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I like the idea of ditching ‘Interactive’—it's too limiting, even for
digital-focused topics. What’s not interactive anymore? SXSW has
become so large and all-encompassing that it’s now seen as a way
to gain awareness for key issues several steps removed from the original
focus of Web 2.0. … Now, who volunteers to come up with a new name?”
—SUNNI THOMPSON, associate digital strategy director, JWT Atlanta
With thousands of sessions, a packed exhibit hall floor, hundreds of party and
networking opportunities, and dozens of ancillary activities, this year’s SXSW
Interactive, which took place March 7-11 in Austin, Texas, was a place ripe for
curiosity and exploration. To paraphrase one panelist: SXSW is a living, breathing
manifestation of the Internet and culture.
This report highlights 10 overriding themes from the 21st annual festival, based on
on-the-ground reporting, input from JWT and Digitaria colleagues in attendance and
secondary research.

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