
transmitting their data via faster pipes, just as consumers pay higher fees for faster
Several speakers brought up the recent agreement that Netflix
made with Comcast, agreeing to pay for faster and more
reliable access to the Internet service provider’s customers. As
part of the deal, Netflix gains access to a wider, faster “pipe.”
In an attempt to raise public awareness of the risks of a fee-based
Internet, a coalition of nonprofits created The Internet Must Go, a
mockumentary that outlines the consequences of a tiered Internet
for both consumers and content providers.
We take for granted that the open Internet is here to stay, but that isn’t
the case. There are four major ISPs in the U.S. that function with power
that is a lot like monopoly power. … There’s not really anything preventing them
from doing whatever they want as far as what’s going through their pipes.”
—GENA KONSTANTINAKOS, director, The Internet Must Go,
quoted in The Washington Post

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