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Our reliance on digital devices 10 Overriding Themes from SXSW (March 2014)

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Our reliance on digital devices and tools has prompted many to question the impact on our
mental and intellectual abilities. Are we developing “digital dementia,” a declining ability
to remember and think? As our reliance on technology grows, we will wrestle with the
question of whether technology is making us smarter or stupider. Education will
increasingly emphasize surfacing and analyzing information rather than remembering it.
It’s not about getting the computer to do
stuff for you. It’s about using the computer as
an extension of your brain.”
SXSW ’14
There’s been a bunch of books over the last
five or six years saying, ‘We’re getting
dumber! We can’t pay attention to anything! We’re
getting stupider!’ Frankly, it didn’t correspond to my
view of reality. The Internet allows us … to learn
about things in new ways. We learn about things we
never could have learned about before.”
Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better,
quoted in Complex

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