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The Oculus Rift is a headset that immerses people in a virtual world. While not yet on the
market, the much-hyped device—one of our Things to Watch for 2014—was prominent at
SXSW. As we point out in our 10 Trends for 2014 and Beyond, it’s part of a trend toward
creating more immersive and altogether more enveloping experiences for consumers.
Image credits: Morning Dailies; Nerd Approved; Will Palley; AdrenalineXT9001
At the Microsoft Studio, visitors
wearing an Oculus Rift could see 360-
degree images of themselves in
digitally generated landscapes.
Participants were also recorded
performing an action, and the footage
was integrated into the digital
To promote the new season of Game of Thrones,
HBO created “Ascend the Wall”: Visitors
stepped into an elevator-like cage, donned an
Oculus Rift and headphones, and then virtually
took a rickety elevator up the 700-foot ice wall
featured in the show and peeked over it. Added
effects—shaking and wind blowing—added to the
immersive nature of the experience.
On the exhibition floor, University
of Michigan students used a
Nintendo Wii controller and an
Oculus Rift to create an immersive
experience of flying on a broomstick
in a Harry Potter video game.

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