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In the wake of Snowden’s revelations about government spying, some countries are sealing
their data off by rerouting Internet traffic, bypassing any servers to which the NSA or other
governments might have access. This could result in a balkanization or fragmentation of
the Internet, with different countries owning different parts.
In February, Brazil and the EU announced plans
for an undersea communications cable that will
connect Europe with Brazil, providing a direct
route for Internet traffic that bypasses the U.S.
We’re worried that not only will the balkanization
occur, but gradually in a way that no one notices it.”
—ERIC SCHMIDT, executive chairman, Google
SXSW ’14
In Switzerland, the telecom Swisscom
is building Swiss Cloud, a cloud system
that hosts data within Swiss borders,
protecting it from access by other
Germany and Brazil are developing
national Internet solutions that allow
certain communications to be hosted
entirely within the country’s borders.

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