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Wearables have focused on delivering 10 Overriding Themes from SXSW (March 2014)

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Wearables have focused on delivering functional benefits, with design frequently an
afterthought. Now they’re getting more fashionable, adding appeal for users looking to
express their style. Fitbit is launching a partnership with fashion designer Tory Burch,
while Intel announced it will collaborate with high-end apparel retailer Opening Ceremony
to create a wearable device.
While the practical applications may be questionable, Dutch designer Pauline
van Dongen showcased her Wearable Solar project, a line of apparel with
built-in solar panels that let users charge their electronic devices.
Wearables bring questions of design to a level that’s orders of magnitude
beyond anything the technology industry has ever faced. … Wearables are
more like clothing than gadgets, and there are literally millions of clothing designs to
meet people’s varying fashion tastes.”
—BOB O’DONNELL, founder and chief analyst, TECHnalysis Research,
Quoted in USA Today
At SXSW, Misfit Wearables distributed a limited number of
its Shine fitness trackers, which can be worn as jewelry.

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